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Today is Thursday July 16the 198th day of 2020. There are 168 days left in the year.

On July 16, 1945, the United States detonated its first experimental atomic bomb in the Alamogordo Desert, New Mexico; on the same day, the heavy cruiser USS Indianapolis departed Mare Island Naval Shipyard in California on a secret mission to deliver atomic bomb components to Tinian Island in the Marianas.

1557 – Anne of Cleves, who was briefly the fourth wife of King Henry VIII of England, died in London at the age of 41.

1790 — A site along the Potomac River has been designated the permanent seat of the United States government; area became Washington, D.C.

1964 – As he accepted the Republican presidential nomination in San Francisco, Barry M. Goldwater said that “extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice” and that “moderation in the pursuit of justice is no is not a virtue”.

1969 — Apollo 11 lifted off from Cape Kennedy on the first manned mission to the surface of the moon.

1980 –Former California Governor Ronald Reagan won the Republican presidential nomination at the party’s convention in Detroit.

1999 — John F. Kennedy Jr., his wife, Carolyn, and his sister, Lauren Bessette, died when their single-engine plane, piloted by Kennedy, plunged into the Atlantic Ocean near Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts.

2004 — Martha Stewart was sentenced to five months in prison and five months house arrest by a federal judge in New York for lying about a stock sale.

2008 – Florida resident Casey Anthony, whose two-year-old daughter, Caylee, had been missing for a month, was arrested for child neglect, making false official statements and obstructing a criminal investigation. (Casey Anthony was later acquitted at trial in the murder of Caylee, whose skeletal remains were found in December 2008; she was convicted of lying to police.)

Five years ago – A gunman unleashed a barrage of fire on a recruiting center and another US military site a few miles apart in Chattanooga, Tennessee, killing four Marines and a sailor before being shot dead by police ; authorities identified the shooter as Kuwaiti-born Muhammad Youssef Abdulazeez, from Tennessee.

Former US Attorney General Dick Thornburgh is 88. Soul singer William Bell is 81 years old. International Tennis Hall of Famer Margaret Court is 78. Jimmy Johnson, a College Football Hall of Famer and football coach, is 77. Violinist Pinchas Zukerman is 72 years old. Actor-singer Ruben Blades is 72 years old. Composer and rock musician Stewart Copeland is 68 years old. Playwright Tony Kushner is 64 years old. Actress Faye Grant is 63 years old. Dancer Michael Flatley is 62 years old. Actress Phoebe Cates is 57. Actor Paul Hipp is 57 years old. Actor Daryl “Chill” Mitchell is 55. Actor-comedian Will Ferrell is 53 years old. Actor Jonathan Adams is 53 years old. Barry Sanders, a member of the College and Professional Football Hall of Fame, is 52. Singer Ryan McCombs (Drowning Pool) is 46 years old. Actress Jayma Mays is 41 years old. Actress AnnaLynne McCord is 33 years old. Actor-singer James Maslow is 30 years old. Actor Mark Indelicato is 26 years old. Singer and pop musician Luke Hemmings (5 Seconds to Summer) is 24 years old. .

Nashville bombing suspect sent packages to people across the country containing typed conspiracy theories about 9/11 and lizards, FBI says Thu, 11 Mar 2021 05:19:53 +0000
  • Anthony Warner, the suspect in the Dec. 25 Nashville bombings, sent packages to acquaintances across the country before his death, the FBI said.

  • Warner is suspected of blowing up an RV in downtown Nashville, injuring three people and damaging at least 41 buildings. He died in the explosion.

  • WTVF reported that an acquaintance of Warner received a package, postmarked December 23, containing numerous conspiracy theories about aliens, the 9/11 attacks and lizards.

  • The FBI said Warner sent packages to acquaintances across the country and urged those who received them to report to authorities.

  • Authorities have previously said Warner was paranoid about 5G cellular networks, the subject of numerous conspiracy theories. Warner also reportedly donated all of his possessions in the weeks leading up to the attack.

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An acquaintance of Anthony Warner, the Nashville bombing suspect, received a package of nine typewritten pages and two USB drives containing conspiracy theories he believed in, the local outlet WTVF reported.

Authorities said Anthony Warner, 63, was responsible for an RV explosion in downtown Nashville on December 25, injuring at least three people and damaging at least 41 buildings, many of which are historical. Warner died in the explosion.

The authorities have describe as a suicide attack, but did not reveal a motive.

