Announcement of the start-ups presented at INNsafety 2022: the showcase of safety innovation

INNsafety, a unique safety 4.0 event connecting innovative start-ups and health and safety (H&S) leaders, returns for its third edition on June 23 in Paris to shape the future of health and safety. workplace safety.

This year, six innovative start-ups have been chosen to present their solutions to the H&S experts of the sponsoring companies – L’Oreal, Procter & Gamble, Sanofi, Unilever, Saint-Gobain, Enablon and ERM – as well as other major European and international companies.

The selected startups are:

  • Attensi: Attensi, a Norwegian company, helps organizations effect transformational change through playful simulation training. Driven by the best in psychology, learning and games, Attensi’s solutions engage staff with a measurable impact on organizations’ KPIs. Attensi’s playful simulation training can turn safety culture into a competitive advantage by creating actionable and measurable safety culture training, at scale.
  • Flyability: Flyability is a Swiss company and leading manufacturer of indoor drones for confined space inspections. Their collision tolerance technology enables inspectors around the world to eliminate the risks associated with entering a confined space or working at height, while dramatically improving operational efficiency. Their brand new technology, equipped with LIDAR, is a perfect fit for predictive maintenance in global Industry 4.0 initiatives.
  • MakeuSafe: MākuSafe® is an award-winning American safety, data and analytics solution aimed at improving worker health, safety and productivity while reducing incidents and mitigating workplace hazards and risk exposures. work. The patented MākuSafe® system combines a robust safety management software platform with innovative wearable technology that provides immediate access to real-time EHS data with predictive value.
  • Moten Technologies: MOTEN is a French data-driven ergonomics start-up that helps companies improve workplace safety and employee productivity. EHS experts use MOTEN’s solution to identify and reduce workplace injury risk and drive behavior change. The solution is composed of innovative muscle sensors and a SaaS platform that is easy to use and implement in the field.
  • TRAXxs: TRAXxs, a French start-up, develops and markets professional connected insoles that transform safety shoes into smart PPE. They provide the EHS management with a simple, complete and effective solution that does not change employee habits. XSole smart insoles keep workers safe and reduce the number and severity of accidents in the workplace.
  • WearHealth: WearHealth is a German start-up that helps organizations build a world-class manual workforce with the latest augmentation technologies to reduce injuries, improve well-being and increase efficiency. Their solutions have been validated by industry leaders (eg E.ON, Bridgestone, Daimler and Fiat).

These innovative solutions address operational health and safety challenges common to large companies in many sectors, including the growing problem of musculoskeletal and ergonomic disorders, the elimination of major risks, the risks associated with isolated workers, training, the use of data and technologies to risk prevention.

The six start-ups will have a dedicated space to demonstrate their solutions and interact directly with participants in small groups – nearly 100 Health & Safety directors and decision-makers from major international companies.

This year’s event follows the first two editions, which brought together more than 15 international companies and 13 start-ups, and gave rise to several pilot projects. INNsafety offers a unique opportunity for health and safety leaders to meet innovative start-ups and openly discuss the challenges they face on a daily basis.

“Health and safety at work are at the heart of the concerns of companies which understand the crucial role of innovation in improving the working conditions of all employees. Many initiatives in various sectors are flourishing in this area, mainly to respond to risky situations and behaviors, but also to try to respond to evolving health risks (ergonomic, psychosocial) resulting from the evolution of the world of work. We look forward to the third edition of INNsafety, which will allow six new start-ups to showcase six innovative solutions designed to improve employee health and safety. says Arnaud Szymkowiak, partner at ERM.

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