Europeana judges the Heritage in Motion awards

Heritage in Motion is a multimedia competition for creators and users of films, games, applications and websites on themes related to European heritage, cultural and natural, tangible and intangible. This year’s winners were unveiled on September 22 on the Europa Nostra livestream, from the Doge’s Palace in the World Heritage city of Venice, Italy, as part of the European Cultural Heritage Summit program.

Awards were given in four categories, with two more projects celebrated with special mentions, and the highest honor of the Best Achievement Award given to one of the winners in the category.

This year’s award-winning projects leverage innovative technology – from video and games to artificial intelligence, augmented reality and machine learning – combined with creative re-imaginations of what may seem familiar to create something new and exciting. They all push the boundaries of the experiences we can create and share with digital culture.

The award for best achievement and winner in the “Games and Interactive Experiences” category was Casa Batlló 10D Experience – an immersive experience covering 2,000 square meters. The Gaudí Dôme introduces visitors to the genius of Catalan architect Antoni Gaudí through more than 1,000 screens. And the Gaudí Cube – a six-sided LED cube – immerses the visitor in Gaudí’s mind through the work of digital artist Refik Anadol. All with a soundtrack and audio story in 15 languages.

Eleanor Kenny, responsible for communication and external relations at the Europeana Foundation, was part of the jury. Thinking of the winner of the general classification, she said: “La Casa Batlló is a worthy winner of the general classification. It is an exciting and inspiring project in his imagination and ambition on how digital can be used to share and promote cultural heritage. What’s particularly wonderful is that it focuses on the individual experience, creating something unique for every visitor. I can’t wait to experience Casa Batlló in person. ‘

“The quality of submissions in all categories this year was so impressive. I was also very drawn to the work of the Carrickmacross Workhouse in the film and video category. It is a very powerful, evocative and modern account of the Irish potato famine – an important historical period that is not well known enough. ‘ said Eleanor.

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