E. China’s Binzhou City Promotes Cooperation with Multinationals with Unique Advantages

During the event, 24 projects relate to a total investment of 27.22 billion yuan have been signed, involving sectors such as new energies, new materials, high-end chemicals, aluminum and equipment manufacturing, animal husbandry, the aquatic products industry, culture and tourism , modern services and next-generation information technologies.

Song Yongxiangsecretary of the CPC Binzhou Municipal Committee, said in his opening speech that Binzhou has unique advantages that contain opportunities for innovation and entrepreneurship.

Investors in Binzhou can take advantage of the city’s strategic opportunities, as Binzhou is involved in some major national strategies such as the ecological protection and high-quality development of the Yellow River Basin, the coordinated development of the beijingTianjinHebei region, and the Bohai-rim region, according to Song.

Binzhou has rich cultural heritage resources, Song said. The earliest site of human activity found in Binzhou dates back 8,500 years. Sun Tzu culture, Yellow River culture and red culture have become the sources of vitality for the vigorous development of the city’s culture and tourism sectors.

Meanwhile, rich natural resources such as oil, natural gas, solar power and wind power have made Binzhou an ideal place for businesses to develop and use clean energy.

Song also said Binzhou is committed to developing the real economy. It has cultivated hundreds of billions yuan industrial clusters of high-end aluminum, fine chemicals, smart textiles, food processing, animal husbandry and aquatic products, with the main business revenues exceeding 1.1 trillion yuan Last year.

As an open city, Binzhou has established economic and trade relations with 186 countries and regions.

In addition, the city has a favorable climate for innovation and creation, a comfortable living environment and a friendly business environment.

All these advantages are a new impetus for the city’s innovative development and sustainable growth, said Song, adding that companies are sincerely welcome to invest and start business in Binzhou.

SOURCE Xinhua Silk Road

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