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This week, three young pro-democracy leaders in Hong Kong were sentenced to prison terms for their involvement in the 2019 protests in Hong Kong. Joshua Wong, Agnes Chow and Ivan Lam were sentenced to 13.5 months, 10 months and seven months respectively. On the same day, a veteran of the Hong Kong democratic movement, famous businessman Jimmy Lai – already in custody by the authorities – was refused release on bail.

The fate of these brave defenders of freedom is another nail in the coffin of freedom in Hong Kong.

A new national security law was imposed on Hong Kong by Beijing earlier this year as part of an attempt by Beijing to respond to widespread protests in Hong Kong in 2019. The law, among other things, criminalizes the so-called foreign collusion, terrorism, separatism and other political crimes. It sent a chilling message to Hong Kong people that Beijing was no longer sitting on the sidelines but was actively interfering with their autonomy.

While Wong, Chow and Lam have yet to be charged under the new law, some fear it will come next. Instead, they were convicted under the Public Order Ordinance for the role they played in organize an unauthorized demonstration outside police headquarters during the 2019 protests.

Of the three, Chow has the greatest reason to be afraid. While she was only sentenced to 10 months this time around, she currently has pending charges under the new national security law for so-called “complicity with foreign forces”- a crime for which she could get a life sentence. This is the first time she has served a prison sentence.

The three democracy advocates rose to prominence because of their leadership in student protests during the 2014 Umbrella Movement which called for full suffrage or the ability for Hong Kong people to directly elect their chief executive. . (Under the previous one-country, two-system deal put in place after the British handover in 1994, Hong Kong citizens could vote for members of the Legislative Council, but the top leader was appointed in concert with Beijing. .) They also have opposed the efforts of the Hong Kong government to institute a national program, which they feared would erode freedom of thought in education.

Their advocacy began in adolescence and eventually led to them playing a formidable role as the political opposition in Hong Kong. They founded the now dissolved opposition party, Demosisto, with other young Hong Kong people.

They each won their time in the limelight, but none faced the wrath of the government like Joshua Wong. This will be his fourth prison sentence. However, this is the first time he has been sentenced to solitary confinement. He wrote a powerful letter while in segregation ahead of this week’s sentencing, noting that “Cages cannot enclose souls”.

It’s hard to say what awaits Wong, Chow, and Lam, each eager to see freedom fully enjoyed by the people of their city-state. They have just graduated from university. They are still in their twenties. Some have speculated that these accusations are just the start of a long bureaucratic process that will repeatedly put these young people, who are in many ways the lifeblood of the pro-democracy movement, behind bars.

Jimmy Lai Denied Bail is another sign of the constant erosion of civil and political liberties in Hong Kong. Lai is the founder of the media conglomerate Next Digital, owner of the newspaper, Apple Daily. He currently faces charges of foreign collusion under the National Security Act and separate charges of fraud. Lai was most likely denied bail, not because of the fraud charges, but because of pending charges under the National Security Act. To make it clear, Beijing dreads the pro-democracy message that Lai Apple Daily shares with Hong Kong and the rest of the world.

While Hong Kong has faded from U.S. headlines in recent months, the impact of the new national security law is undeniable. The Trump administration should not withhold its conviction for the recent blatant accusations against pro-democracy figures there and should continue to express support for freedom in Hong Kong. The next administration will undoubtedly need to consider the options it has to hold Beijing to account for undermining freedom in the city-state and artisanal policy to preserve what remains of their freedom.

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Modified ‘stealth’ virus could fight advanced cancers Thu, 11 Mar 2021 05:19:44 +0000

Scientists have long explored use viruses to fight cancer, but it doesn’t work well for metastatic cancers (that is, those that have spread beyond the primary site) when your immune system quickly neutralizes perceived threats. There could be a solution, however. A team of researchers from Case Western Reserve and Emory amended human adenovirus to create a “stealth” weapon against metastatic cancer. Key mutations and protein changes reduce the chances that the immune system will turn off the virus, trap it in the liver, or produce a dangerous inflammatory reaction.

The approach would not only be safer, but would avoid doctors having to administer viruses directly to tumor sites and could treat more than the main tumor. It could be reworked for different types of cancer and even include genes and proteins that promote cancer immunity.