According to WTVF, a man who knew Warner received a New Year’s package from the suspect, postmarked December 23 – two days before the attack. He was immediately turned over to the FBI, the outlet reported.

WTVF reported that Warner had sent similar packages to other people.

In a statement to Insider, an FBI spokesperson said, “We know that the suspect sent documents that espoused his views to multiple acquaintances across the country,” and asked people who received those documents. to report them.

The envelope received on New Year’s Day did not contain a return address, but the remarks inside and the signature clearly indicated that it was from Warner, WTVF said.

The cover letter in the package was signed by “Julio,” a name Warner had used to sign emails to friends in the past, WTVF reported.

“Hey man… You’ll never believe what I found in the park,” the accompanying letter read, according to the outlet. “The knowledge I have gained is immeasurable. I now understand everything, and I mean everything, from who/what we really are, to what the known universe really is.”

According to WTVF, the package contained at least nine typewritten pages and two Samsung USB drives, with claims such as:

  • “The moon landing and 9/11 have so many anomalies that it’s hard to count them.”

  • Aliens and UFOs began attacking Earth in September 2011, but the media covered it up.

  • Reptiles and lizards controlled the earth and altered human DNA.

All of these claims are baseless or bizarre conspiracy theories. WTVF said it chose not to publish the letters in their entirety to avoid giving unnecessary attention to Warner and his worldview.

Insider could not independently verify the contents of the letter, and the FBI did not respond to questions regarding the specific letter.

A row of historic Riverside buildings along Second Avenue in Nashville lie in ruins on December 31, 2020. Alex Kent/Getty Images

Nowhere in those missives did Warner mention the Nashville bombing or anything that might suggest a motive for it, WTVF reported.

Shortly after the bombing, local media reported that Warner was paranoid about 5G cellular networks – the subject of many baseless conspiracy theories, including that it causes cancer and the coronavirus pandemic.

The theory gained momentum in early April, with people in the UK harass telecommunications engineers and set mobile phone masts on fire in response.

The New York Times Previously reported that Warner told an ex-girlfriend he had cancer and began to donate his property in the weeks preceding the explosion.

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American Eagle launches curbside pickup, cuts costs and increases bond supply Thu, 11 Mar 2021 05:19:53 +0000

Lifestyle clothing retailer American Eagle Outfitters (AEO -2.63%) today launched a pair of filings in the current SEC report, announcing the start of curbside pickup at their stores, detailing their cost-cutting measures and increasing the bond supply from yesterday. These measures are additional steps the company is taking to weather the economic storms caused by the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic.

American Eagle announces that it will begin offering curbside shopping pickup next Monday, April 27, allowing customers to buy in-stock apparel and get it the same day without entering closed retail stores. The company closed its physical locations on March 17, meaning they will be closed for 41 days when curbside pickup service begins after the weekend.

Image source: Getty Images.

The report goes on to describe how American Eagle has experienced strong growth in its digital business. Digital purchases are now exceeding the company’s own forecasts, even though this segment already accounted for 29% of its sales last year, before the start of the coronavirus epidemic. The retailer also points out that it improved its ability to survive the recession by laying off employees, deferring dividends, reducing inventory and capital expenditures and drawing down $330 million in revolving credit to boost its current cash flow. at around $490 million.

The second filing of the day from American Eagle concerned its plans for $400 million bond issue, originally announced yesterday. Today, according to the latest Form 8-K, it is amending the offer to give initial buyers the option to buy up to an additional $60 million in bonds, while raising the total possible issuance to $500 million. dollars. The new bonds are apparently identical to the original issue, including the same 2025 maturity date.

Congress’ coronavirus stimulus bill could spell ‘calamity’ in mortgage industry Thu, 11 Mar 2021 05:19:52 +0000

Without corrective action, Congress’s coronavirus stimulus package could send the mortgage industry plummeting across the country.

As reported by Fox Company, “A series of missteps and outright errors in judgment by federal regulators are turning a bad housing situation into a calamity that could lead to a US debt default.”

The CARES Act, well explained here by CNBC, mandated “that all borrowers with government-backed mortgages — about 62% of all first mortgages according to Urban Institute — be allowed to delay at least 90 days of monthly payments and possibly up to a year.” “.

Mortgage managers, even when not receiving mortgage payments from residents, still have to pay mortgage bondholders, as well as taxes due on properties. While this puts obvious pressure on managers, the effects could be much greater in reaching mortgage scale.

