Does the radio still have gas in its tank? You can bet on it!

The companies have developed an alternative to the traditional AM/FM radio experience, allowing drivers and passengers to instantly engage with what they hear. The product, SmartRadio, works with Google’s Android Automotive system and allows drivers and passengers to transact with real-time radio programming, including play programming and purchasable advertising, disrupting century-old listening to the radio now, don’t forget to follow up later, CPM-advertising-based business model.

Among SmartRadio’s first consumer experiences will be free and real-money sports betting, leveraging Simplebet’s proprietary automated trading platform. The company has developed a suite of innovative micro-betting products that allow sports fans to interact with NFL, MLB, NBA, college football and basketball games. Sports fans can bet safely while driving and listening to sports broadcasts in their car, compete with friends and other fans, earn points and win prizes from game sponsors.

For example, the baseball experience allows drivers and passengers to bet on each at bat or pitch in a Dodgers game, earn points for each correct bet, accumulate prizes for your winning streaks and a grand prize for earning enough points. Points can then be redeemed for goods and services through players’ mobile phones at local stores or online retailers. A configurable game backend allows game rules and prizes to be customized for each sponsor’s unique challenge or competition.

“As we continue to invent new ways for fans to participate in live sporting events, we are thrilled to partner with ConnectedTravel and Radioline for this one-of-a-kind experience,” said Chris Bevilacquaco-founder and CEO of Simplebet.

The US legalized sports betting market doubled in 2021 with over $52.7 billion being bet throughout the year, according to data intelligence Morning Consult. Online gaming (mobile and desktop) alone is expected to grow to reach $2.2 billion, according to Techavio. The spike came following the legal launch of sports betting in 30 states, 18 of which allow online betting, and billions of dollars spent on marketing by gambling operators seeking to attract new customers. Advertising is at an all-time high with sports betting companies like FanDuel, DraftKings, BetMGM, Caesars and Ballys spending nearly $500 million in 2021 to reach sports fans.

The only business model to reach the 282 million licensed drivers in the United States for the average 55 minutes they spend in the car every day relies solely on traditional radio advertising solutions. Driving time accounts for more than 70% of broadcast radio listening time according to Edison Research.

“Integrating emerging technologies such as voice, payments and e-commerce into vehicles frees up driving time, allowing drivers to interact instantly and securely with audio programming. Drivers can play with and buy what they hear, and engage when they are most inspired Making radio accessible for transactions will inspire a new generation of innovative in-car infotainment and measurably open up the $40 billion global broadcasting market for growth,” according to Bryan BiniakCEO of ConnectedTravel.

ConnectedTravel’s SmartRadio solution is integrated with Radioline’s Android Automotive, Android Auto and Apple CarPlay applications. Radioline supports over 110,000 radio streams and podcasts from 164 countries, in 18 different languages. The Radioline app is published on multiple platforms including TV, Online, Mobile, Wearables and Vehicles.

“Radioline’s SmartRadio-enabled app will be available for the more than 100 million Android motor vehicles produced by major automotive OEMs, including General Motors, Ford, Stellantis, Honda, Nissan and Volvo, and allowing sports fans around the world to participate in their games with friends and families during road trips and daily commutes,” said Xavier FilliolCOO of Radioline.

The SmartRadio solution and in-vehicle sports betting are currently in consumer testing and will be available to more sports fans this fall.

Executives from ConnectedTravel, Radioline and Simplebet will demonstrate the SmartRadio in-vehicle betting experience on a Polestar 2 this weekend at the National Association of Broadcasters annual conference in Vegas.

About ConnectedTravel:
Co-founded in 2016 by executives from Microsoft and DreamWorks, ConnectedTravel is a connected vehicle technology company, developing B2B application services that enable real-time transactional infotainment and navigation services for drivers and passengers . Connected Travels’ app portfolio includes the HyperDrive behavior-based insurance app developed with USAA, the Dream Drive Passenger infotainment system and Drive voice commerce app developed with Honda, and BFG OnTrail a social and navigational mapping developed with Michelin. For more information, please visit their website at

About Radioline:
Radioline is one of the world’s leading radio operators with over 110,000 stations and podcasts on all screens, distributed by a wide range of partners (telco, OEM, media portal, middleware, etc.). The service is built on a highly scalable platform with advanced features, rich content management, massive channel aggregation and universal access via any mobile device, online PC, connected TVs, IoT and digital solutions embedded (with TDF / RadioBridge). Learn more about Radioline:
Radioline is a Baracoda company.

About Simplebet: Co-founded in 2018 by Chris Bevilacqua, Joey Levyand Scott Marshall, Simplebet is the pioneering micro-betting and fan engagement technology company for American sports. Micro-betting introduces instant gratification into the sports betting user experience by allowing moments within sporting events to become discrete betting and engagement opportunities. For more information, visit their website at follow LinkedIn and Twitter.

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