Labor is still early days, and it would not be a foolproof cure. The tests ruled out tumors in some mice with implanted human lung cancer cells, but only 35 percent appeared to be tumor-free. It could be a long time before there are practical applications, provided that it moves forward. Even so, it portends a future where doctors could at least slow late stage cancers and save patients precious time.

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United States surpasses 300,000 deaths from COVID-19 on same day vaccinations start Thu, 11 Mar 2021 05:19:44 +0000

  • Critical care nurse Sandra Lindsay in Queens, NY, the first person in the United States to receive the COVID-19 vaccine

  • Italy overtakes UK for highest COVID-19 death toll in Europe

  • Pandemic restrictions in Germany during the holidays

The United States reached the sobering milestone of 300,000 COVID-19-related deaths on Monday, in contrast to the hope and relief felt after the first person in the United States received an injection to protect against the deadly pandemic.

The U.S. death toll climbed to 300,267 as of Monday afternoon, and the number of cases jumped to 16,388,504, according to data aggregated by Johns Hopkins Universityy.

This follows at least 1,357 new coronavirus deaths and 184,248 new cases reported on Sunday, according to data provided by the New York Times. That brought the daily average over the past week to 210,112 cases, up 30% from the average two weeks earlier.

While the daily number of cases edged down to 207,444 on Saturday, the number of hospitalizations rose for an eighth consecutive day on Sunday to a record 109,331, breaking the previous day’s record of 108,487, according to the COVID follow-up project.

And yet, there was reason to be optimistic.

“I have high hopes today. Relieved, ”said Sandra Lindsay, intensive care nurse at Long Island Jewish Medical Center in New York, who was the first person in the United States to be vaccinated, according to an Associated Press report.

The vaccine, manufactured by Pfizer Inc. PFE,
+ 0.43%
and BioNTech SE BNTX, based in Germany,

is happening in other hospitals across the country. In the United States, healthcare workers and nursing home residents will be the first to receive the vaccines.

Later this week, a Food and Drug Administration advisory committee will meet to discuss whether Moderna Inc.’s MNA,
The use of the COVID-19 vaccine candidate must be authorized. The same committee met last week and voted 17-4 to recommend that the FDA grant emergency use authorization for the vaccines from Pfizer and BioNTech.

“While vaccine developments are promising and we should really welcome the progress, we must remember that they are unlikely to be available to the general public for several months,” wrote analysts at Raymond James in a research note.

Latest statements

The number of confirmed COVID-19 cases worldwide has risen to 72,626,153, according to JHU data, as the death toll reached 1,618,509. At least 47.4 million people have recovered.

The United States was by far the world leader as it accounted for about a fifth of cases and deaths, but was second in recoveries with 6.3 million, behind 9.4 million recovered from India.

Brazil recorded the second highest number of deaths with 181,402 and the third highest number of cases with 6,901,952 cases, while India was second in number of cases with 9,884,100 and third in number of cases. deaths with 143,355.

Mexico was fourth in deaths with 113,953 and 13th in cases with 1,250,044.

Italy had the fifth highest number of deaths with 65,011, and overtook the UK to have the highest death toll in Europe. The UK was fifth with a death toll of 64,500, and climbed to sixth in the world with 1,874,803. Italy was eighth in cases with 1,855,737.

Germany was 16th for deaths at 22,330 and 12th for cases at 1,357,049.

German said this weekend that he was tighten containment measures from Wednesday until January 10 to try to stop the surge in cases. The seven-day moving average of daily cases in Germany rose to 26 new cases per 100,000 on December 12, from 21.2 new cases per 100,000 on November 28.

China, where the virus was first discovered at the end of last year, had 94,410 confirmed cases and 4,752 deaths.

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Is Instant Auto Loan Approval Possible With Bad Credit? Thu, 11 Mar 2021 05:19:44 +0000

Instant auto loan approval is not impossible to obtain as a borrower with bad credit, but it is generally easier to obtain when you are in a good credit position. If you have credit problems and are wondering how to get instant approval, also known as pre-approval, you need to know where to start your journey and what to expect along the way.

What is instant auto loan approval?

Instant approval typically leaves you waiting a few hours, instead of days, to hear about a car loan decision. But not all lenders offer it, and not all borrowers are entitled to it.

