Data Engineering Jobs Are On The Rise In India, Here’s Why

The news on the employment front in the country has been rather grim. With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic wreaking havoc, job cuts have become normal in the industry. However, amid all the job losses, there has been an increase in data engineering jobs in India. Gaurav Vohra, co-founder and CEO of Jigsaw Academy, tells Dataquest viewers more about this trend.

DQ: Data engineering jobs seem to be increasing in India. What led to this development?

Gaurav Vohra: Last year, nearly every organization, no matter what field they found themselves in, made the most of technology to drive innovation, optimize processes, and thrive in the marketplace. It goes without saying that data has in turn become the primary source of business survival and prosperity. In any organization, the fundamental data science strategy will cover data infrastructure, data storage, data mining, data modeling, data analysis and metadata management. While Data Scientists are responsible for the analysis, testing, aggregation, refinement, and delivery of data to the enterprise, Data Engineers lay the foundation for these projects. They basically perform three essential tasks: design, build, and organize data pipelines that the Data Scientists team can work on. Now, companies have understood the importance and need of Data Engineers in order to contribute to the successful implementation of their data strategies. Thus, increasing demand for competent data engineers and increasing job vacancies in the country.

DQ: Are there enough qualified people when it comes to data engineering jobs?

Gaurav Vohra: As many companies begin to recognize the importance of Data Engineers, the lack of talent is all too real. In job portals like LinkedIn, there are over 19,000 vacant data engineer positions nationwide today. This means that the number of vacancies for Data Engineers is almost five times that of Data Scientists.

DQ: What must students do to be eligible for these jobs?

Gaurav Vohra: Data engineers need expertise in software engineering, programming languages, and a solid understanding of basic technical skills. High level knowledge of ETL, SQL and Java, Scala and Python is required. To be eligible for data engineering jobs, learners must hone and develop these aforementioned skills. A student can develop these skills by taking an online certification course in the field of data science from established institutes.

DQ: Are educational institutions in India on par with universities abroad when it comes to teaching emerging technologies?

Gaurav Vohra: Educational institutions in India continue to evolve and embrace digital technology in their teaching methodologies with regards to education in emerging technologies. The only reason for this transformation is EdTech companies. India’s edtech industry has accomplished a lot in a short period of time, say 5-7 years, and has also set global standards. Today India has more than 30 EdTech companies that master emerging technologies and provide development opportunities for beginners and professionals alike.

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