Unborn baby recorded album via biosonic MIDI

Luca Yupanqui is about to release an album that she will certainly have no memory of having recorded. His parents, musicians Elizabeth Hart and Iván Diaz Mathé, used the biosonic MIDDAY to transform his in-utero movements into audio. Sacred Bones Records, which also includes David Lynch and John Carpenter on …

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American Airlines courting “new customers” with overhaul of tariffs

American Airlines courting “new customers” by easing restrictions on its basic economy rate. Six months ago, when air travel was still booming thanks to business travel and an increase in Millennials who preferred spending on experiences rather than hoarding goods, Basic Economy was a no-frills option. intended to maximize affordability. …

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Aggregator rankings provide news of the change

Mobile delivery aggregators – “aggregators” for short – have transformed the fragmented home delivery model into a multi-billion dollar industry that has positioned itself at the forefront of consumer technology. PYMNTS last Ranking of aggregator suppliers tracks apps in this space because it’s our job as a reporter, and also …

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