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In the panel, “How to Build a Startup Within Your Organization,” four leaders discuss their journey to building a startup, or innovation hub, within existing companies.

Last week, Jordan DiPietro, General Manager of The Ascent by The Motley Fool, took part in “How to create a startup within your organization», a webinar hosted by Interactive LED. The panel discussed how individuals can embed a startup mindset into their organization’s culture and encourage innovation within an existing business.

Here are our biggest takeaways from the panel.

Takeaway 1: Reframe your thinking about innovation

To introduce the webinar, host Emily Meekins, People Operations Manager at Seer Interactive, asked panelists to debunk some of the biggest myths surrounding innovation and startups.

Myth 1: You have to be a creative genius to be innovative.

This is a huge misconception. As Lisa Devieux, associate director of data strategy at Seer Interactive, put it, “Anyone who has the opportunity to deliver something better, faster, or more efficiently has the opportunity to be an innovator.”

Myth 2: Start-up potential is hindered when you work in a company.

This is not necessarily the case. Yes, it may be more difficult, given that companies have to consider their brands, but it shouldn’t hinder the ideation and retention of innovative ideas.

Myth 3: Innovation is based on a brilliant new idea.

Innovation is not limited to a brand new concept. You may have the best idea in the world, but you need to get buy-in from your colleagues and leaders before you can move forward.

Myth 4: Innovation is a solitary activity.

Innovation does not develop in isolation. You need to understand if your idea has a market, or how you need to change it to make it viable. You need the insight and opinions of others to successfully move forward. As DiPietro of The Ascent said, “You really have to be more inclusive than exclusive.”

Takeaway 2: Get buy-in from company management early on

Socialize the idea with senior management to ensure that the new product or solution

aligns your innovation efforts with business priorities. Understanding business priorities and corporate direction is critical before launching your product or idea.

Takeaway 3: When pitching a new idea, understand it’s a marathon, not a sprint

Your product iterations are the key to success. When creating a new product or idea, don’t expect to immediately realize the great scope of your vision. This is important for two main reasons:

  1. Creating different versions of your product will help you determine if there is a market for your idea. As Ethan Lyon, head of data engineering at Seer Interactive, suggested: “Have checkpoints along the way to see ‘should this idea continue?’ Is everything in the product useful?”
  2. In a corporate environment, the metrics for success are slightly different than in the startup world. For large corporations, regular profit and revenue metrics are essential, while for startups, success metrics can vary. Set incremental metrics that can give you some space to develop and refine your idea that you and management can all agree on, such as a certain number of new users, a certain amount of traffic to a website or an order page, or a number of conversions.

Takeaway 4: Change management should not be an afterthought

“There is no innovation without change management.” –Lisa Devieux

Change management should be considered early in the development of a new product or idea. Understanding how innovative ideas and products fit into the current business landscape, the policy implications, and how you communicate and train individuals within the business about these new ideas is also part of managing the change.

Takeaway 5: For job seekers, there are ways to identify innovative companies

Not all companies are open to creating an innovation hub, so if you’re in the job market, here are some ways to identify companies that might be more likely to support innovation efforts.

During the research phase of your job search, Lyon recommends that you “[looking] to management and see if they are committed to innovative ideas. Understanding that strong leaders not only support, but actively explore and engage with new ideas – whether through their own business or social media activity – is one way to understand curiosity and a company’s desire for innovation.

During the upkeep phase, keep an eye out for several things:

  1. “See if employees want to step out of their current role. Do other employees want to find something new? said Devieux. This indicates that innovation takes place at all levels of the company and is not totally driven by management.
  2. “Look for an organization with people hired internally and externally,” said Lisha Davis, founder of Arable Ventures, LLC. This allows for diversity of thought, which is a key driver of innovation.
  3. “Ask managers, ‘How do you handle things that fail?'” DiPietro said. Failure is inevitable when it comes to innovation, so it’s important to understand that a business can accept that failure and that learning is part of creating something new.

Building a startup within your organization can be valuable, but it takes some planning

Here are the steps you can take to start becoming a source of innovation and ideas in your own organization.

  1. Understand that anyone can be an innovator. You don’t have to be the next Steve Jobs or reinvent the wheel. You can come up with ideas based on what would improve your daily life.
  2. Get buy-in from company management early in your process of creating an innovation center or pursuing an idea. Make sure it aligns with your organization’s strategic initiatives.
  3. When pursuing an idea, be prepared to approach it in increments and set metrics to measure your success. If your idea doesn’t achieve its goals, be prepared to tweak things until it succeeds.
  4. Change management goes hand in hand with innovation. Don’t let it be an afterthought.
British experts qualify Saudis in rail sector Mon, 16 May 2022 20:30:30 +0000

RIYADH: More than 35 Saudi students who won 22 awards at the 2022 Regeneron International Science and Engineering Fair in Atlanta, Georgia, landed in Riyadh on Sunday and were greeted with a celebratory reception at King International Airport Khalid.

