Anti Fund Announces New Digital Headquarters As Year One Returns Blow

Venture capital firm Jake Paul, Geoffrey Woo generates and distributes peak returns despite a volatile market.

MIAMI, July 05, 2022–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Anti Fund, the unconventional venture capital fund created a year ago by a boxer and an artist Jacques-Paul and serial entrepreneur Geoffrey Woomarks its first success with its very first website, launched on July 5e. will be Anti Fund’s digital headquarters, where its portfolio founders and wider community can learn about the technology companies of the future and become more involved in building them.

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Anti Fund founders Jake Paul and Geoffrey Woo (Photo: Business Wire)

As of May 31, 2022, Anti Fund has returned around 0.5x DPI for inaugural investors with a conservative mark of 2x TVPI in its inception year in a market where some elite tech-focused hedge funds are down d around 70% over the same period.

“We created Anti Fund to be the venture capital partner we always wanted to have when we started our entrepreneurial career,” says Woo. “Each generation determines its own culture and lingo and defines its own boundaries of possibility. For the next generation of tech founders, the ability to harness authentic storytelling and command attention is just as valuable as the capital and inherited prestige.”

Paul, the 25-year-old professional boxer and cultural phenomenon who has generated hundreds of millions of dollars in PPV purchases and brand revenue, and Woo, an accomplished tech entrepreneur, scientist and inventor, created Anti Fund as a one-stop platform for emerging businesses. leaders in a volatile market.

Anti Fund’s manifesto focuses on advocating for startups that can reshape today’s cultural landscape and serve as the foundation for the next generation of breakthrough technologies. These companies often bridge established industries with emerging technology frontiers such as machine learning and artificial intelligence, blockchain and tokenization, software infrastructure, digital health, and improving human performance and health.

Anti Fund specializes in frontier categories and unexplored concepts that have yet to be categorized.

Anti Fund unveiled in March 2021 with the intention of partnering with top tech founders and investing between $100,000 and $1 million in a handful of startups every quarter. Some of their prominent investments include Alchemy, Manifold, Osmind, Moonpay, and Archive.

“We never thought we could land a man on the moon until we did,” Paul says. “We are bringing venture capital back to venture capital.”

He continued, “My career has been defined by achieving the impossible and proving people wrong. Rather than being passive, VCs should champion the fearless and the visionary. Because when new ventures and new technologies are successful, they can have a huge impact on our economy and people’s lives.”

Anti Fund uses AngelList’s Rolling Fund platform to raise capital through a quarterly subscription from its limited partners, including Marc Andreessen, Chris Dixon and Adam Weitsman among its early investors.

About Anti Fund

Anti Fund is a new breed in the world of celebrity-led venture capital firms. It’s the only company of its kind to not only leverage the influence and reach of founder Jake Paul, but also subvert traditional wisdom about how VCs should grow businesses. Anti Fund identifies and creates demand for its companies’ ideas, products and services in anticipation of bringing them to market. Anti-Funds champions startups that can reshape the current cultural landscape and be the foundation for the next generation of breakthrough technologies. Visit for more information.

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