Here’s how Fox Business described the process:

The mortgage industry is essentially a vast cooperative network. The owner pays the mortgage. The bank or non-bank loan officer transfers the payment to a bond investor and retains a small commission. The loan officer also pays property taxes and insurance on the property, protecting not only the home but also the municipal finances of communities across the country. The total flow of interest, principal, taxes and insurance made by banks on behalf of homeowners amounts to tens of billions of dollars each month.

If issuers in the $2.2 trillion government loan market or the $5.5 trillion conventional loan market fail to repay the bonds to investors, then the Treasury must step in to honor the collateral.

Accumulating defaults on interest and principal are forming a financial tsunami that could ultimately force a US debt default unless steps are taken now to prepare for this spike in lending forbearance.

As reported by CNBC, Laurie Goodman, co-director of the Urban Institute’s Housing Finance Policy Center, predicted the worst-case scenario of nearly 12 million borrowers receiving some sort of forbearance under the CARES Act for a total cost of $66 billion for six months. Mark Zandi, chief economist at Moody’s Analytics, predicted that around 15 million households would benefit from some forbearance on their home loans.

Regardless of whether those two estimates end up being high, repairers don’t have enough cash to cover payments to bondholders over the next few months. Not only is the mortgage industry in danger of disaster, but the US Treasury could be hit hard.

The Trump administration can still take steps to help address the situation while continuing to grant forbearances to those in need during the COVID-19 pandemic.

There has already been positive movement on this front, as the Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA) announced that servicers will only be required to cover four months of missed payments on a loan. However, this does not concern the tax payments and insurance that these companies must cover. Also, for small repairers, if the rate of forbearance claims increases as high as expected, covering four months of payments will be unsustainable.

That is why a broad coalition calls on the FHFA, Federal Reserve, and Treasury Department to establish a liquidity facility for managing agents as part of the follow-up to the CARES Act.

It’s a priority for the entire country, including Alabama. Nationally, the coalition includes such figures as the Mortgage Bankers Association, National Association of Realtors, National Association of Home Builders, Independent Community Bankers of America, Leading Builders of America, Local Initiatives Support Corporation, the National Apartment Association, the National Association of Affordable Housing Lenders. , National Council of State Housing Agencies, National Housing Conference, National Multifamily Housing Council, The Real Estate Roundtable, Structured Finance Association, Up for Growth Action and US Mortgage Insurers.

Jeremy Walker, CEO of the Alabama Association of Realtors, told Yellowhammer News, “For our members, the ability to access capital is an essential part – a foundation – of all real estate development and the purchase of a property. house in general. Our association will support this effort in Washington to increase access to liquidity for lenders. It is imperative.”

The real estate industry in Alabama taken into account $33 billion or 14% of the state’s gross product in 2019. Every time a home is bought or sold in the state, the average impact on the local economy is $65,000 from purchases, services and improvements directly related to housing.

Walker added that realtors believe the liquidity of banks and mortgage service providers will help provide a stable lending environment for borrowers, home buyers, small business owners, builders and developers. With a stable lending environment, the real estate sector is poised to play a leading role in Alabama’s economic recovery effort as America emerges from the COVID-19 pandemic, it said. he concluded.

U.S. Senators Richard Shelby (R-AL) and Doug Jones (D-AL) both serve on the Senate Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs Committee. This committee oversees the FHFA. Shelby is a former chairman of the committee.

Sean Ross is the editor of Yellowhammer News. You can follow him on Twitter @sean_yhn

Coronavirus stimulus package: checks, unemployment, SBA loan Thu, 11 Mar 2021 05:19:52 +0000

The unprecedented $2 trillion in coronavirus relief The Congress package signed by President Trump on Friday, March 27 has a lot to unpack.

The recovery plan, officially called the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act, includes funds to support industries like airlines, which have been hit hard by the virtual shutdown of travel, and to shore up financial lending markets. But the law also contains a number of provisions designed to help ordinary Americans and small business owners struggling with their finances as the COVID-19 virus upends normal life as we know it.

Here are the key elements of the CARES Act that you’ll want to keep on your radar in the weeks and months to come, because you’re bound to benefit from it.

Calculate your stimulus payment

Have you filed your 2019 tax return?

What was your filing status in your 2019 tax return?

What was your adjusted gross income in 2019?

How many children under the age of 17 did you claim as dependents in 2019?

You probably get a $1,200 stimulus payment.

* Calculations are estimates based on CARES Act figures as of March 27, 2020. They are subject to change.