Held May 7-13, ISEF 2022 saw the participation of pre-university students from over 80 countries in the largest competition showcasing innovation in scientific research and advancement.

Student Abdullah Al-Ghamdi won two energy awards for his project on hydrogen production and storage, earning him the “Best Research Scientist” award, in which he competed against more than 1,700 submissions from students from 65 countries.

The girls received prizes in chemistry, materials science and embedded systems.

“The happiness I feel for my son Abdullah is indescribable,” said Abdul Aziz Al-Ghamdi, the student’s father. “To see the vision of my Kingdom come true before my eyes and for my son to be a driving force behind the realization of that vision is a feeling that truly cannot be described.”

Al-Ghamdi’s father told Arab News that his son would spend his time at a research center after school, where he became fascinated with the idea of ​​efficiently storing hydrogen. “The fruits of his hard work can be seen today,” he said.

When the crown prince said that the strength of the Saudis was like that of the unbreakable Tuwaiq mountain, Mawhiba saw in his remarks a roadmap for his initiatives.

Dr. Saud bin Saeed Al-Mathami, General Secretary of Mawhiba

Five other first prizes were awarded to Dana Al-Eithan and Maria Al-Ghamdi, who won in chemistry; Tahani Adel, laureate in materials science; and Yousef Khoja, who won in embedded systems.

Al-Eithan’s uncle, Abdulmunim Al-Eithan, told Arab News the family was sitting on the sofa when they heard the news and were blown away in excitement and applause. “It’s the result of her dedication to this field,” he said, adding that the 14-year-old also won an award with SABIC for chemistry.

Six students – three Saudis and three Americans – also received scholarships to participate in an international enrichment program organized by the King Abdulaziz and His Companions Foundation for Giftedness and Creativity, known as Mawhiba.

Thirteen students from the United States, India and China also received scholarships to study undergraduate programs at King Fahd University for Petroleum and Minerals in Chemistry, Embedded Systems, Energy, Physics and Astronomy, Robotics and materials sciences.

The Kingdom was represented by the Ministry of Education and by Mawhiba.

Saudi Education Minister Hamad bin Mohammed Al-Sheikh tweeted on Saturday: “I proudly congratulate my sons and daughters who have won the 2022 International Science and Engineering Fair. The Kingdom has won 22 prizes without precedent with the support of our wise leadership – may God sustain it – and the tireless efforts of their teachers and families. I am pleased to announce the awarding of scholarships to the winning students in recognition of this national achievement.”

Mawhiba’s general secretary, Dr. Saud bin Saeed Al-Mathami, said he encourages innovative students around the world to create lasting solutions to the world’s problems and preserve these resources for future generations.

He stressed that the Kingdom is proud of its students, saying the country has harnessed its great potential to qualify them to compete effectively in international forums.

“When the crown prince said that the strength of the Saudis was like that of the unbreakable Tuwaiq mountain, Mawhiba saw in his words a roadmap for his initiatives,” he said.

“Our talented students are the real wealth of Saudi Arabia and the strong building blocks of our society. They are the real future we look forward to, and their familiarity across all disciplines and specializations will drive Saudi Vision 2030 forward,” said Al-Mathami added.

“The talented students excelled in all disciplines related to energy, climate change, medicine, biosciences, space, medical and environmental engineering, organic materials, technology, innovation, information engineering and artificial intelligence.

“They have undergone extensive training for long hours and rigorous testing under the supervision of competent committees to honor Saudi Arabia in international forums.”

Saudi stock operator Tadawul posts 21% drop in first-quarter profits due to lower revenue Sun, 15 May 2022 05:48:34 +0000

DUBAI: Aiming to become a global wellness hub, AMAALA has merged under The Red Sea Development Co. with its own tourism projects.

“AMAALA is all about wellness, ultra-luxury hospitality and caters to a different segment to the rest of the development along the Red Sea,” said Ahmed Ghazi Darwish, Administrative Director of TRSDC and AMAALA. , to Arab News on the sidelines of the Arab Travel Market. “We want to be the best wellness center in the world.”

The first phase of the ambitious project will be completed by the end of 2024, which will include SR5 billion ($1.3 billion) in signed contracts. The luxury destination has also emphasized the localization of projects, with 78% of contracts awarded to Saudi contractors. The company will develop nine resorts by the end of 2024.

