Aero Innovation and Skill Center to mentor start-ups, students will open July 16

In a bid to mentor start-ups, students and entrepreneurs working in the aerospace and aviation sectors, the Bengaluru branch of the Aeronautical Society of India (AeSI) will open the Aero Innovation and Skill Center (AISC) on July 16, officials said. They added that around 15-20 start-ups have been shortlisted by the AISC.

Speaking to the media, AeSI Bengaluru Organizer, P Mueen Khan said, “AISC will help aspiring entrepreneurs and start-ups to pitch and carry out research and development activities and create products and solutions that will be offered for acceptance to defense agencies. Our goal is to catalyze the entire defense start-up ecosystem through AeSI’s resources and contacts.

Khan added: “As many as 15-20 start-ups will now be part of AISC. Start-ups and entrepreneurs who want to give wings to their dreams of doing something in the aerospace sector can use our expertise and facilities.

Former Defense Research Development Organization (DRDO) scientist Srinivasan KV said, “An AISC panel will select start-ups and students based on the ideas they come up with. They will then accompany them. The mentors will be both serving and retired civil servants from government UAPs like Hindustan Aeronautics Limited and DRDO and industry experts working in multinational corporations.

Srinivasan added, “We will facilitate the interaction between start-ups and defense agencies. Drones will be one of our main focus areas as its application in medical services, agriculture and security is vast. It is estimated that approximately 1 to 1.5 million jobs will be created in the aerospace and defense sector over the next 10 years.

A statement released by AISC states: “AISC has partnered with many multinational and OEMs like ALTAIR, SIEMENS, ANSYS, HAL, DRDO and other academic institutions to develop advanced skills courses, provide aspirants access to advanced software tools and technologies and exposure to the industry. quality projects to bridge the skills gap between industry and academia. The long-term growth prospects for the aerospace and defense sector remain strong. The space sector and technological developments, such as advanced air mobility, hypersonics, electric propulsion and hydrogen aircraft, are likely to drive the future growth of the industry.

Khan said AISC has all the facilities accessible to MSMEs, start-ups and universities. “The vision of AISC is to enable India to become the hub of innovation in emerging technologies in the aviation and aerospace sectors through democratization of innovation, conceptualization of ideas, design standardization and support, proof of concept and prototyping of ideas by involving academia and industry. It will act as an innovation lab, an incubator for aviation and aerospace technology start-ups, as well as advanced training programs required by start-ups to achieve their goals.

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