Receive a $1,200 incentive check

The most discussed part of the $2 trillion CARES Act is its willingness to issue Cash payment to millions of Americans. Taxpayers earning up to $75,000 per year will receive $1,200 for each adult ($2,400 for married couples who file jointly and earn up to $150,000), plus $500 for each child under 17 . The payment amount is progressive according to income. ; if you earn $99,000 or more — or if a couple earns $198,000 or more — with no dependents, the payout drops to $0.

Most stimulus checks will be sent by direct depositand the IRS began issuing payments in mid-April. the first payments by paper check were in the mail beginning the week of April 20. However, issuing and sending millions of paper checks can take some time, so your payment may not arrive for weeks or even months. To get the stimulus check, you must have tax returns filed for 2019 or 2018, or receive Social Security benefits, or register on the IRS portal — where you can also track the status of your payment.

File for unemployment and get an extra $600 a week

In addition to increasing unemployment benefits by as much as $600 per week (depending on your condition and how much you earn) the recovery plan includes unemployment insurance provisions for part-time and on-demand workers, as well as the self-employed. In addition, those eligible can benefit from unemployment for up to 13 additional weeks thanks to the coronavirus relief measures. For unemployment fileGo directly to your state’s program and follow its guidelines.

Suspend your mortgage payment

If you have a federally guaranteed mortgage and have lost income due to the COVID-19 outbreak, you can get a 60-day forbearance on your mortgage payments, with the option to extend this period for up to 60 days. to four additional 30-day periods. . Do this, you need to contact your lender and explain your situation; your lender cannot charge you any penalties or fees during this time. The legislation also includes a 60-day moratorium against initiating foreclosure proceedings against borrowers with federally guaranteed mortgages.

Additionally, tenants living in buildings whose landlords have federally backed mortgages cannot be evicted for failing to pay rent for 120 days, and cannot face penalties or fees for not paying rent. -payment.

Take a Break on Student Loan Interest

The CARES Act builds on previously announced student loan relief that would have given borrowers with federal student loans 60 days forbearance and 0% interest accrual for that period. Now, the Ministry of Education says the forbearance will last until the end of September and the interest is kept at 0% for that period.

The only caveat is that this does not apply to private student loans, only loans held by the federal government, i.e. loans where the lender is the US Department of Education. If you are unsure if your loan qualifies, you can consult discover.

Get a small business loan

Most of the $367 billion the stimulus package allocates to help for small businesses was $350 billion “Payroll Protection Program.” It aims to give small business owners a cash injection to cover employee compensation – including salaries or hourly wages and benefits – for up to two and a half months, as well as other overhead costs such as as mortgage payments and utility bills. Small businesses contribute most of the country’s economic activity, and lawmakers said the aid could potentially help more than 30 million small businesses stay afloat.

These funds are structured as forgivable loans with an interest rate cap of 4% and are available to businesses with 500 or fewer employees. The maximum amount is $10 million, which will be forgiven if the company keeps its employees on the payroll rather than furloughing or laying them off. Small businesses can apply for emergency grants of up to $10,000 after applying for a loan to help ease an immediate cash flow crisis.

You can get more details from the Small Business Administration website and apply for SBA Disaster Loan Here (note: the estimated time to complete an application is more than two hours). Officials said the program was supposed to be up and running from Friday 3 Apriland that small business owners will be able to apply for loans and be approved by banks the same day.

Paycheck Protection Program loans were available through Bank of America Friday, April 3, but not all the banks were ready right away. Soon, however, Chase, Bank of America, TD Bank, Wells Fargo and other major banks announced their PPP Application Requirements – and within two weeks, all the PPP money ran out. A second set of small business loans has been in the works since April 24.

the US Senate Committee on Small Business and Entrepreneurship and the United States Chamber of Commerce have resource guides to help small business owners understand their options and ramifications.

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Small business owner, get the working capital you need.

Alternative lenders like Fundera are more flexible than commercial banks on the types of loans they offer. Click below to learn more about your options.

Click to see how much you can borrow.

Take advantage of a new tax deadline

The CARES Act has extended the deadline for filing and paying federal income tax on your 2019 earnings from April 15 to July 15. If you are while waiting for a refund (which is the case for most taxpayers), it is still a good idea to go ahead and file before April 15 or soon after, so you can get that money faster.

On the other hand, if you know you will owe Uncle Sam, you have an additional three months to keep that money and use it for more pressing needs. (FYI, if you file for an extensionthis will only give you until October 15, which is six months from the usual filing deadline, as in any normal year.)