Technology has been incorporated into the plans, with the aim of making The Red Sea Project and AMAALA fully functional smart cities.

“There is huge potential for digital destinations for the Red Sea and AMAALA projects, both will absolutely be smart cities,” Darwish said. “We are working on getting sensors for the environment to monitor our impact and help us get the right data. At the same time, we will rely heavily on technology for a smoother customer journey. »

While TRSDC is responsible for the development of both projects, AMAALA will focus on wellness. The sovereign wealth fund, PIF, owns 100% of the two mega-tourism projects.

Therapeutic strategy

The development is very promising in light of the 2021 Global Wellness Economy report, which forecasts an annual growth rate of 21% from 2020 to 2025. The report also highlighted that wellness travel is expected to exceed all other sectors of the whole. welfare economics.

“AMAALA’s topography is different from the rest of the Red Sea; there are mountains next to the sea and an island,” Darwish said.

“We are starting from zero for tourism, so it’s a clean slate. We want to focus on the sustainability of regenerative tourism. Beyond green practices, we want to be a regenerative tourism hotspot and have a better impact on the place than when we started.

The Red Sea Project aims to attract tourists and visitors from all over the world. But for this to happen, certain conditions must be met, including new social norms and flexible laws.

Boating on the serene blue waters of Triple Bay is among the attractions envisioned for the AMAALA Wellness Project. (Provided)

The Red Sea Project

“We are working on special economic zones for these projects, on tourism regulations to allow these destinations to succeed,” Darwish said. “It is still ongoing and we are trying to prepare it for the first phase of guests. We work hand in hand with the government, the tourist office and several agencies.

So far, AMAALA has 500 employees and plans to hire another 300 by the end of the year.

“The beauty of these projects, the most critical thing, is that we’re creating jobs, and not just in the hospitality industry, but also electricians, tour guides, ground handlers and more,” Darwish said.

Classroom in session

TRSDC also runs a program called the Elite Graduate Program which identifies talented young people and provides on-the-job learning opportunities for both projects.

A total of 110 new graduates have successfully completed the program and will soon succumb to growing demand from hiring managers and employers.

TRSDC has partnered with Prince Mugrin University to offer 120 scholarships for hospitality students ahead of the impending tourism boom in the Kingdom. The degree is accredited by the prestigious Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne.

Ahmed Ghazi Darwich. (Provided)

“It’s an exceptional program. We have set the bar very high and students are already representing us at conferences,” Darwish said. “Besides the baccalaureate, we offer vocational training in everything from electricity to airport ground handling.”

The company has also funded an environmental stewards program to spread awareness of green practices.

“Part of it is about improving the environment, nature and habitat. The rest is about improving people’s livelihoods through better education and training,” he said. “We provide jobs and raise environmental awareness in the community.”

Malaysia wins nearly RM2b investment from TF AMD Fri, 13 May 2022 04:52:48 +0000

WASHINGTON, DC (May 13): Malaysia has secured an investment of nearly RM2 billion through semiconductor company TF AMD Microelectronics (Penang) Sdn Bhd following the submission of the Authority’s approval letter Malaysian Investment Development Agency (MIDA) to the company Thursday May 12th.

Senior Minister and Minister of International Trade and Industry Datuk Seri Mohamed Azmin Ali said the investment was for the company’s expansion plan, which is set to create 2,000 large-scale jobs. value to Malaysians.

“Indeed, this aligns with Malaysia’s focus on fostering innovation and high-impact value addition for local businesses and remaining the manufacturing hub of the region,” he tweeted after posting. attended the handover ceremony with Prime Minister Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri here on Thursday.

The endorsement letter was delivered by MIDA Managing Director, Datuk Arham Abdul Rahman, to TF AMD Executive Vice President, Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer, Datuk Devinder Kumar.

According to Azmin, TF AMD has invested around RM900 million in Malaysia to date.

“Devinder has expressed the company’s commitment to establishing collaborative opportunities with local suppliers and universities.

“This includes the goal of employing more than 2,000 additional employees, mainly from scientific and technical backgrounds, as well as developing local suppliers over the next five years in the areas of industry 4.0, automation and engineering services,” he tweeted.

Azmin said TF AMD’s growth journey with Malaysia spanned five decades and that it had invested in Malaysia in different parts of the semiconductor value chain over the years.

“TF AMD has been instrumental in building the capacity and capabilities that we are witnessing today in the Malaysian semiconductor ecosystem.