When you get instant approval auto loan, you do this with a direct lender, such as a bank, credit union, or online lender. Getting pre-approved essentially turns you into a cash buyer, giving you bargaining power that you might not otherwise have had.

Get instant auto loan approval

Direct lenders who provide instant approval loans typically base auto loan approvals on credit scores alone. Although each lender has their own requirements, you can start to run into problems if your credit score is below around 660 – which is the general line between good and bad credit.

However, if you are a member of a credit union with an account in good standing, you can have a chance to fight with a pre-approval. Since credit unions are owned by their members, they tend to have slightly less stringent requirements and also provide members with a wide range of loan options. An online lender may also be more apt to work with a borrower who has a somewhat poor credit rating.

If you are able to get the instant approval that you are looking for, you usually receive a check or promissory note for your loan amount, which you can then use as a cash limit for your next loan. Pre-approval gives you the freedom to visit any dealer or private seller you choose.

You then repay your car loan to the bank. Because you have a fixed amount of money to work with, you have more freedom to personalize your car buying experience. The total loan amount should just match your borrowing limit.

What if I don’t qualify for instant approval?

If you don’t qualify for an instant approval auto loan, don’t worry. There are many lenders who work specifically with borrowers struggling with credit problems. These lenders are called subprime lenders, and they are third party lenders who are registered with special finance brokers, not banks or credit unions.

Subprime lenders are often referred to as bad credit lenders or indirect lenders, and you never sit down with them in person to figure out your loan details. Instead, a special finance manager at a dealership acts as an intermediary.

Since you primarily work with the dealership, you need to be ready for your car loan as soon as you walk into the showroom. If you’re not ready up front, you run the risk of having to make multiple trips to the dealership to get a car loan deal. You can avoid all the extra hassle by bring some documents with you when you start the process.

Typically, subprime lenders need you to bring documentation showing that you have the stability, ability and willingness to pay off a car loan. This means providing your last 30 days of pay stubs, utility bills, or computer generated bank statements, as well as a phone bill in your name as proof that you can meet loan requirements.

While this is not necessarily necessary to be approved, most bad credit lenders also require that you have a valid driver’s license, provide personal references, and make a down payment of at least $ 1,000 or more. 10% of the vehicle’s selling price.

Find a dealership for your next car loan

While not everyone can qualify for instant auto loan approval through a direct lender, many borrowers may find it easier to get the car loan they are looking for when working with a lender in Canada. risk. These lenders aren’t available everywhere, and looking when you don’t know where to start can be frustrating. With Auto Express Credit on your side, it doesn’t have to be.

We’ve been connecting borrowers in need with qualified dealers for over 20 years, and we’re also keen to help you find a local dealer to work with. The process is quick, free, and doesn’t require you to purchase, so what are you waiting for? Fill out our online auto loan application form today, and we’ll do our best to make your match!

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What will the Universal Orlando theme park look like when it reopens on June 5? Thu, 11 Mar 2021 05:19:44 +0000

Universal OrlandoThe theme parks and water park will reopen to the public on June 5 after being closed for nearly 12 weeks due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The station plan for Universal Studios, Adventure Islands and Bay of volcanoes has the backing of Governor Ron DeSantis, Universal said the last week of May according to a report by Orlando Sentry.

Universal CityWalk at Universal Orlando has already opened.

It is the first of the three major theme parks to welcome tourists again – Walt disney world and Sea world are expected to present their plans to an Orange County task force early this week.

Orange County Mayor Jerry Demings had sent in proposals for Universal and a dozen smaller attractions such as Gatorland and Fun Spot America to Governor DeSantis. Demings mentioned that a few attractions received in-person visits last Friday from an official with the State Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, who inspects rides in small parks.

Fun Spot opened on Friday and Gatorland opened on Saturday. The small attraction openings came on the same day DeSantis opened Orange County public boat launches and lifted restrictions on youth sports and summer camps. Orange County has also received state permission to reopen vacation rental homes.

The parks will limit capacity, but they haven’t said by how much. And similar to new social distancing guidelines put in place by Walt Disney World, it adopted new policies for visitors and employees.

It is written on the Universal website that, in accordance with CDC guidelines, they have “improved sanitation procedures and implemented additional measures for spacing and remote screening.”

There will be staggered parking in resort garages, face coverings are required by everyone, and temperature controls are required for entry. Anyone with a temperature of 100.4 degrees F. or higher will not be admitted.

