Allen Institute calls on Christopher Group for its best HR research

As one of the leading open science research organizations, the Allen Institute is seeking an Executive Director to serve as an executive partner and thought leader on strategic people-related initiatives and planning, organizational design, ED&I and change management. Spearheading the research is Tom Christopher, Founder and CEO, and Director Jim May. Let’s go in search.

April 26, 2021 – The Christopher Group, an executive search and human resources business solutions company, has been called in by the Allen Institute to lead its search for an executive director of human resources. Tom Christopher, Founder and CEO, and Jim May, Director, lead the research. Reporting to the COO, the Executive Director will be the executive partner and thought leader on all strategic planning and initiatives related to people, organizational design, diversity, equity and inclusion, and management change throughout the organization. “This position is essential for training and advancing their staff to support their institutional priorities and to develop a talent pool across the various teams at the Allen Institute,” said The Christopher Group.

In addition, the Executive Director will direct and oversee all aspects of human resource management, practices and operations to meet the needs of their growing and evolving institute, including, but not limited to, business planning. workforce, employee engagement, employee relations, training and development, performance management, compensation, benefits and systems. “The role will build on current people, programs and service delivery strategies, lead organizational decision making and talent strategy to ensure growth while preserving the core culture,” said the company. research. “Leading a talented group of HR professionals, this role is responsible for all aspects of the employee experience and HR services for a growing team of over 500 employees.”

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This is the second research for which the Allen Institute has turned to the Christopher Group for help in recent months. The research firm recently placed Crystal Stanfield as director of talent acquisition for the organization. Ms. Stanfield is a results-driven talent acquisition leader with 15 years of management experience in sales, customer service, operations and talent acquisition in multi-billion global companies. of dollars. Executives trusted him to create, implement and lead strategic talent management initiatives that have resulted in continued growth in source recruitments, reduced costs associated with agency use, and contributed to populations of more fairly representative employees.

Previously, Ms. Stanfield served as Global Senior Manager, Talent Acquisition, Americas for Advanced Sterilization Products. In this role, she created and implemented a sourcing strategy keeping the business imperatives, profitability, time to fill and diversity of the top USCAN and LATAM candidate roster with the support of the dashed direction of recruitment initiatives in EMEA and APAC. Previously, Ms. Stanfield was responsible for talent acquisition at Enterprise Holdings.

Founded in 2003 by philanthropist, visionary and Microsoft co-founder Paul G. Allen, the Allen Institute is a recognized leader in large-scale open scientific research. Its research institutes include the Allen Institute for Brain Science, the Allen Institute for Cell Science, the Allen Institute for Immunology, and the Paul G. Allen Frontiers Group. Based in Seattle, the Allen Institute’s commitment to sharing its knowledge openly with the world has enabled the organization to solve some of the greatest mysteries of the human mind and body.

Founded in 1998 by Tom and Paula Christopher (former HR executives at GE, PepsiCo, Progressive Insurance and Citigroup), The Christopher Group is a boutique of HR executive search and recruitment solutions. It is a highly specialized organization, made up of former human resources professionals and trained research professionals who use proprietary, scientific and cutting-edge systems, tools and processes. The company has offices in Willoughby, OH; Sarasota, FL; and Kansas City, MO.

Diversity and inclusion

“Diversity and inclusion lead to innovation, creativity and change,” Christopher said in a previously published interview with Hunt Scanlon Media. “When you bring together people from different backgrounds, ethnicities, cultures, orientations, religions, socio-economics, disabilities, etc., they create an environment of exploration. Ultimately, a diverse organization leads to new ways of working, creating organizations to solve and create better technologies, solutions, and ideas. “

Christopher Group Launches Consulting Services Division, Adds Executives
The Christopher Group, an executive search and HR business solutions company, has launched an HR consulting services division. The firm has appointed Pam Noble as president of the new unit as well as responsible for the company’s expanding diversity, equity, inclusion and engagement practice, which will now be part of the division. consulting services. Additionally, Tobin Anselmi joins the firm as the Unit’s Head of Talent Management Practice.

The new service offering has been designed to help institutions with systems, tools and processes to deliver effective human capital solutions and leadership enabling them to retain, motivate, engage, develop and reward top performing professionals, the research firm said. The new unit will work with leaders and teams to transform their organization by enabling greater efficiency, lower costs, improved agility, increased innovation and significantly improved individual and collective performance. “The reality is that we have been providing these services in an on-demand capacity to our clients for many years and it was time to formalize the offer and the practice,” said Tom Christopher, Founder and CEO. “The big consulting firms are all great companies, but when we spoke to our clients, there was a longstanding frustration with the quality of the consultants who actually do the work, with the endless escalation of costs, poor responsiveness and one-shoe-fit. -all ‘is approaching. “

The Christopher Group recently helped recruit diversity and inclusion executives for Corning Community College, dosist, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Kraft Heinz and Life Technologies, among others. According to Christopher, senior diversity and inclusion executives bring many new perspectives and empathy to organizations. “They are working with the management team to integrate the DEI strategy into a high level business strategy. They are intentional about developing their culture from integration to retirement. Diversity and Inclusion frameworks are there to create an environment of belonging – by creating an organization that values ​​differences – by examining the behaviors and cultural nuances that make it a place people want to work – by bringing their authentic selves in the office.

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Contributed by Scott A. Scanlon, Editor-in-Chief; Dale M. Zupsansky, editor-in-chief; and Stephen Sawicki, Editor-in-Chief – Hunt Scanlon Media

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