He said that with the wealth of knowledge that TF AMD brings, the strategic expansion would open up vast opportunities not only to provide highly skilled jobs, but also to create a strong talent pipeline through training programs, initiatives improvement and retraining.

“I am optimistic that this partnership will see another 50 years and look forward to being part of this growth journey with TF AMD.

“To TF AMD I say, ‘We appreciate your partnership and look forward to another 50 years in Malaysia’,” he tweeted.

Meanwhile, MIDA’s Arham said the authority is looking forward to TF AMD’s contribution to creating more high value-added jobs for Malaysians, more opportunities for small and medium enterprises to do part of the supply chain as well as opportunities to collaborate with local suppliers and universities.

“This is in line with Malaysia’s national investment aspirations, where we are targeting more high-tech, capital-intensive and knowledge-based projects in Malaysia,” he said. Bernama on the sidelines of the handover ceremony.

Sutherland boldly goes as launch site for Scotland’s 62ft space rocket Wed, 11 May 2022 06:15:24 +0000

Lifting off from Space Hub Sutherland, the Prime orbital rocket was first unveiled by spaceflight specialists Orbex.

A team of aerospace engineers will now continue testing, allowing for ‘dress rehearsals’ of launches and the development of procedures for the 62ft-long spacecraft.

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Orbex recently unveiled the first test launch pad at Kinloss, a few miles from the company’s headquarters in Forres, Morayshire.

Imposing: The Orbex Prime rocket is the pinnacle of space engineering and design

The innovative rocket makes the UK the first European country to unveil a lightweight reusable launch vehicle designed to put a new class of small satellite into orbit.

Prime is a 19 m (62 ft) long two-stage rocket powered by seven engines designed and manufactured in the UK and Denmark. The six first-stage rocket motors will be

propel the vehicle through the atmosphere to an altitude of approximately 80 km. The single second-stage engine will complete the journey to low Earth orbit, allowing the release of

its payload of small commercial satellites.

Rocket engine test firing lights up the night sky

Underlining its green credentials, Orbex Prime is powered by a renewable biofuel, biopropane, supplied by Calor UK, which produces reduced carbon emissions and the rocket has been designed to leave no debris on Earth and in orbit. The new fuel is believed to result in 96% fewer emissions than rockets using fossil fuels.

The Space Hub Sutherland launch site was the first vertical spaceport to receive planning permission in the UK and will be fully operational later this year.

Ian Annett, Deputy Director General of the UK Space Agency: “We are on the cusp of a historic moment, with Orbex playing a leading role in generating brand new launch capability in the UK, while creating opportunities for people and businesses across the country. I can’t wait to see Prime lift off from Space Hub Sutherland.

UK Science Minister George Freeman added: “This is an extremely exciting time for the UK space and satellite sector as we count down to the first satellite launches from UK spaceports. Orbex Prime is a remarkable feat of engineering from a British rocket company pioneering more sustainable and innovative fuels that reduce carbon emissions. It is also

Orbex Prime rocket towers over gorse at its Morayshire test site

fantastic to see Orbex, based in Morayshire, creating more high quality jobs, demonstrating the value of our thriving space sector in supporting emerging innovation clusters to help improve the whole of the UK.

The small satellite market is growing rapidly as a wide range of new small satellite constellations are being developed and deployed. Micro-launchers like Orbex Prime offer satellite manufacturers a

a dedicated launch service, unlike larger “carpool” launchers, where small satellites are often a secondary payload and often face significant delays.

Chris Larmour, CEO of Orbex, added: “From the outside it may look like a regular rocket, but inside Prime is like nothing else. To deliver the performance and environmental sustainability we expected from a 21st century rocket, we had to innovate in so many areas: low-carbon fuels, fully 3D-printed rocket engines, ultra-lightweight fuel tanks and new low-mass reusability. Technology.”

Up to 12 rockets could be launched each year from Space Hub Sutherland
West Liberty University graduates are on a mission to ponder, “What would Leonardo da Vinci do?” | News, Sports, Jobs Mon, 09 May 2022 04:40:40 +0000

Photo Provided – Jim Denova, left, accepts an award from West Liberty University President W. Franklin Evans for serving as WLU’s 2022 Spring Start Lecturer.

WEST LIBERTY — West Liberty University graduates enjoyed a brilliant celebration as they gathered in person for commencement ceremonies on Saturday. Three hundred and ninety-three students are included in the class of 2022.

President W. Franklin Evans presided over the ceremony which was held at the Academic, Athletic and Recreational Complex and mentioned that it was the first ceremony in several years to be free of all restrictions related to the pandemic.

