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A New Jersey couple who had been married for 62 years died from the coronavirus, hours apart and just two days after losing their son to the virus.

Larry and Vicki Freda, and their son John Freda, died at the end of April, according to obituaries. Governor Phil Murphy paid tribute to the family at his press conference on Wednesday afternoon, acknowledging them for their contributions to New Jersey.

Larry and Vicki, both from Newark, raised their family in Fairfield. “In death, as in life, they were inseparable,” reads an obituary from Vicki.

Vicki Freda held several positions at the Township of Fairfield Municipal Building, before retiring as Executive Secretary to the Mayor in 2007.

“She was incredibly creative and a den mom in Cubs to each of her three sons,” Murphy said.

Larry Freda, an Army veteran who was stationed in Europe, worked for the former Pabst Blue Ribbon Brewery in Newark for 24 years. He ended his career as a guard at West Essex Regional High School.

“Everyone knew him for his humor and his smile,” Murphy said.

In their later years, they were the full-time grandparents of their six grandsons, according to obituaries. The two enjoyed spending time with friends around Fairfield and taking trips to casinos, obituaries say.

Their son John was 52 years old. A licensed optician, John loved social media memes and doing art projects with figurines.

“John was a proud Jersey product all the way through,” Murphy said of John. “He had a creative soul, loving writing, drawing and working on art projects. He was an avid reader and a cinephile.

John is survived by his three sons and two brothers.

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Intel shares dip on apparent drop in manufacturing; rival chip stocks jump Thu, 11 Mar 2021 05:19:48 +0000

By Noel Randewich

(Reuters) – Intel shares collapsed and rivals surged on Friday after the U.S. chipmaker signaled it could abandon manufacturing its own components after falling far behind in developing its new technology.

Intel plunged 15% after CEO Bob Swan told investors in a conference call Thursday night that Intel’s new 7-nanometer chip technology was six months behind and Intel could pay other manufacturers to produce its chip designs.

Designing and manufacturing its own personal computer and server chips have given Intel a lead over rivals for decades, and moving away from this model would strengthen little rival Advanced Micro Devices. , which jumped 15%.

“This, our 45th Intel earnings call, was the worst we’ve seen in our career spanning the company,” Bernstein analyst Stacy Rasgon wrote in a customer rating, reducing her Intel rating to “underperforming.” .

Frankly, none of the numbers matter. In fact, investors could have stopped reading the press release after the fourth line of the first page, which indicated that Intel was delaying its trajectory by 7nm with returns. a year behind on internal goals, ”Rasgon wrote.

U.S. stocks of Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co <2330.TW>, the world’s largest contract chip maker, jumped 12%. Intel’s potential surrender in manufacturing means one less competitor for TSMC and one potential new customer.

Manufacturers of semiconductor manufacturing equipment KLA Corp , Applied Materials and the American shares of ASML Holding fell between 2% and 6% on expectations that Intel could build and modernize fewer factories.

Nvidia climbed 1.1%, taking its market cap to $ 252 billion and extending its lead as America’s most valuable chipmaker after eclipsing Intel earlier this month. After Friday’s plunge, Intel’s market value was $ 217 billion.

(Reporting by Noel Randewich; editing by David Gregorio)

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Social media fed up with Trumpism after DC riots – WWD Thu, 11 Mar 2021 05:19:48 +0000

Social media tension with the White House escalated Thursday: After an uprising by Trump supporters pierced the Capitol in Washington, DC on Wednesday, Facebook Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg has taken to his own network to reveal that he is banning President Trump from the main platform, as well as Instagram, indefinitely.

The decision followed TwitterThe president’s 12-hour suspension on Wednesday for tweets that appeared to stir up unrest. Likewise, Facebook also blocked Trump from posting on his networks for 24 hours. But then Zuckerberg took it a step further.

“We believe the risks of allowing the president to continue to use our service during this period are simply too great,” he wrote. “Therefore, we are extending the block we placed on his Facebook and Instagram accounts indefinitely and for at least the next two weeks until the peaceful transition of power is complete. “

YouTube followed suit Thursday afternoon with its own policy change. After issuing new conditions banning election disinformation in December – which prompted the platform to remove thousands of videos – the Google platform is now pledging to take tougher measures to tackle election lies.

The company said it would suspend accounts for single infractions, but three strikes within 90 days would result in termination. This apparently applies to any channel, including Trump’s, as well as those from far-right media companies like OAN and other loyalists.

These steps are the most assertive taken by Silicon Valley to date, and they crown a multi-year feud between Trump and social media platforms. The president and his party have routinely made accusations of censorship and unfair treatment of Tories in recent years.

