Assess your cyber risks

What other precautions should be taken against cyber risks?

To stay safe from cyberattacks, IRDAI has listed the do’s and don’ts:

-Install antivirus and firewall on devicesUse virtual private network

-Keep software and operating system updated.

-Keep different passwords for different accounts. If a password is hacked, your other accounts are not compromised

-Use privacy settings on social media sites to restrict access to your personal information Watch out for phishing traps in emails and watch for telltale signs of a scam

– Properly destroy information when no longer needed Be aware of your surroundings when printing, copying, faxing or discussing sensitive information

– Lock your computer and cell phone when not in use. This protects data against unauthorized access and use

-Remember that wireless is inherently insecure. Avoid using public Wi-Fi hotspots. Report all suspicious activity and cyber incidents

-Check if the visited website is trustworthy. Be extra careful during festival season

-Always delete emails/SMS from unknown sources.

-Do not click on links from an unknown or untrusted source

– Do not respond to fake phone calls or fake emails asking for confidential data

-Do not install unauthorized programs on your computer.

-Do not leave appliances unattended. Keep all mobile devices, such as laptops and cell phones, physically secure.

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