According to the Orlando Sentinel report, there will be disinfection of transport vehicles, washrooms, eating places and other frequently affected areas; increased use of hand sanitizer, especially before boarding vehicles and for 3D attractions, as well as social distancing and virtual lines.

Speaking of virtual lines, how does it work? The Universal website encourages visitors to go contactless and get the latest updates by downloading the official Universal Orlando Resort app. Features include a ‘Virtual Line’ return time, ordering takeout meals, purchasing scannable tickets and TapTu Pay at Volcano Bay. It is available via Apple App Store and Google play.

Ahead of its opening on June 5, Universal will hold a preview of its attractions for its employees on June 1 and 2 to polish the new procedures, followed by two days with a limited number of guests. Some attractions may remain closed.

Dr Raul Pino, local manager of Florida Department of Health, said he plans to visit amusement parks once they open – which he likened to “secret shopping” – to get a better idea of ​​how strictly people adhere to all distancing guidelines social. Pino said they were closely monitoring data on the increase in cases.

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Nintendo’s “Ring Fit Adventure” is $ 10 off Amazon Thu, 11 Mar 2021 05:19:44 +0000

Update 4:24 p.m. ET: New Ring shaped adventure units are exhausted. The deal price is no longer available, and only used models from Ring shaped adventure are currently for sale. We’ll update this article accordingly if the deal comes back later today.

Everything about the Nintendo Switch has been hard to come by for months as people grab things like games, accessories, and the like to occupy themselves inside. But now you can arguably get the most active add-on for the Switch for less: Amazon has by Nintendo Ring shaped adventure for just under $ 70, which is $ 10 less than its normal price and the lowest we’ve seen since last year.

Buy Ring Fit Adventure on Amazon – $ 70

First of all, we will caution that Ring shaped adventure has been in and out of stock on Amazon for months. Even now the earliest you will be able to get the system is in early October, but you can place your order today. Amazon Prime members can see the selling price on the product page, but non-members will need to add Ring shaped adventure to their baskets to see the reduced price.

If you are not familiar, Ring shaped adventure is an exercise game for the Nintendo Switch that comes with two hardware components: a leg strap and a resistance wheel (hence the “ring”). A Joy-Con attaches to each piece of gear, and from there the game will follow your movements as you practice with its challenges. You can even design your own character and choose your preferred difficulty level.

As Engadget’s Devindra Hardawar explained, this setup makes Ring shaped adventure similar to a exercise role play. As you move through the game’s plot, you’ll be doing exercises like spot running, squats, crunches, and more. While it’s a weird experience to realize that what is essentially a kid’s game is wiping you out with its exercise challenges, it’s a fun and effective way to burn calories while being stuck inside.

To pursue @EngadgetDeals on Twitter for the latest tech deals and buying advice.

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Spike in COVID-19 cases crushes intensive care units in Minnesota Thu, 11 Mar 2021 05:19:44 +0000

ROCHESTER, Minn. – Sandwiched between innocuous saliva test pop-up ads and top tips for the deer-hunting opener during COVID-19, Minnesota health officials on Wednesday recognized a disturbing convergence of pressures on the healthcare system, one in which the number of new cases has started to break daily records as the state’s critical care inventory nears full capacity.

Currently, 887 Minnesotans are hospitalized for COVID-19 – a new record – including 219 in an intensive care unit – another record. The Twin Cities metro, which is home to around 1,800 new cases on Wednesday, is at 98% of intensive care capacity, according to state director of infectious diseases Kris Ehresmann. Metropolitan area non-ICU hospital beds are at 97% capacity.

Statewide, 92% of all intensive care beds are now occupied, Ehresmann added, with 88% of non-ICU out-of-state beds occupied.

The full capacity of intensive care, a hypothetical breaking point in which patients cannot access life-saving care as hospitals are forced to allocate advanced care to those most likely to survive, was the doomsday scenario described in from the initiation of state emergency preparedness plans to the onset of the outbreak.

These plans included stopping all elective medical and dental procedures, unpopular measures to free up beds and preserve personal protective equipment. Elective procedures have since been reinstated but could still be canceled again to free up capacity, and were indeed voluntarily halted late last week for 10 facilities in the Mayo Clinic health system in the northwest. of Wisconsin.

