Care Essentials for the manufacture of high-end medical heating blankets

Care Essentials, a medical products manufacturing company based in Geelong, Victoria, is supported under the Regional Employment Fund to create 100 new jobs and step up manufacturing of their specialized electric blankets.

The manufacturer was recently recognized at the National Export Awards in Victoria for providing its electric blankets and machines to maintain patients’ body temperatures during surgery.

This funding will allow Care Essentials to install the machinery needed to manufacture up to six million patient warming blankets per year. The investment will give Care Essentials the confidence it needs to maintain its local operations.

The project will create 100 new full-time jobs over three years in engineering, maintenance, finance and payroll, resulting in an additional $ 6.7 million in wages and salaries in the industry each year. Geelong economy.

This will help boost the state’s competitiveness in the production of locally made medical equipment, said Victorian Regional Development Minister Mary-Anne Thomas.

“This project will boost Geelong’s economy, create highly skilled jobs and showcase world-class medical manufacturing products at a critical time in the pandemic,” Thomas said.

“Care Essentials is a pioneer in medical manufacturing in Geelong – its innovation has been recognized around the world. This is a regional employment success story and I’m happy to see the company choosing to base their operations locally.

Locally owned and operated, Care Essentials has a history of entrepreneurship and innovation, exporting medical equipment and products to over 60 countries including the US, UK, Germany, Italy, Japan and Canada.

In 2020, Care Essentials stepped up production of face masks at the height of the pandemic. The company has provided three million high-quality single-use masks to the community and healthcare workers in Victoria.

“Geelong is home to some of Victoria’s best manufacturers and we will do all we can to support them,” said Lara MP John Eren.

“I am delighted to see the entrepreneurial spirit of Care Essentials and look forward to seeing what it achieves next. “

The Regional Jobs Fund is part of the government’s flagship program Regional Jobs and Infrastructure Fund, which helps businesses create jobs in the Victoria region, supports community projects and supports councils to build the infrastructure that residents and visitors alike need. need.

A new round of the Regional Employment Fund was opened earlier this year and is available to companies looking to expand their operations. For more information visit

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