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Verve opens an innovation center in Australia

March 9, 2022

Community Panels and smart digital research company Verve will open a Global Research Innovation Center in Sydney, Australia, and have appointed Dan Alexander-Head to lead it.

The Center will develop new propositions and deploy existing innovations in new markets. One of these will be an ESG/Sustainability proposal, in which Verve says it has made a significant investment, and which is being developed for global rollout by Alexander-Head and executive director Anna Williams.

The Center will also bring to Australia Verve’s offerings for culture and trends, semiotics, social intelligence and innovation, overseen by recently appointed Executive Director Kelly McKnight, who comments: “Clients understand that the changing world that traditional research cannot keep up with. Our expertise in people and culture research, fueled by our network of future consumers and AI technology, enables us to understand and innovate for the lifestyles of tomorrow. Australia is at the forefront of this work”.

The company opened a Global Research Center of Excellence in Johannesburg late last year, and CEO and Founder Andrew Cooper comments: “Our organic growth model is built around a global team approach unique – bringing the best of our skills to each of our territories and deploying them in our markets in a truly concerted way. We avoid the limitations of ‘not invented here’ as our propositions are invented everywhere and as such are sensitive to the local needs of the various markets in which we operate”.

Alexander-Head (pictured), who joined Verve partner company Potentiate in fall 2020 as chief innovation officer, previously worked in a sales role at Qualtrics, and before that for nine years at Vision Critical (now Alida). He says of the launch: “Having our global research and innovation center based in Australia is also a sign of our intention to bring the best of local talent and global learning and expertise to market. – to give the local customer something new and (hopefully!) inspiring to consider’.

Website: www.addverve.com.

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