Until this week, full intensive care capacity has never approached the likelihood in Minnesota, however, the state has long been spared the growing number of cases that have triggered patients staying in New York City hallways and from Washington State, then later to Florida and Arizona. The Midwest is now leading the country in the spread of the disease, bringing the unthinkable closer.

“We are seeing a record number of new cases. We set a new record every few days, and that’s because we’re falling behind on the rapid spread of this virus, ”Health Commissioner Jan Malcolm said in a post-press call. noon which has reported nearly 4,000 cases and over 30 deaths for the day. From the state’s current outbreak to a wildfire seeking fresh fuel, Malcolm hinted that the hospital system should start to feel the pressure from this recent record week in the coming days.

“We know that hospitalizations lag behind the growth of cases and that mortality lags behind hospital admissions,” said Malcom. “So as these numbers continue to increase, we are concerned about capacity in many different contexts… these numbers are straining many of our critical systems.”

Health officials said the state’s Center Critical Care Coordination Center now uses real-time staff data as it helps hospitals “level the load” – the term for moving patients around the world. Condition as the beds fill in an affected area.

This news was accompanied by a report that Gov. Tim Walz on Wednesday appealed to FEMA for two more five-person emergency staffing teams and a 30-day continuation of current staff on loan from the agency, “in due to the surge in positive cases across the state, ”the statement said.

“Obtaining this additional personnel support, in addition to expanding the current personnel support on the ground in Minnesota, would greatly assist our state during this difficult time,” Walz wrote in a letter to the FEMA administrator. , Peter T. Gaynor.

“From these numbers, we know that capacity limits are a real thing,” said Malcolm. “But so far the systems in place have worked commendably.”

As the pandemic continues to move towards a predominantly rural profile and with few intensive care beds to serve large geographic areas of Greater Minnesota, the pandemic threatens to expose the costs of the grand settlement patterns that define life. rural and exurban today.

The state has now performed 7,000 tests at its recently launched, mostly rural saliva sites, with locations showing a 12% positivity rate. Malcolm identified western and central Minnesota as the areas of greatest concern for further spread at this time, and said the state reached a first on Wednesday as all 87 of its counties reported a new case the same day.

Of the 31 deaths that day, 23 – nearly three-quarters – were in Greater Minnesota. Among those who died on Wednesday was a person with underlying conditions from Hennepin County in his 30s. The statewide death toll has now passed 2,500.

As a public service, we have opened this article to everyone, regardless of subscription status. If this coverage is important to you, consider supporting local journalism by clicking the subscribe button in the upper right corner of the home page.

  • Minnesota Department of Health COVID-19 hotline: 651-201-3920.
  • COVID-19 Anti-Discrimination Hotline: 833-454-0148
  • Minnesota Department of Health COVID-19 website: Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) website.

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Private Dive Team Joins Search for Colorado Mum Suzanne Morphew Thu, 11 Mar 2021 05:19:44 +0000

The search for missing Colorado mom Suzanne Morphew was aided by a private dive team, which has a YouTube channel with 18 million viewers.

Suzanne, 49, has not been seen since Mother’s Day on May 10 when she left for a bike ride near her home in Maysville. His bike was later discovered abandoned on a rural track a short distance from his property.

Posting images of their research online, Sunday Adventures with Purpose said they are “keeping their research a secret” because “there may be a risk that our team is in the area.”

Footage shows them making their way through the waters between Salida and Denver; they are not believed to have found any evidence to aid in the research.

Diver Jared Leisek had said Fox21: “We start with the sonar first in a lot of these places, scan it, the side scan down, the 360 ​​scan. And if we identify something, we get dressed and then we go in the water and we. let’s investigate even further to identify 100 percent guesses. ‘

He added, “We have 18 million viewers a month and a lot of them are law enforcement. And we have a lot of law enforcement that have reached out.” Hey, if you need to. a liaison officer, if you want to come to our state, our city, our community, we welcome you.

The search for missing Colorado mom Suzanne Morphew was aided by a private dive team, which has a YouTube channel with 18 million viewers.

