DU forms the NEP panel to oversee study programs for undergraduates

The University of Delhi has established a National Education Policy (NEP) Interdisciplinary Courses Committee to oversee the undergraduate interdisciplinary course programs to be offered to students as part of the implementation of the NEP in during the next academic year 2022-2023.

The Academic Council (AC) and Executive Council (EC) of DU had earlier adopted the implementation of NEP from the next academic session. This means that DU will now have a four-year undergraduate program starting next year. Although a large section of teachers criticized the “undemocratic” and “hasty” decision to implement the NEP, the administration said it was ready to adopt it from the 2022-2023 school year. .

The interdisciplinary courses for which the programs should be prepared are: ethics and culture, social and emotional learning, innovation and entrepreneurship, co-curricular, science and society and computer skills, data analysis and mathematics.

In a notification dated September 20, Clerk Vikas Gupta announced the establishment of a seven-member committee to oversee the programs. The committee will be chaired by Professor Vivek Suneja from the Faculty of Management Studies, who also chaired the previous NEP Implementation Committee – whose suggestions were ultimately adopted by DU’s AC and EC.

Besides Suneja, the committee includes former dean of admissions, Shobha Bagai, and principals of Hindu College, Lady Shri Ram College and Ramanujan College, among other members.

“The committee develops the study programs with respect to new interdisciplinary courses that are part of the structures of the undergraduate study programs approved by the academic board… and the executive board… for implementation from the start. academic year 2022-23, for review by the academic council. University Council, ”Gupta said.

“The NEP Interdisciplinary Course Committee is empowered to form interdisciplinary sub-committees / working groups to assist the committee in developing the NEP Interdisciplinary Course Programs, composed of faculty from the departments, centers and colleges of the University.” , he added.

Gupta told The Indian Express that the committee will create the basic structure. “They have the freedom to decide which sub-committees they want to train, which subject matter experts they want to co-opt. They have not been given any deadline as such, but as it has to be implemented from next year, it will have to be done before that, ”he said.

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