Senior Katelynn Blair of Tarantum, Pennsylvania earned the student lecturer honor based on her GPA. Blair is an Elbin Scholar and a summa cum laude graduate of the Gary E. West College of Business. Double majoring in accounting and finance, Blair will attend law school next fall at the University of Akron.

Blair began by thanking the parents, teachers, classmates and all the other teachers and staff who have helped and pushed her over the past four years.

“There is, however, one professor who has really impacted my life during my time here, Dr Turrentine. Thank you so much for everything you have done for me,” she said, adding that “you are the reason I am where I am now and I can fulfill my dreams of going to law school. .

She also drew attention to the quality of education at WLU, saying, “I didn’t know what college I wanted to go to, so I took a gamble with West Liberty. I can say with confidence that it was the best bet I have ever taken. When you come to West Liberty, you not only receive a high quality education, but you also gain another family.

The keynote address was delivered by Dr. Jim Denova, former vice president of the Claude Worthington Benedum Foundation of Pittsburgh.

He began by sharing a personal connection he had with West Liberty in 1976, when he married at WLU Interfaith Chapel.

“I get a little sentimental remembering that time. It was the year of the Bicentenary, there were world upheavals and political turbulence. My wife (Becky) ran the foreign student office here at West Liberty.

He explained that his wife was involved in recruiting students from many international countries going through upheaval, such as Iran, Nigeria and Saigon.

Denova went on to explain his additional connection to WLU during his years at the Benedum Foundation. He went on to complement WLU on resistance to the creation of specific learning silos, calling it the fragmentation of education. It has embraced learning that blends the various liberal arts and STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) disciplines.

Denova illustrated this point by referring to the Italian Renaissance man, Leonardo da Vinci.

“Da Vinci is an icon for me because he incorporated writing, painting, inventing things, making things. He saw no distinction between designing and making a thing and being a philosopher and being a painter” , Denova said.

He reminded graduates that the jobs and careers of the future may not be defined by the chosen field, saying innovation is needed.

He mentioned the WLU Center for Arts and Education and its director Lou Karas, calling it a unique center and focal point for STEM and liberal arts and a place for teacher training to share the learning across states and disciplines.

In closing, he said that “from my marriage to my retirement, West Liberty has provided me with fond memories and professional accomplishments.”

He left the graduates with a suggestion.

“You are moving towards your future. It will be a winding road of experiences and settings. When you get to the fork in the road, ask yourself, ‘What would Da Vinci do?'”

At the ceremony, graduating students with the highest GPA in each respective college were also honored and given the honor of carrying the college banner. These include:

· College of Science, Callie White, Buckhannon, W.Va. and Abigail Wollschlager, Fredericksburg, Va.

West College of Business, Katherine Loader, Cambridge, Ohio, Baylee Snyder, Belmont, Ohio and Jared Ullom, Wheeling.

· College of Education and Human Performance, Brooke Provenzano, New Cumberland, W.Va. and Aubree Williams, Benwood, W.Va.

· College of Liberal and Creative Arts, Paul Denard, Wheeling, W.Va. and Raeann Keefe, Hedgesville, W.Va.

Graduate Studies, McCall Brummage, Fairview, W.Va.

President Evans concluded the ceremonies with brief remarks.

“Be proud of your upbringing and your Alma Mater,” he began. “It is our desire to always be better, to be stronger and to be recognized for the excellence that is found here.”

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Company Highlights: April Employment Report, Stock Market Slippage Fri, 06 May 2022 21:24:19 +0000


US added 428,000 jobs in April despite soaring inflation

WASHINGTON (AP) — U.S. employers added 428,000 jobs in April, extending a strong hiring streak that defied punitive inflation, chronic supply shortages, Russia’s war on Ukraine and rising labor costs. much higher loan. Last month’s hiring kept the unemployment rate at 3.6%, just above the lowest level in half a century. Employers have added at least 400,000 jobs for 12 straight months. Still, job growth, coupled with steady wage gains, will help fuel consumer spending and likely keep the Federal Reserve on track to sharply raise borrowing rates to fight inflation. This would result in ever-increasing borrowing costs for consumers and businesses. Higher lending rates could also weigh on corporate profits.


Stocks end a turbulent week with their fifth consecutive weekly decline

NEW YORK (AP) — The stock market ended an unusually turbulent week with its fifth straight weekly decline. The bumpy and mostly lower run came as investors fear the Federal Reserve will fail to stage a smooth cooling of the economy without letting inflation spiral out of control. The S&P 500 ended with a 0.6% loss on Friday, after coming back halfway from a bigger 1.9% loss. The Fed is taking aggressive action to withdraw supports for the economy put in place during the pandemic. This has helped send bond yields, which influence mortgage rates, to the highest levels since 2018, and they are sure to rise.


