Espresa announces the winner of the Culture Benefits® innovation and excellence award

As companies continue to fight against the great resignation while preserving workplace cultures, Espresa seeks corporate clients that share its mission and core values ​​through tangible results that impact their communities of employees. inclusive way. In 2020, Espresa awarded Proofpoint, a leading company in the field of corporate security, its Culture Benefits Innovation and Excellence award. In 2021, the award will be awarded to Okta due to the experience initiatives of the company’s employees that align with Espresa’s cultural priorities: humanity, evolution, future and purpose.

Human centered and people first

For the award, Espresa is looking for companies that continually demonstrate an unwavering determination in creating top-level employee support experiences. As COVID-19 and its variants continue to be ubiquitous around the world, the human resources and employee experience teams continue to demonstrate important leadership in proactively addressing the challenges facing employees. , their mental health, their homes and families. Okta has continually expanded its programs to respond to the present moment, while meeting employees exactly where they are.

“Okta has always been a leader in workplace innovation, and our approach to the employee experience is no different,” said Christi gilhoi, Senior Manager, Employee Experience for Okta. “Empowering our employees is a core value of Okta. With this pandemic, this value has become even more critical to ensure that we put our people first. We are delighted to continue to partner with companies like Espresa to carry out this mission, ”continued Gilhoi.

Leading the evolution of the future

Okta was already delivering on its promise of extensive support for dependents globally. “Okta continues to deliver cutting-edge human-centered programs to help relieve employee stress,” said Dr. Alex shubat, CEO of Espresa. “As women leave the workforce at unprecedented levels due to a lack of support, Okta has continuously worked to ensure that all people, regardless of their identification, have immediate access to services. resources with impact and support. “

Espresa chose Okta for this award because of its genuinely empathetic approach and crisis response with courage and resilience to reduce stress, create social activities for cultural connectivity, and provide virtual childcare programs for support working parents. “Part of what we are looking for in this award are companies that meet our own values ​​and mission as a company. The main one right now is humanity,” Shubat explained. “This pandemic has opened a new path for our worldview. Innovation has to come from all of us, and laureates like Okta are leading the cultural charge.”

By overlaying topical and relevant programs with immediacy, companies use the Espresa platform with integrated analytics to inform decisions in real time. “As leaders, we need to know what works and what doesn’t,” Shubat explained. “We designed the scalable Espresa platform to facilitate and support HR – and now more than ever, we’re helping teams of people do it more successfully, with less. Okta is a prime example of an organization that keeps its cultural promise while supporting our own. ”

About Espresa, Inc.

Espresa, Inc. is the world’s first Culture Benefits® platform delivering a modular ecosystem of non-traditional benefits and employee experience programs within a single SaaS and mobile solution that drives engagement and happiness. large-scale employees. Espresa is a global organization supporting all languages, time zones and currencies. More information is available at

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