Make 401(k) and IRA withdrawals without penalty

Stimulus bill temporarily removes 59½ age threshold for make retirement account withdrawals without having to pay a 10% penalty. The stipulation is good for withdrawals up to $100,000 and covers IRAs, 401(k)s and 403(b)s. You also have three years to pay any income tax associated with the distribution, or three years to reimburse yourself (i.e. your account).

Although it can be a lifesaver if you’re strapped for cash – and either aren’t eligible or have already used the other support options listed here – withdraw money from your 401(k) shouldn’t be your first choice. Why? For one thing, withdraw that money now (when equities are weak and highly volatile) could make it difficult to catch up later once the market recovers.

Ads by Money. We may be compensated if you click on this ad.A dAds by Money Disclaimer

It’s not too late to open an IRA account for your retirement.

Click below to start contributing to a Roth account.

Open a Roth Account

Waive the Mandatory IRA Distribution

On the other side of the coin, if you are over 70 and a half and are normally required to take a required minimum distribution from your retirement account, you can hold off on that for 2020. While many Americans might welcome the extra injection of cash at this point, savers who can afford it will likely want to wait out current stock market volatility and hold off on mandatory distributions this year. . Your required distribution amount is based on your account value at the end of the previous year – and shares are down around 20% from the end of 2019.

Benefit from an additional tax deduction for charitable donations

The new legislation allows you to deduct an additional $300 from donations made to a qualified 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. This decision to encourage people to give back is an above-the-line deduction, which means that even people who don’t itemize and take the standard deduction when filing taxes will be able to take advantage of it.

Correction: An earlier version of this story stated that the minimum required distribution requirements had been delayed under the CARES Act. In fact, they are totally removed; retirees do not need to take an RMD for 2020.

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Will the new small business loan program really help small businesses this time around?

30-year mortgage rates are back near record lows – for some borrowers

60% of Americans say their stimulus check isn’t enough, New Money poll finds

Vote counting continues in many states, with some too close to call Thu, 11 Mar 2021 05:19:52 +0000 Vote counting continues in many states, with some too close to declare a winner, even as the Democrat

Joe Biden

off hook enough states to become president-electaccording to the Associated Press tally.

A lot of votes remaining to be counted are late mail ballots in states that have extended deadlines after Election Day, as well as overseas military ballots and provisional ballots that require additional verification before they can be counted.

Three states have no declared winner: Georgia, where Mr. Biden leads with about 10,000 votes; North Carolina, where President Trump leads by about 75,000 and will announce the results later this week; and Alaska, where Mr. Trump has a decisive lead but a large percentage of mail-in ballots have yet to be counted.

Pivotal states such as Arizona, which Mr. Biden won and was once reliably Republican, and Pennsylvania, which proved the tipping point for Mr. Biden, also continue to count ballots. About 56,000 mail-in ballots remained to be counted in Pennsylvania as of Sunday afternoon, according to data from the Pennsylvania Department of State. Mr Biden’s lead widened over the weekend to 43,000 votes.

Philadelphia city commissioners said Saturday the count is expected to continue for several days. On Saturday, Philadelphia still had to process about 12,000 mail-in ballots and about 18,000 provisional ballots.

The election will not be over for several weeks after the vote count is completed and other formalities such as certification of the count. Besides the importance of an official result, the Electoral College’s final tally will delineate the extent of Mr. Biden’s claim to a term. Mr Trump called his tally of 306 electoral votes in 2016 a “landslide”. Mr Biden’s tally currently stands at 290.

President-elect Joe Biden has promised to be a “president who does not seek to divide but to unify”. He was joined by Vice President-elect Kamala Harris, who will become the highest ranked woman in the history of presidential succession. Photo: Andrew Harnik/Press Pool

The final tallies will also prove useful for parties to assess the 2020 landscape, especially in states like Georgia and Arizona that a Democratic candidate had not won in 28 and 24 years, respectively.

The Trump Campaign and Republican Groups filed lawsuits in multiple states, including Pennsylvania. Recounts are likely in at least two states: Wisconsin, where the Trump campaign has announced it will seek one, and Georgia, where the state’s top election official said he will likely conduct one. at the request of the Trump campaign. The Biden campaign said it was confident a recount likely wouldn’t change the outcome in either state, given the five-digit margins in each state.

Even elected Republicans who praised Mr. Biden and called him president-elect still say Mr. Trump should ask for recounts in hotly contested states.

“When the numbers are so low, there’s a chance it could be knocked down,” Utah Sen. Mitt Romney said on Sunday.