With Ukrainian ports blocked, trains in Europe carry grain

VIENNA (AP) — A train carrying 2,000 tons of Ukrainian corn has arrived in Austria. It is part of European efforts to evade the Russian blockade of Ukrainian ports which has prevented critical supplies of wheat, maize and other grains from reaching countries in Africa, the Middle East and parts of the Asia. Austria’s agriculture minister said on Friday that the expedition marked the establishment of a “green corridor” for large shipments of goods between the two countries. The shipment comes amid a wider struggle to deal with global food supply disruptions triggered by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, with the two countries being two of the world’s largest suppliers of wheat, d barley and sunflower oil.


Biden plugs Ohio metallurgical company’s manufacturing initiative

HAMILTON, Ohio (AP) — President Joe Biden promises 3D printing technology will help bring factory jobs back to the United States and reduce inflationary pressures. He traveled to Hamilton, Ohio on Friday to highlight commitments from five major US manufacturers to increase their reliance on small and medium-sized US businesses for 3D printing. GE Aviation, Honeywell, Lockheed Martin, Raytheon and Siemens Energy have agreed to participate in the program. Biden is pushing Congress to pass a stalled competition and innovation bill that the Democratic president says is key to bolstering domestic manufacturing and helping solve a semiconductor shortage.


Britain imposes tough tech rules under new digital watchdog

LONDON (AP) — Big tech companies like Google and Facebook parent company Meta are expected to abide by strict UK rules under a new digital watchdog aimed at giving consumers more choice online. Otherwise, they would face heavy fines. The UK government on Friday outlined the powers it plans for its Digital Markets Unit, a regulator created last year to tackle the dominance of tech giants. He did not say when the rules would come into effect, saying the legislation would come “in due course”. The new watchdog would enforce rules that make it easier for people to switch between iPhones and Android devices or between social media accounts without losing their data and messages.


Tesla pays for travel expenses of workers wishing to have an abortion

AUSTIN, Texas (AP) — Tesla covers travel expenses for employees seeking abortions outside of their home country. The company said in its 2021 “impact report” on Friday that it expanded its safety net program and health insurance offerings last year to include “travel and accommodation assistance for those who may need to seek health care services that are not available in their home country”. The automaker officially moved its headquarters last year from Silicon Valley to Texas, which passed a law banning abortions at around six weeks of pregnancy. It joins the ranks of other major companies that have implemented a similar policy to benefit workers affected by new abortion restrictions.


SEC: Nvidia did not disclose crypto as a revenue generator

NEW YORK (AP) — Nvidia, a big tech company that has aggressively expanded into gaming, will pay a $5.5 million fine for failing to disclose that cryptomining was a significant source of revenue growth from the sale of graphics processing units produced and marketed for games. Cryptocurrencies are extremely volatile, and the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission said on Friday that the company had not disclosed the potential risks of such sales to investors. Cryptominers are paid for verifying crypto transactions. As the crypto craze began to spread in 2017, Nvidia’s graphics processing units designed and marketed for gaming were increasingly used to mine cryptocurrency, according to the SEC, which investors allegedly Knowledge.


US Sanctions North Korean Cryptocurrency Mixing Firm

WASHINGTON (AP) — The United States has sanctioned North Korean digital currency mixing company for allegedly using its service to launder stolen virtual currency and support malicious cyber activities. Mixing services combine various assets, including potentially illegally obtained funds with legitimately obtained funds, and spit them out to a destination address. The purpose of illegal actors is to hide the origin of the funds. Blender is accused of helping Lazarus Group, a sanctioned North Korean cyber-hacking group, carry out a $620 million digital currency heist in March. Treasury says Blender has helped process over $20.5 million in digital currency.


The S&P 500 fell 23.53 points, or 0.6%, to 4,123.34. The Dow Jones Industrial Average fell 98.60 points, or 0.3%, to 32,899.37. The Nasdaq lost 173.03 points, or 1.4%, to 12,144.66. The Russell 2000 Small Business Index fell 31.58 points, or 1.7%, to 1,839.56.

Launch of a new R&D center in Queensland – OpenGov Asia Wed, 04 May 2022 18:04:35 +0000

The Center for the Development of Telematics (C-DOT) and the Center for the Development of Advanced Computing (C-DAC) have signed a memorandum of understanding to work together in the fields of telecommunications and information technology. information and communication technology (ICT) to stimulate technological design and development.

