118-Year-Old Tsingtao Brewery Raises the Bar in Defining Premium Beer, While Leading Industry Transformation

Tsingtao Brewery, jointly founded in Qingdao in August 1903 by German and British merchants, is a Chinabrewer with a long history. With a valued brand 198.6 billion yuan (about. US $ 30.7 billion), the brewery has dominated the Chinese beer industry for 18 consecutive years and is among the top 500 most influential brands in the world.

Tsingtao Brewery creates a trendy lifestyle experience: In addition to the Tsingtao 1903 bars that can be found all over the country, the brewery holds beer festivals in 50 Chinese cities every year, achieving the transformation of the product in experience and traditional manufacturing to industry. paradigm 4.0.

At March 15, Tsingtao Brewery joined the World Economic Forum’s global network of elite headlight manufacturers in an induction event at Geneva, Switzerland, thus becoming the first member of the network in the beverage industry. Network members have successfully harnessed cutting-edge technologies to propel productivity, profits, and sustainability gains and in doing so, have solved issues such as a long industry production cycle and the challenges of the industry. definition of significant production objectives.

The brewery’s latest high-end offerings include Tsingtao Centennial Journey and Amber lager. Previously, few premium beers sold more than 100 yuan (about. $ 15.4), while the new offers have succeeded in overcoming the price barrier and raising the perceived value of the domestic product to a new level. With an EBC20 (European Brewing Convention) color index, the product fills the technical gap encountered by the dark beer industry in China. From the selection of rare raw materials to the refinement of brewing techniques, from getting the amber color of the beer just right, to the new packaging created by a world-class design team, to the well-executed transition to a brand. he lifestyle experience, Tsingtao Brewery has successfully leveraged several unique advantages the business possesses to transform brand positioning to a whole new level.

SOURCE Information Office of the People’s Government of Shandong Province

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