Candidates mark historic first for AVMA

Two veteran AVMA volunteers are running for the 2022-2023 AVMA Presidency and making history by doing so.

Dr Grace Bransford
Dr Teller
Dr Lori Teller

Dr. Grace Bransford, outgoing AVMA Vice-President, and Dr. Lori Teller, newly elected AVMA Board Chair, launched their nominations at the regular annual virtual session of the House of Delegates of AVMA on July 31.

Although the nomination period remains open until July 26, 2021, this is the first time in AVMA’s nearly 160-year history that two women have vied for the presidency. The vote will take place next summer at the annual regular session of the HOD, with the winner being elected president-elect of the AVMA 2021-2022 and the next vying for the presidency.

Only three women have ascended to the post of president of the AVMA. Dr Mary Beth Leininger was the first in 1996. Then Dr Bonnie Beaver in 2004, followed by Dr René Carlson in 2011. Since then, two women have run unsuccessfully for the presidency of the AVMA: Drs. Jan Strother in 2015 and Angela Demaree in 2017.

As a sign that the profession has grown over the past decades from mostly men to women, women currently hold several leadership positions within AVMA, including Chairman and Vice Chairman, Vice Chairman and Vice Chairman. executive chairman.

Dr. Bransford of Mill Valley, Calif., Graduated in 1998 from the University of California-Davis School of Veterinary Medicine and is a small animal practitioner in Marin County, San Francisco Bay Area.

The former vice president of AVMA has been involved in the volunteer leadership of AVMA for the past 20 years, serving on numerous boards and committees, in addition to being a member of the 20/20 Commission of the ‘AVMA and the Governance and Membership Participation Working Group.

Prior to veterinary medicine, Dr Bransford had a 10-year career in advertising and marketing, where she worked with some of the biggest consumer companies including Anheuser-Busch and Pepsi-Cola.

Speaking at the HOD virtual meeting, Dr Bransford said: “We can work harder to ensure that our association and our profession reflect the diversity of our country, and we can continually assess ourselves to see that we consider the collective and global perspectives. in our actions.

On the same day that Dr Teller announced her candidacy, the AVMA Board of Directors elected her President. Dr Teller is Clinical Associate Professor of Telehealth at Texas A&M University College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences, from which she graduated in 1990.

A graduate of the American Council of Veterinary Practitioners in Canine and Feline Practice, Dr. Teller practiced for several years at the Meyerland Animal Clinic in Houston until he joined the faculty of TAMU in 2018.

Three years earlier, Dr. Teller had been elected District VIII representative on the AVMA Board of Directors, representing AVMA members living in Arkansas, Louisiana and Texas. She is a founding board member of the Women’s Veterinary Leadership Development Initiative, which is dedicated to helping develop women leaders in veterinary medicine.

During the virtual meeting, Dr Teller said: “As President-elect of AVMA, I can continue to help the Association meet the needs of the profession and help us become more proactive in resolving current and future issues. . “

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