According to a Press release, the MoU was signed during SemiconIndia 2022 and is expected to help the organizations leverage their respective strengths in their respective technology areas. C-DOT and C-DAC have agreed to collaborate on activities in 4G/5G services, broadband, IoT/M2M, packet core and computing. Both parties will also sign specific project agreements as needed to list specific roles and responsibilities.

C-DOT is a premier telecommunications research and development organization under the Department of Communications. It conducts advanced research and development in narrowband and broadband switching and transmission networks, terrestrial radio systems, satellite systems, optical communication equipment, network protocols, advanced security and network management systems.

C-DAC is a leading institute for the design, development and deployment of electronics and ICT technologies and applications for socio-economic progress. It aims to push the frontiers of ICT in the country and evolve technological solutions, architectures, systems and standards for India-specific problems. It quickly and effectively disseminates digital knowledge by overcoming language barriers through advanced technologies, sharing IT experience and expertise, fostering digital inclusion and utilizing generated intellectual property by converting it into business opportunities. .

An official said C-DOT is keen to align its indigenous R&D efforts with those of C-DAC to achieve overarching national development goals. Both C-DOT and C-DAC are leaders in their respective fields and this MoU will foster close cooperation and develop cutting-edge technologies. The deal will strengthen and secure national networks, boost seamless connectivity and deploy advanced technology applications to empower India. During the event, C-DOT and C-DAC reiterated their commitment to building local capacity for the country’s digital transformation.

Earlier this year, government officials announced that spectrum auctions would be conducted very soon, and next-gen 5G services should begin before the end of the year. A survey February claimed that India is the world’s third largest 5G smartphone market with 7% of global 5G shipments, shipping 10 million units at an ASP (average point of sale) of $401 in Q3 2021.

Last month, the Department of Telecommunications (DoT) invited participants to the 5G Vertical Engagement and Partnership Program (VEPP), which aims to foster strong collaborative partnerships among stakeholders across the business case ecosystem. 5G use and to meet the needs of the vertical industry. To multiply 5G opportunities in the field, the center has created an inter-ministerial committee that includes representatives from the ministries of electronics and information technology, science, agriculture, health, urban affairs, education, electricity, mines, commerce, ports, railways, heavy goods vehicles. industry, road transport and tourism. The committee will facilitate cooperative efforts among stakeholders.

As OpenGov Asia reported, VEPP targets industry verticals that have the potential to be testing/breeding grounds for innovative 5G use cases. Through expressions of interest, the program aims to stimulate collaborations between vertical users and 5G technology players, including service providers, solution providers and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). ) partners. The government expects this to trigger a multiplier effect, which will change 5G digital solutions in vertical economic sectors.

Stellantis Announces C$3.6 Billion Investment for Canadian Operations to Accelerate Electrification Plans and Future-Proof Windsor and Brampton Plants Mon, 02 May 2022 17:49:00 +0000

WINDSOR, Ontario, May 2, 2022 /PRNewswire/ —

  • Announcement supports company’s long-term investment strategy $45 billion CAD in electrification and software globally
  • Represents the transformation of Canadian operations to achieve an electrified future
  • Brings the company’s total investment in Canada for $8.6 billion CAD, including recently announced Stellantis-LG Energy Solutions electric vehicle battery plant
  • Windsor Assembly will add an all-new flexible multi-energy vehicle architecture on top of the current product portfolio
  • Brampton Assembly will introduce an all-new flexible architecture and build at least one all-new electric model
  • Assembly plants should return to three-shift operations
  • The ARDC will house the first Stellantis battery laboratory in North Americaexpand product development engineering expertise to support electrification growth
  • Announcement doubles Canadian investment outlined in Unifor 2020 collective agreement

Stellantis today announced its intention to invest $3.6 billion CAD (US$2.8 billion) to ensure the future of its Windsor and Brampton (Ontario) assembly plants and expand its Automotive Research and Development Center (ARDC) to accelerate the company’s transition to a sustainable future. This announcement also supports the company’s long-term electrification strategy to invest $45 billion CAD (35 billion US dollars) through 2025 in electrification and software globally.

COO of Stellantis North America Mark Stuartalongside the Prime Minister Justin Trudeaumade the announcement at an event at the ARDC, which was also attended by Ontario First Doug Ford; Minister of Innovation, Science and Industry François-Philip Champagne; Ontario Minister of Economic Development Vic Fedeli; and Unifor Assistant to the National President Shane Warckas well as other elected officials and community leaders.