The speed of vote counting has slowed because local election officials are reviewing mail-in ballots, which require additional review, and provisional ballots, which are given to potential voters whose eligibility is in doubt and are not counted only after confirmation. Additionally, mail-in military and foreign ballots have later deadlines than other ballots, depending on some state rules.

On Friday, Democratic and Republican web watchers inspect provisional ballots from Lehigh County in Allentown, Pennsylvania.


Mary Altaffer/Associated Press

Voting continues arizona runoff, where Mr Biden’s lead has narrowed as more ballots have been counted over the past week. The Arizona secretary of state’s office said 94,000 ballots remained as of Sunday night. Mr. Biden currently has a lead of more than 16,000 votes in Arizona.

In Nevada, there were fewer than 100,000 ballots left to count Sunday afternoon, although the Secretary of State’s office does not have an exact count. Mr. Biden leads Mr. Trump by 31,464 votes.

In Clark County, the state’s most populous, 16,000 mail-in ballots are still being processed and counted, Joe Gloria, the county’s registrar of voters, said Sunday. Statewide, there are approximately 66,500 ballots still waiting to be counted by those who registered to vote that day; those may not even begin to be counted until Tuesday, when officials can make sure the same people haven’t already voted by mail or voted elsewhere in the state.

The state mailed ballots to every active and registered voter this year, resulting in a large influx of mail-in ballots that take longer to process. Mr Gloria said on Sunday that it “has significantly changed our whole operations”.

Write to Gabriel T. Rubin at

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Save up to 60% and additional promotional offers Thu, 11 Mar 2021 05:19:52 +0000

Black Friday is here, and Bed, Bath & Beyond’s mega event will run for five days this year, starting today through Cyber ​​Monday. In addition to deals of up to 60% off, shoppers can save an additional 25% in-store and 20% online on their entire purchase through Saturday, November 28.

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Black Friday 2020 is today, Friday, November 27. Bed Bath & Beyond’s Black Friday event runs through Saturday, November 28, with additional savings on all purchases of 20% online and 25% in-store.

When is Cyber ​​Monday?

Cyber ​​Monday 2020 is Monday, November 30, but Bed, Bath & Beyond’s Cyber ​​Monday deals kick off online Sunday, November 29, with a My Funds Rewards promotion of $100 for each installment of $300 spent, until Monday, November 30.

Will Bed Bath & Beyond offer in-store pickup and delivery services?

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This is the biblical passage that Roosevelt used to promise help to England Thu, 11 Mar 2021 05:19:52 +0000

Almost a year before America was attacked at Pearl Harbor and officially joined World War II, President Franklin D. Roosevelt sent his top aide to London to pledge his aid to Prime Minister Winston Churchill with a quote slightly modified Bible. It was the promise that would lead to the Lend-Lease Act, destroyers for bases, and other programs that would buy the British Empire time against the Third Reich.

Harry Lloyd Hopkins was one of President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s closest aides, eventually becoming Secretary of Commerce. (The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration)

Harry L. Hopkins was a social worker in New York City in 1931 when Roosevelt, as Governor of New York, hired him to head the New York State Temporary Emergency Relief Administration. From there, Hopkins grew close to the governor professionally, then accompanied him federally as administrator of the Federal Emergency Relief Administration.

In this role, Hopkins was essentially one of the new president’s architects for economic recovery of the Great Depression. He led $0.5 billion in spending to support the economy, served on the Drought Committee, the Federal Surplus Relief Corporation and other groups. Roosevelt eventually appoints him Secretary of Commerce.

By the time World War II broke out in 1939, Hopkins had been a reliable and capable entity for Roosevelt for eight years. So, although he was a man of economics, Roosevelt also relied on him for foreign policy.

In 1940 and 1941, Hopkins was sent to London and Moscow to express his support for the Allied powers holding the line against Hitler. And, in January 1941, it was only Great Britain.

England was still reeling from the barely successful defense during the Battle of Britain where it avoided the air campaign and prevented a cross-Channel German invasion, but lost tens of thousands of British civilians and servicemen in the process .

And so Hopkins reassured Churchill at a small dinner party by offering a toast with an appropriate Bible quote. He modified himself slightly saying, “Where you go, I will go. And where though lodged, I will lodge; your people shall be my people, and your God my God. Even until the end. »

This last bit, “Even to the end”, does not appear in the actual Bible quote, although the idea is similar. It’s from Ruth 1:16 which reads: “And Ruth said, Beg me not to leave thee, or come back after thee: for whither thou goest I will go; and where you lodge, I will lodge: your people shall be my people, and your God my God.

