ASFV promotes innovation and external thinking

Sharjah24: Khaled Khalil Al Hosani, speaking at “Innovation and Thinking”, the first session of the Academic Specializations Fair (ASFV), organized by Sharjah Public Libraries in affiliation with the Sharjah Book Authority, between the May 29 and June 3, urged students to engage in innovative practices by thinking outside the box, testing every idea, testing every concept no matter how strange, and trying to transform problems into opportunities.
The session took place on Saturday morning at the Khorfakkan Library via the ‘Zoom’ platform, with high school and university students planning to study in the United Arab Emirates.

According to Al Hosani, the UAE has made value-added innovation and creativity a vital role in the national economy and the growth of society. Innovation is one of the main thrusts of the UAE’s 2021 vision, and it has been embraced as a work culture and a way of life.

He discussed the factors that kill creativity and innovation, such as low self-confidence, feelings of inferiority, lack of knowledge, reluctance, constant intellectual preoccupation, rejection of new ideas, lack of responsibility and lack of ambition. He also highlighted five innovation methods; serious work, devote time to creativity, play games, accept mistakes and figure out how to overcome obstacles.

Al Hosani closed the discussion by outlining the steps for creating new projects, which include brainstorming, collecting all essential materials, doing research, creating a project map, monitoring and taking of notes before starting the development process.

The exhibition features thirteen universities, colleges and institutes in the United Arab Emirates, with the aim of increasing students’ knowledge of academic subjects, talents and related employment.

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