Suzanne, 49, has not been seen since Mother's Day on May 10 when she left for a bike ride near her home in Maysville.  His bike was later discovered abandoned on a rural track a short distance from his property.  She is pictured with her husband Barry and two daughters

Suzanne, 49, has not been seen since Mother’s Day on May 10 when she left for a bike ride near her home in Maysville. His bike was later discovered abandoned on a rural track a short distance from his property. She is pictured with her husband Barry and two daughters

At the time of Suzanne's disappearance, her husband Barry was 150 miles away, staying in Denver and preparing for a landscaping job.

Suzanne Morphew

At the time of Suzanne’s disappearance, her husband Barry was 150 miles away, staying in Denver and preparing for a landscaping job.

Last week, Adventures with Purpose found the body of a missing man in Iowa since 2013.

In the last video, Leisek teamed up with another amateur investigator, known only as Kurt. In the footage, they leave their search for Suzanne amid fears of being followed.

They later consult a psychic about the case.

At the time of Suzanne’s disappearance, her husband Barry was 150 miles away, staying in Denver and preparing for some landscaping job. Last month, a colleague exclusively told that Barry’s hotel room reeked of bleach and was littered with wet towels.

Barry – who offered a $ 100,000 reward for Suzanne’s safe return – had previously speculated that his wife may have been kidnapped by a wild animal. He now says he thinks she was kidnapped.

In August, exclusively reported that a smell of human remains had been discovered on land belonging to Suzanne's husband, Barry Morphew.

In August, exclusively reported that a smell of human remains had been discovered on land belonging to Suzanne’s husband, Barry Morphew.

Photos showed FBI and CSI investigators working on land in the Longhorn Ranch district of Salida - a vacant site with several lots, one of which belongs to Barry

Photos showed FBI and CSI investigators working on land in the Longhorn Ranch district of Salida – a vacant site with several lots, one of which belongs to Barry

Leisek added: “One of the things people keep coming back to is Barry, you know he was really wet. He had the hotel room. There are three ponds nearby. We also take care of the well. mine, as well as some hunting grounds.

Suzanne’s brother, Andy Moorman, arrived in Maysville to conduct his own research for his sister. Andy lambasted Barry for his behavior after Suzanne’s mysterious disappearance, implicating him in her disappearance.

Suzanne, 49, was reported missing on Mother's Day after Mallory and Macy were unable to contact her

Suzanne, 49, was reported missing on Mother’s Day after Mallory and Macy were unable to contact her

“I don’t think she’s ever ridden her bike. I think she probably passed away on May 9 and was hiding somewhere that night… I’m afraid it was domestic violence, ” Moorman said previously. FOX31.

He then told reporters that he believed his sister had been murdered.

But in his interview with CBS 4, Barry hit back, alleging that Andy had been a bad brother to Suzanne and had never shown any interest in her before her headline-grabbing disappearance.

“I spent many nights … [with] Suzanne crying on my shoulder, asking why her siblings refuse to show their love for her, ”Barry said.

He also said he wouldn’t join Andy’s search for Suzanne because he didn’t believe she was still around Salida.

Barry told CBS 4 he has now put the family home up for sale for $ 1.75 million because the girls are too scared to stay home – believing it was the site of Suzanne’s kidnapping .

The house has been raided by the FBI and the Colorado Bureau of Investigations on numerous occasions.

Suzanne, 49, was reported missing on Mother’s Day after Mallory and Macy were unable to contact her.

A neighbor, Jeanne Ritter, 70, called the police after the two girls alerted her to their mother’s disappearance.

Barry was at a Holiday Inn near Denver the day his wife went missing – last month revealed he left his room reeked of chlorine and littered with wet towels.

The initial police investigation saw teams of officers recruited from across Colorado to search the area around Morphew’s house, while police divers were seen checking portions of the nearby river.

Three days after her disappearance, CBI and FBI agents were photographed searching the three-bedroom house by before the search moved to a riverside construction site in Salida where Barry was carrying out a survey. landscaping work.