In the Bible, this is followed by Ruth 1:17 which says, “Where you die, I will die, and there I will be buried: so may the Lord do me, and more, if death should but separate you from me. .”

So, yeah, “Even to the End,” is just a more succinct version of what Ruth was saying there.

This is the biblical passage that Roosevelt used to promise help to England
British and American sailors inspect depth charges on destroyers destined for trade with Britain in 1940. (US Navy)

The message could not have been clearer for England, and it was not the only sign that Roosevelt was on Britain’s side. He gave a speech on January 6 where he exposed the “four freedoms” as a democratic condemnation of the fascist powers. And, as he gained support in Congress, he continued to ship as much military hardware as he could excuse.

Although America was technically neutral in the conflict at the time, Roosevelt planned to “loan” equipment to Britain, rent it, exchange it for bases, etc. These efforts sent 50 destroyers and thousands of vehicles and weapons across the Atlantic. American ships, including the Coast Guard, ensured the sovereignty of other neutral nations, primarily by searching for Nazis and arresting them in places like Greenland.

Of course, all this work raised the ire of the Axis powers. Combined with an embargo that would deprive Japan of oil, this led to an attack on America which, in keeping with Japan’s military history up to that point, took the form of a surprise attack over the seas. And then America took off the gloves, focusing less on sermons at dinner parties and more on the absolute crap-banging of Japanese and German forces.

The Taliaferro family offers a rich treasure of history Thu, 11 Mar 2021 05:19:52 +0000

During the Christmas season, many people become nostalgic, remembering Christmases past, especially happy Christmases spent with family and friends or an unusual Christmas. This is especially true for those of us who are in our later years. Since our energy levels are lower, we spend more time sitting, remembering those happy times of years past.

Recently, during one of my nostalgic “remembrance sessions” that I held during the last Christmas season, the Christmas of 1951, 70 years ago, came to mind.

In the summer of 1949, an army reserve unit, the 426 Field Artillery Battalion, was organized with units at Mount Airy and Winston-Salem. “A” Battery and the Medical Detachment were located at Mount Airy, with the rest of the units located at Winston-Salem.

When the Korean War began in June 1950, 426 was immediately activated and ordered to report to Fort Bragg in September. There were 78 Mount Airy/Surry County men who were activated and ordered to report to Fort Bragg. Some of these men were soon released for various reasons and returned home.

426 remained at Fort Bragg until the summer of 1951 when it was deployed to Dolan Barracks, Schwabisch Hall, Germany.

The Mount Airy/Surry County men held prominent positions throughout the battalion, particularly ‘A’ Battery. A large majority were World War II veterans; most had families with children in Mount Airy.

As Christmas 1951 approached, the question arose of how best to celebrate the Christmas season 3,000 miles from home and our families. There was a general consensus that we should do something special that would capture the true spirit of Christmas gifts.

After a period of discussion between the men, we decided to organize a Christmas party for young children in an orphanage located near our military base. There were about 50 children residing in this orphanage. Most of the parents of these children were killed during the battles of World War II. We wanted to give this Christmas party with our own money without the intervention of the military command. Led by Mount Airy/Surry County Senior NCOs, we raised and several hundred dollars were donated.

The plan was to bring the children to our military base, give them a meal of traditional Christmas food, bring Santa Claus, and give each child a present and a treat of candy and fruit. The army dining hall was decorated with a Christmas tree, Christmas lights, and other Christmas greens and decorations like those that would have been made at home. Never had an army mess been so elegantly decorated for Christmas.

The children were brought to the base a few days before Christmas so that the men could throw their own Christmas Day party. A military man hosted each child (my guest was a 5 year old who didn’t understand English; I didn’t understand German either, but the Christmas spirit overcame language barriers).

The plan worked perfectly; the children were visibly excited even among a group of strange men in army uniforms and in an army dining room. The men were equally excited about the Christmas spirit and the opportunity to please a group of children. They enjoyed a touch of Christmas similar to that which would have been celebrated at their home in Mount Airy. The children enjoyed a wonderful Christmas party and cherished their meal, gifts and treats.

These Mount Airy/Surry County men brought Christmas cheer to children 3,000 miles from home, children who probably wouldn’t have had much to celebrate in a country shattered by the ravages of the Second World War. There had been little recovery in Germany since the end of the war. The destruction was to be seen everywhere; millions of German servicemen and civilians were killed during the war, including many parents of the children we served. The German economy had not recovered, and a large majority of the population was being fed by American relief efforts under the provisions of the Marshall Plan.

