American Indian engineers launch innovation hub

Launched in partnership with leading American and Indian agencies, the hub aims to commercialize key technologies

The American Association of Engineers of Indian Origin (AAEIO) has launched the AAEIO Innovation Hub to commercialize key technologies available with major agencies in both countries.

Launched in partnership with the Indian and US governments and leading institutions like Purdue University, Northwestern University, among others, the hub was launched at an AAEIO holiday party in Chicago on December 19.

U.S. Representative Bill Foster representing Illinois’ 11th District in the House, as well as AAEIO President Gladson Varghese, President-elect Ajit Pant and Vice President Nitin Maheshwari and other board members inaugurated the AAEIO Innovation Center.

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Noting that US space agency NASA has more than 16,000 technologies to commercialize, Dr Deepak Vyas, CEO of the Redberri Group, explained how the AAEIO platform can drive innovation.

As part of the innovation center, the AAEIO will set up a fund where the state and other grants can be used in conjunction with the AAEIO startup, companies and regular members can use these funds on certain technologies.

Dr Promod Vohra, former dean of engineering at Northern Illinois University and current president of ProBys, spoke about the need for engineers to work together to solve today’s challenges. Vohra said he would urge the AAEIO board to continue its mission to hire, innovate and train engineers of Indian descent.

Gladson Varghese and Ajit Pant thanked all members for joining AAEIO. They also explained how the AAEIO has quickly become a major force in the past four months since its inaugural event on September 26.

Varghese said he is very excited about the future and would like the AAEIO to have more than 10,000 members over the next 10 years, thus fostering innovation. The AAEIO has also partnered with Pan IIT Midwest Groups to offer joint programming to the two members of the association.

Ray Mehra, president of the Pan-IIT Midwest Group called for an increased partnership between the two groups to address some of the challenges engineers and the larger communities face and bring the two communities together.

Nag Jaiswal, Membership Chair, called on everyone present to work together to bring more members to help the mission of the AAEIO.

In a recent partnership with the Indian Consulate, AAEIO is working with the Consulate to reach out to all Indian student associations and its engineering community, he said.

All student members will receive a free membership. To become a member, those interested can write to [email protected] or visit

Vice President Nitin Maheshwari spoke about AAEIO’s future plans for the year 2021, including a career fair on March 9.

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A spring startup event will bring together all Chicago-area startups with CEOs, venture capitalists, and mentors to help startups learn. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella was invited to this meeting.

From January 2022, AAEIO will host a bimonthly breakfast with key speakers / guests on key topics such as crypto technologies, digital transformation.

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