Barry told CBS 4 he has now put the family home up for sale for $ 1.75 million because the girls are too scared to stay home - believing it was the site of Suzanne's kidnapping .  The house has been raided by the FBI and the Colorado Bureau of Investigations on numerous occasions

Barry told CBS 4 he has now put the family home up for sale for $ 1.75 million because the girls are too scared to stay home – believing it was the site of Suzanne’s kidnapping . The house has been raided by the FBI and the Colorado Bureau of Investigations on numerous occasions

Suzanne's brother, Andy Moorman, pictured has arrived in Maysville to conduct his own research for his sister.  Andy lambasted Barry for his behavior after Suzanne's mysterious disappearance, implicating him in her disappearance

Suzanne’s brother, Andy Moorman, pictured has arrived in Maysville to conduct his own research for his sister. Andy lambasted Barry for his behavior after Suzanne’s mysterious disappearance, implicating him in her disappearance

Late last month, revealed that investigators also filmed security footage spanning May 8-10 from businesses around the Holiday Inn Express near Denver – 150 miles away. of Salida – where Barry was staying when his wife went missing.

Entrepreneur Jeff Puckett, 49, told in an exclusive interview earlier this month that the room reeked of chlorine and was littered with damp towels when he picked it up the same day.

He also discovered mail left behind that dealt with property insurance – also revealed how Barry got Suzanne’s guardianship in order to sell mutual property in their native Indiana.

In August, exclusively reported that a smell of human remains had been discovered on land belonging to Suzanne’s husband, Barry Morphew.

Morphew, 52, a landscaper, was not involved in the search for his wife, but authorized the search of the grounds of his home in Maysville, Colorado.

The photos showed FBI and CSI investigators working on land in the Longhorn Ranch district of Salida – a vacant site with several lots, one of which belongs to Barry.

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40 best fantasy movies of all time: from Ghibli to Lord of the Rings Thu, 11 Mar 2021 05:19:44 +0000

From Studio Ghibli classics to the two most worthy of inclusion in The Lord of the Rings saga, these films have taken us to new worlds.

Sean Bean, "The Lord of the Rings"

Sean Bean, “The Lord of the Rings”

New line

“The house is behind; the world to come. JRR Tolkien’s motto in “The Lord of the Rings” also captures one of the things that is so powerful and intoxicating about the art of film itself: that feeling of leaping across the screen, leaving your life behind. oneself and to be immersed in something totally new. Escape is often used as a dismissive term, even by those who use it endearingly. But cinema has a capacity for escape that is unlike any other medium, shouldn’t it be embraced?

The best fantasy filmmakers – Jean Cocteau, Guillermo del Toro, and Hayao Miyazaki, among many others – understand the psychological power of escape. Sometimes you need to step out of yourself to look back. The best escape entertainment ultimately brings us back to ourselves.

These 40 fantastic films open up new worlds and new avenues of understanding and empathy. Spatial fantasy – “Star Wars” and its ilk, a world rich enough to inspire its own list – is excluded here, as are films in which fantasy is expressed primarily as mere daydreams. These are triumphs of the imagination and world-building that seem unable to lose their power of enchantment.

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Heroes and Monsters of 2020 – Mother Jones Thu, 11 Mar 2021 05:19:44 +0000

It was a Tuesday night in mid-November and, like many Americans, I looked at my phone in disbelief. Two Republicans on the Wayne County Committee of Solicitors in Michigan had just refused to certify the county’s election results, potentially depriving more than 870,000 voters in Detroit and surrounding communities. Donald Trump’s lawyer Jenna Ellis immediately started shouting that this could be the first step in reversing Joe Biden’s victory. “If the Council of State follows suit ”, she tweeted, “The legislator of the republican state [sic] will select voters.

Everything about it was shocking: the racism of two white officials trying to reject votes in a heavily black town; the arrogance of political officials using their obscure powers to derail a democratic election; the realization that Ellis might be right, that maybe there shouldn’t be strong safeguards to keep Republicans from stealing the presidency. One of the Wayne County GOP board members, Monica Palmer, insisted she was just trying to shed light on small discrepancies in the voting records – not overturn the election. But as I browsed Twitter that night, there was a palpable sense of fear, outrage and hopelessness. Above all, there was confusion: Could Republicans Really Do This? What was going to happen now?

What happened next was even more shocking. Faced with a massive backlash from Wayne County voters, many of whom had called the meeting to express their outrage, Republicans relented. Hours after voting against certification, they agreed to a last-minute compromise worked out by Jonathan Kinloch, a Democratic board member.

The news was announced at 9:08 p.m. ET by Kayla Ruble, a Detroit-based freelance reporter who was tweeting from inside the meeting that evening.