What was done by Mount Airy/Surry County men for some German orphans on Christmas 1951 is typical of what American servicemen do wherever they go, be it Germany, Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan, in Iraq or Japan.

Mount Airy/Surry County men known to be at Schwabisch Hall at Christmas 1951 who supported the Christmas program for orphaned children included the following: FSGT Zack Blackmon, PFC Frank Haynes, MSGT Thurmond Miller, SFC Joe Bill Neal , SFC Jack Leach, SGT Calvin Welborn, SFC Robert Holder, FSGT Austin Perdue, SFC Jack Robertson, SFC James Callahan, MSGT George Carroway, SFC Harold Sells, SGT Cecil Chandler, SGT Russell Inscore, SGT Aubrey Wall, SGT Dennis Chilton, SGT Charles Allred, SFC Howard Beeson, SGT Harry King, CPL Paul Welborn, SGT Kent Gibson, SGT George Worth, PFC Buford Harvey, SFC Robert Riggs, SFC Harold Moxley, SGT John Browne. (If I missed anyone, please excuse me).

All of these men, with the exception of Robert Riggs and I, have since passed on their eternal reward. No doubt this act of kindness to a group of orphaned children is part of their written record. Their children and grandchildren can be proud of what their fathers and grandfathers did to make Christmas a happy occasion for some children who were orphaned 70 years ago. They followed the example set by the Master Teacher when He said, “Let the little children come to Me and do not hinder them. For such is the Kingdom of Heaven. And he laid his hands on their heads and blessed them” (Matthew 19:4).

I end this nostalgic trip down memory lane on a personal note: John Browne and I took the train south to Goeppingen, Germany, base of the 28th Infantry Division, to spend Christmas Day with my cousin , Grover Holder. Once there, we met other Mount Airy men, including Bass Shelton, whose home was on Franklin Street. Fred Murphy, who along with his brothers had a country music program on WPAQ Radio in the late 1940s.

John Browne, upon returning home, worked in the office supply business for many years. He served for nine years on the Mount Airy City Schools Board of Education and for 22 years as Mount Airy City Commissioner. Grover Holder became a Baptist minister serving churches in North Carolina and Virginia for more than 50 years. Fred Murphy, back home, continued his career in country music. I was a teacher/administrator for 36 years in Mount Airy City Schools and Surry Community College.

Christmas 1951 might have been a lonely and depressing day, but the true American spirit of helping others brought joy and a festive spirit, both to a group of orphaned children and to a group of men, 3,000 miles from home. The true spirit of Christmas giving can be found and practiced wherever one is on this special day.

Editor’s Note: Reader’s Diary is an occasional feature in The Mount Airy News, featuring memories and stories from local residents.

“We see light at the end of the tunnel” on bike delays Thu, 11 Mar 2021 05:19:52 +0000

Platoon (PTON) Chairman William Lynch tells Yahoo Finance Live that he sees stubborn bike delays slow down a bit in the coming months.

“We said we think our order to delivery will go down. This investment will certainly pay off. We see the light at the end of the tunnel for sure, with these manufacturing ramps. We have added two new factories in Taiwan in the last four months alone. And so we feel like we’re in a good place when it comes to manufacturing and sourcing,” said Lynch, who is also a Peloton board member.

Lynch added, “We expect continued accelerated growth, which is exciting for us and exciting for the community as it builds. So we see a light at the end of the tunnel, yeah. And we expect that to improve in the spring.

To help overcome port congestion and limited capacity, Peloton said it would spend $100 million in its current fiscal year to fix the problems.

Peloton shares fell about 5% in early trading on Friday despite a strong quarter, punctuated by a 128% improvement in sales over a year ago.

here’s how Platoon completed compared to Wall Street estimates.

  • Net sales: 1.06 billion dollars against an estimate of 1.03 billion dollars

  • Connected Fitness Subscribers: 1.67 million against an estimate of 1.64 million

  • Adjusted EBITDA: $116.9 million vs. an estimate of $78.7 million

  • Diluted EPS: $0.18 vs $0.10 estimated

  • Outlook for the full year:

    • Net sales: $4.075 billion or more (past outlook: $3.9 billion)

    • Gross margin: about 39% (previous outlook: 41%)

    • Adjusted EBITDA: $300 million or more (repeated)

Brian Sozzi is editor-in-chief and anchor at Yahoo Finance. Follow Sozzi on Twitter @BrianSozzi and on LinkedIn.

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