“These investments reaffirm our long-term commitment to Canada and represent an important step as we move towards zero-emission vehicles that meet our customers’ desire for innovative, clean, safe and affordable mobility,” said Stewart. “We are grateful to the federal and provincial governments for their shared vision. to create a sustainable future. And, to Unifor and our staff for their support in helping to ensure the sustainability of our Canadian operations for the long term. »

Today’s announcement increases the company’s overall investment in Ontario for $8.6 billion CAD when combined with Stellantis-LG Energy Solution joint venture battery plant, which will create 2,500 new jobs in the province. It also doubles the investment commitment of $1.5 billion CAD made during the 2020 contract negotiations.

“Today’s offer on the made-in-Canada electric vehicles are another investment in our workers and in our future,” said Prime Minister Trudeau. “We are building a world-class Canadian auto industry, an innovative economy and a clean, strong future for all. This is what a healthy environment and a healthy economy look like. »

“Today is another example that our building plan Ontario delivers huge gains for workers and communities across the province,” said Ontario First Doug Ford. “Ontario has everything you need North America automotive manufacturing powerhouse once again. Where other governments have stood idly by and watched jobs flee this province, we are taking action and ensuring the cars of the future are built in Ontario by Ontario workers.”

Investments in facilities

the Windsor Assembly Plant will be transformed to support the production of a new Multi-Energy Vehicle (MEV) architecture that will provide Battery Electric (BEV) capability for several models. The plant will have maximum flexibility to adjust production volumes as needed to meet changing market demand over the next decade. Retooling is expected to begin in 2023.

the Brampton Assembly Plant will be re-equipped and fully modernized from 2024. When production resumes in 2025, the plant will introduce an all-new flexible architecture to support the company’s electrification plans.

With this announcement, the two Ontario assembly plants should return to three-shift operations to support demand for these new products. The company will announce the product allocation at a later date.

the WindsorNew York-based ARDC will expand its talent pool by adding more than 650 highly skilled engineering jobs in various fields to support Stellantis’ growth in electrification. It will expand North American capabilities related to the transition to electric vehicles with a focus on core technology areas: electrified propulsion systems, including batteries, power electronics, electrical machinery, controls motors, energy management and integrated software.

the ARDC will also become the first battery laboratory in North Americafollowing the company’s announcement to establish a similar center in Torino, Italy. The Battery Lab will be a state-of-the-art technology center for the development and validation of advanced BEV, PHEV and HEV cells, modules and batteries. This in-house capability will rapidly accelerate the peak performance of Stellantis electric vehicles. The new 100,000 square foot facility will be added to the existing building and is expected to be completed by the end of 2023.

In March, Stellantis and LG Energy Solution announced a joint venture to establish the country’s first large-scale electric vehicle battery manufacturing plant. Windsor to support the development of the company’s electric batteries. With an investment of $5 billion CAD (US$4.1 billion) and the creation of approximately 2,500 new jobs, the joint venture will produce advanced lithium-ion battery cells and modules to meet a significant portion of Stellantis’ vehicle production needs in North America.

Stellantis North America

Stellantis (NYSE: STLA) is one of the world’s leading automakers and mobility provider. In North America, it is best known for producing and selling vehicles in a portfolio of iconic and award-winning brands such as Jeep®, Chrysler, Dodge, Ram, Alfa Romeo and Fiat. Empowered by its diversity, Stellantis is leading the way for the region and the world – aspiring to become the largest sustainable mobility technology company, not the largest, while creating added value for all stakeholders as well as communities. in which it operates. For more information, visit

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Assess your cyber risks Sat, 30 Apr 2022 19:38:22 +0000

What other precautions should be taken against cyber risks?

To stay safe from cyberattacks, IRDAI has listed the do’s and don’ts:

-Install antivirus and firewall on devicesUse virtual private network

-Keep software and operating system updated.

-Keep different passwords for different accounts. If a password is hacked, your other accounts are not compromised

-Use privacy settings on social media sites to restrict access to your personal information Watch out for phishing traps in emails and watch for telltale signs of a scam

– Properly destroy information when no longer needed Be aware of your surroundings when printing, copying, faxing or discussing sensitive information

– Lock your computer and cell phone when not in use. This protects data against unauthorized access and use

-Remember that wireless is inherently insecure. Avoid using public Wi-Fi hotspots. Report all suspicious activity and cyber incidents

-Check if the visited website is trustworthy. Be extra careful during festival season

-Always delete emails/SMS from unknown sources.

-Do not click on links from an unknown or untrusted source

– Do not respond to fake phone calls or fake emails asking for confidential data

-Do not install unauthorized programs on your computer.

-Do not leave appliances unattended. Keep all mobile devices, such as laptops and cell phones, physically secure.