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ATLANTA, October 19, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – ChartWater ™ – a division of Chart Industries, Inc. (“Chart”) (NYSE: GTLS) within the Specialty Products segment – today announced the collaboration with researchers from IHE Delft Institute for Water Education to support ongoing work to develop and evaluate additional biological treatment processes and practical applications using supersaturated dissolved oxygen from BlueInGreen (SDOX®) Technology.

“The support of researchers at the Delft Institute is another example of our continued investment to develop and deliver a portfolio of leading solutions and world-class expertise to help our clients achieve their environmental and social goals,” said said Chris Milligan, PE, president of ChartWater ™. “BlueInGreen has a long history of supporting graduate researchers around the world at the Delft Institute for Water, producing independent, peer-reviewed research evaluating the use of SDOX® technology in various water and wastewater treatment applications. We are delighted to continue to support researchers at IHE Delft and build on this story of innovation focused on sustainable development. “

BlueInGreen’s Center of Excellence (“BIG”) dissolved gas experts have developed proven innovations for water treatment and industrial process applications that reduce treatment costs for oxygenation, pH adjustment, oxidation and odor control. Over the past decade, researchers at IHE Delft in South Holland, The Netherlands have produced a number of academic papers allowing experts to literally write the book on using SDOX.® technology in new applications – contributing to an entire chapter of the second edition of Biological wastewater treatment. This latest initiative will continue to develop and scale this work, piloting new biological treatment processes and applications.

“Our mission at IHE is to continue to explore and advance technologies and practical applications,” said Hector A. Garcia, associate professor of sanitary engineering at the IHE Delft Institute for Water Education – a center of Dutch international research and teaching excellence working under the auspices of UNESCO for the promotion of knowledge and expertise in water-related disciplines. “Our previous research has demonstrated the enormous opportunity for SDOX® technology – proving Standard Oxygen Transfer Efficiency (SOTE) values ​​of 95% and above with better alpha factors compared to conventional aeration methods. This next phase of research will pilot and evaluate other applications as we continue our work, moving from the lab to piloting and large-scale implementations. “

ChartWater ™ and its Centers of Excellence were founded on the principles of innovation, knowledge sharing and collaboration to provide customers with solutions that empower water treatment professionals to make a difference – by creating value in making water treatment processes more efficient, more efficient, safer and more. eco-friendly.

About ChartWater ™

ChartWater ™, a division of Chart Industries, is a global manufacturer and service provider of engineering solutions for municipal water treatment and industrial process applications. Its portfolio of proven products, processes and engineering expertise provides customers with single responsibility for comprehensive solutions that enable water professionals to achieve their goals with the lowest combination of risk and cost while improving outcomes for people, communities and the planet. For more information, visit

About BlueInGreen

One of ChartWater’s global centers of excellence, BlueInGreen is a clean water technology company and dissolved gas expert leading the industry-wide trend of replacing chemicals, catalysts and ambient air with oxygen, carbon dioxide and ozone, providing inferior treatment. the costs of oxygenation, pH adjustment, oxidation and odor control.

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Chart Industries, Inc. is one of the world’s leading independent manufacturers of advanced equipment serving multiple applications in the energy and industrial gas markets. The company’s unique product portfolio is used in every phase of the liquid gas supply chain, including initial engineering, maintenance and repair. Being at the forefront of the clean energy transition, Chart is a leading supplier of technologies, equipment and services related to liquefied natural gas, hydrogen, biogas and CO₂ capture, among other applications. Chart is committed to excelling in environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) issues for both its business and its clients. With more than 25 global locations from the United States to Asia, Australia, India, Europe and South America, the company maintains accountability and transparency to its team members, suppliers , its customers and its communities. To learn more, visit

About the IHE Delft Institute for Water Education

IHE Delft Institute for Water Education, formerly known as UNESCO-IHE Institute for Water Education, is the largest international center for higher education in water in the world and is based in Delft, the Netherlands. IHE Delft operates as a foundation under Dutch law and cooperates closely with the UNESCO Secretariat, the Science Sector and the International Hydrological Program (IHP). The Institute delivers fully accredited master’s and doctoral degrees. diplomas in collaboration with partner universities. For more information, visit


UNESCO is the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization. It seeks to build peace through international cooperation in the fields of education, science and culture. UNESCO’s programs contribute to the achievement of the sustainable development goals defined in Agenda 2030, adopted by the United Nations General Assembly in 2015. For more information, visit

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