Ruble, which covered the meeting of Washington To post, was one of the few journalists present in the room that evening. A source had informed her a week earlier that the Republican Party may try to use the canvassing process to block certification of the vote in Wayne County and other Democratic strongholds. “I had a feeling this might not go through,” Ruble told me. She visited the site before the meeting and showed up early to make sure she had a seat. It made a difference, since most of the journalists were eventually turned away. The meeting was broadcast live, but the stream was cut off at the crucial moment when GOP canvassers turned the tide. So the world learned of the news thanks to Ruble’s tweet, which immediately went viral – 6,400 retweets, as of this writing. If you weren’t glued to the internet at the time, it’s hard to describe how suddenly the mood on Twitter has changed. (The mood changed again a day later when the Republicans changed their mind for the second time and tried, unsuccessfully, to cancel their certification votes.)

Ruble says she had no idea how many people across the country were following the Wayne County news until later that night after having filed his story. “I will never be [send a] tweeting about a new government meeting that will get so many retweets and likes, ”she said. “It was the craziest thing.”

If you’re anything like me, you’ve experienced one version of that night almost every day since November 3 – an endless run of anxiety brought on by one GOP plot after plot to arm obscure local rules and legal theories we’ve never heard of, much less understood, of overthrowing the entire election. Michigan Canvassing Tips. Supervisory Boards in Arizona. Tell. Lawsuits aimed at casting hundreds of thousands of votes. And an all-out campaign to persuade Republican-controlled state legislatures to somehow overrule their constituents’ will and vote for Trump. Every day a new pattern reignites our panic and sends us running on Google and Twitter, trying to determine if this is the scenario that will end democracy as we know it. Can Republicans Really Do This? What will happen now?

Fortunately for us, Ruble is not alone. Despite the carnage that has plagued local newsrooms in recent years, America is still teeming with deep-rooted journalists. Over the past two months, reporters from half a dozen swing states have become social media celebrities, using their expertise in local politics, courts and bureaucracy to explain what’s going on. They covered each new batch of recounted ballots, tracked the twists and turns of each trial, and detailed every GOP effort to overturn the results. they demystified insane conspiracy theory after insane conspiracy theory-even those in which they played a main role:

In a time of unprecedented confusion and disinformation, it is impossible to overstate the public service these journalists provided. There are far too many to name here, but I want to mention a few of the three states with the most votes. In Arizona, there’s Garrett Archer of ABC15, a former election official turned data analyst who, for 10 days, broke down every new batch of votes counted as Joe Biden’s lead in the state steadily dwindled.

Maria Polletta from the Republic of Arizona and Jeremy Duda from Arizona mirror spent weeks covering Republicans more and more weird tries to overturn the state election in court.

In Georgia, there’s Robin Kemp, founder of the nonprofit news site, the Clayton Crescent—Who, like my colleague Laura Thompson reported, spent nearly 24 hours chronicling the vote count in Clayton County, as Biden overtook Trump in what was once a dark red state.

There’s Brendan Keefe, the Atlanta WXIA 11Alive chief investigator, who debunked, among other things, claims by the Trump campaign and Fox News that many ballots were cast on behalf of voters. dead. His interview with the very lively Agnès Blalock is worth it:

And there’s Nicole Carr, an investigative reporter for WSB-TV in Atlanta who exposed a potentially illegal voting system allegedly concocted by a Republican lawyer. (The lawyer has claims he was just making “humorous comments”.)

Finally, in Wisconsin, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s Patrick Marley composed the most thrilling Twitter thread I have read, as he chronicled a state judge’s decision in the Trump campaign’s efforts to overturn election results by invalidating more than 200,000 ballots in the heavily Democratic counties of Milwaukee and Dane.

The 2020 election saga is not quite over yet. Some GOP lawsuits are still work their way by the courts. In Georgia, the Republican Secretary of State just finished an audit of mail-in ballot signatures that had been demanded by Trump. In Arizona, Republican lawmakers are to pursue Maricopa County for the purpose of assigning images of ballot papers. And I still watch Twitter dozens of times a day, desperately trying to figure out each new crisis. What’s remarkable, in the midst of all this chaos, is that more often than not, a professional journalist already provides the answers. “There’s so much talk about decimating local news, and it has been,” says Ruble. “But it’s so much more robust than we think.”

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