Although tech companies have testified to the contrary on numerous occasions, they apparently feel more confident now to openly muzzle the president, justified by efforts to thwart incitement to riot. And so far, the only criticisms are that these moves don’t go far enough.

“While I am delighted to see social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are taking belated action to tackle the President’s misuse of their platforms to sow discord and violence, these isolated actions are both too late and far from sufficient, ”said Senator Mark R Warner, D-Va., Remarks.

Change can also come from a new political reality. In two weeks, a Democratic trio will be complete, with control of the White House, Senate and House. Critics like Jennifer Palmieri, former communications director for Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign, believe there may be a connection.

While the pressure on Big Tech over antitrust and privacy issues isn’t going away anytime soon, accusations of censorship or bias against conservatives will likely have a lot less bite.

What remains to be seen is whether the social giants will keep their long-term commitments – or whether this will continue to push conservatives towards alternatives like Speak and Gab. But so far, activity on these platforms has swirled, especially before and on January 6. Users posted during the chaos in DC, with “no change without bloodshed” and “it was the inevitable result” among posts supporting the riot.

If Trump finds himself permanently in exile on Twitter, he may ultimately take refuge in Speaking. He would have already set up his shop there. When Facebook and Twitter took action against him, an account claiming to belong to the president emerged asking for donations for a 2024 election candidacy.

Update: Twitter permanently shut down President Trump’s @realDonaldTrump account on Friday. In a tweet, the company explained that the action was “because of the risk of inciting violence.”

Seeking a workaround, Trump took to @POTUS with messages accusing Twitter of “banning free speech.” He also teased that he was “negotiating with various other sites” on some sort of “big announcement coming soon” and exploring “the possibilities of building our own platform.”

Twitter deleted the posts. In other words, it’s not about deleting Donald Trump’s personal account, but about exiling the person, regardless of which account they are trying to occupy – a fact the company has confirmed to the media. Friday night.

But the online punch continued, with the president resorting to @TeamTrump to repost the same deleted tweets. The messages were deleted within minutes and @TeamTrump was permanently suspended.

Twitter also suspended Gary Coby, who led the Trump campaign’s digital strategy, for his apparent attempt to let Trump set up a digital residence on his account. The change from the account to Trump’s display name and profile photo was a major clue.

The president has not only lost his favorite messaging platform, but his expulsion from most major social media platforms effectively neutralizes his ability to communicate directly with the public – at least for now, despite negotiations with other platforms.

With few options, Trump could have turned to Speaking as his megaphone of choice. The messaging app, which claims a commitment to “free speech,” has gained popularity with conservatives, especially in recent months.

The odds are virtually nil, however, as Google and Apple – believing Talk has become a tool to “facilitate illegal and dangerous activity,” in Apple’s words – have removed the app from their app stores. In no time, Amazon followed suit. Its Amazon Web Services, which provides cloud hosting for Parler, decided to eject the app from its platform. The eviction is expected to take effect Sunday evening.

Mass digital avoidance infuriates Trump’s henchmen, but appeals to others, like Parler’s rival announced that as of Friday, it was seeing 10,000 new users flocking to the platform per hour.

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Today in payments: Uber and Lyft lose AB5 call Thu, 11 Mar 2021 05:19:48 +0000

In today’s news, Uber and Lyft must reclassify their drivers as employees, and FTC commissioners are in favor of an antitrust lawsuit against Facebook. Additionally, PayPal is considering buying a cryptocurrency business.

Uber and Lyft lose AB5 call in California

In a unanimous decision, the California Court of Appeals upheld an earlier ruling that Uber and Lyft must reclassify their drivers as employees, pending ballot action on Election Day (November 3).

FTC commissioners weigh in on Facebook antitrust lawsuit

As the five Federal Trade Commission (FTC) commissioners debate whether to pursue an antitrust lawsuit against Facebook, FTC staff members are in favor of continuing the case.

PayPal plans to buy crypto company BitGo, others

PayPal is exploring acquisition opportunities for cryptocurrency companies, including bitcoin custodian BitGo, a move that would help PayPal boost its adoption of digital coins. The company recently announced that users can buy, sell and hold digital coins and also use that money to make purchases at any of the merchants in its network by early next year.

Instacart enables SNAP EBT payments for ALDI

Instacart has partnered with ALDI to launch EBT SNAP payments for same day delivery and pickup from e-commerce supermarkets to increase access to these services. This is the first time that EBT SNAP beneficiaries will have the ability to access same day delivery and pickup from the e-commerce company.

Panera coffee subscriptions and the future of restaurants

The restaurant world has dramatically changed as owners rush to stay ahead of lockdowns and COVID-19 fears. But Paytronix CEO Andrew Robbins told Karen Webster that restaurateurs have gotten very creative in offering digital solutions, like Panera’s new coffee subscription, which has already attracted some 500,000 customers. Here’s what to expect next.

