Alestra partners with scale-ups to drive the digital transformation of the company

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In order to encourage a culture of innovation and develop disruptive digital transformation projects, Alestra operates NAVE for five years. This is his open innovation and soft landing program, which works hand in hand with entrepreneurs and through which he has accelerated to 32 scaleups since 2016.


As a result of this program, this year, Monterrey’s leading technology provider entered into a business alliance with two of the graduated scaleups, the Canadian 1Kosmos; and the Chilean Omnix.

  • Omnix, which offers a software as a service artificial intelligence and machine learning solution that automates the logistics, operational and process capabilities of companies in the retail, telecommunications and manufacturing industries. Its tool helps increase sales by up to 20% and generate savings of up to 40% in storage space.
  • 1Kosmos, which allows you to authenticate digital identities through biometrics. The solution covers the whole journey an employee; enter the building until they gain access to an organization’s computer and applications. It promotes a reduction of up to 40% in the number of helpdesk calls.

The alliance was announced during Demonstration day , the closing event of the fifth generation of entrepreneurs, which was held 100% virtual.

Photo: NAVE

The fifth generation of NAVE kicked off in March 2021 and six global B2B scaleups participated, aligned with mega-trends in artificial intelligence technology; Big Data; virtual reality; cyber security; blockchain and internet of things.

A total of 1,137 companies registered in the screening process, of which 98 were contacted, a total of 70 had a presentation call and 57 interviews with managers. There were 10 prescreened scaleups and 6 who completed the expedited process: 1Kosmos; Cerebri; Omnix; Premo; Stride and Virtual.

For six months and in a completely virtual manner, the scaleups representatives benefited from high-level tutoring from Alestra managers, presented their solution to potential customers and carried out pilot tests, both at Alestra and ‘with some of his clients.

Photo: NAVE

“The fifth generation of NAVE marked a turning point in the program since its inception. The health contingency forced us to implement the entire program digitally and we are very satisfied with the results. All of the scale-ups have proven to offer disruptive solutions that drive various aspects of the digital transformation of organizations in Mexico, ”commented Jenaro Martínez, Director of Innovation and Strategic Alliances at Alestra.

Photo: NAVE

NAVE being operational since 2016, Alestra has created six alliances with entrepreneurs to launch new products on the market that are integrated into its digital transformation offer: Keyo, Sirena, Nuve, Lefort, Apli and Descifra

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