Supply chains will change, digital dollars will emerge after COVID

The pandemic will change supply chains and digital dollars will become a staple of payments, Dr. Paul Sheard, senior researcher at Harvard Kennedy School, told Karen Webster. He says businesses and central banks will need to think about how goods travel the world, as well as the fundamentals behind money and trade. By the way: China remains in the picture.

Bill Ackman, Emil Michael and the risk factors around SPAC

The latest PSPC list alludes to the allure and risks inherent in hanging your star on these investment vehicles and, by extension, the people who run them.



On: Forty-seven percent of U.S. consumers avoid digital-only banks due to data security concerns, despite considerable interest in these services. In Digital Banking: The Brewing Battle For Where We Will Bank, PYMNTS surveyed over 2,200 consumers to reveal how digital-only banks can boost privacy and security while providing convenient services to meet this unmet demand.

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Sports owners are borrowing at skyrocketing interest rates to survive the coronavirus pandemic Thu, 11 Mar 2021 05:19:47 +0000

Somewhere Tony Soprano is smiling. To get through the pandemic shutdown, at least two owners of huge sports assets are borrowing at interest rates the crowd would take.

The Ultimate Fighting Championship, owned by Endeavor, recently staged a mixed martial arts event in Florida with no crowds. A month ago, Endeavor-a global entertainment company whose portfolio also includes WME (talent agency), WME IMG (entertainment, sports and fashion) and On Location Experiences (stadium and event hosting) – had its lowered credit rating by S&P Global. The same day, S&P lupped the show-level ratings on affiliate WME IMG but maintained its rating for the UFC at B with a negative outlook.

The the Wall Street newspaper reported yesterday that Endeavor arranged a $ 260 million term loan at just under 11% with JP Morgan as lead arranger. The entertainment company, which was already in debt of $ 4.5 billion, has seen its revenues fall by about 70% this year as the pandemic has cut incomes for people attending sports, concerts and festivals, as well. than to film and television production. For the UFC, the good news is that, even though they host events without fans, they will continue to raise money from ESPN, which is valued be at least $ 500 million per year, or about half of total UFC revenue.

Another heavily indebted sports owner, Tilman Fertitta, is paying an even more onerous interest rate. Recall that Fertitta bought the Houston Rockets from the NBA for a record $ 2.2 billion in 2017 by selling $ 1.4 billion in bonds secured by its Landry’s restaurant and Golden Nugget casino operations. End of March, Forbes‘Christopher Hellman reported, “The Golden Nugget-backed bonds (wholly owned by Landrys) maturing in 2024 and 2025 have traded this week at 62 cents and 52 cents on the dollar.”

Beginning of April, Bloomberg reported: “Fertitta offers potential lenders an interest rate of at least 15% to participate in a new $ 250 million loan for its Golden Nugget casinos and hundreds of restaurants under the Landry inc. umbrella that have been ravaged by the coronavirus, according to people with knowledge of the subject. … The company has already drawn all of the $ 300 million in existing credit lines, and Fertitta is injecting $ 50 million of her own money into the business, said one of the people, who asked not to. be named because details are confidential.

The shutdown of live sports and the tanking economy have made it difficult for some owners to keep their businesses. But it’s a good deal for the Sopranos.

Comprehensive coverage and live updates on the coronavirus

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What Satya Nadella thinks – The New York Times Thu, 11 Mar 2021 05:19:47 +0000

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Unlike almost every other company, Microsoft has felt a “minimal net impact” from the coronavirus, according to its latest financial report. The tech giant’s share price has risen 14% this year; he’s sitting on nearly $ 140 billion in cash; and it looks likely to emerge from the pandemic stronger than ever. Company CEO Satya Nadella spoke to Times editors and reporters about handling the pandemic yesterday.

Respond, recover, reinvent.

Mr Nadella sees the world go through three phases during the pandemic. The first is simply to respond to the immediate impact through office closures, cost reductions, etc. Next is the recovery, which is already underway in many places, and will look more like a “dial” than a “switch.” He said, “There will be a lot of movement of the dial, back and forth.”

In the ‘reimagining’ phase, innovations born out of necessity in the previous two phases will emerge, such as remote control of manufacturing processes, AI robots to help diagnose patients, and learning technologies. more efficient remotely.

“Be on the lookout for what is lost.”

Mr Nadella said the raw productivity statistics of many Microsoft employees have increased, but that is not something to “over-celebrate”. More meetings start and end on time, but “what I miss is when you walk into a physical meeting, you talk to the person next to you, you can connect with them during the meetings. two minutes before and after. “It’s hard to replicate virtually, as are other critical soft skills for management and mentoring.