Fast Company Brands That Matter Application Deadline

Brands are increasingly an important lens through which we all experience culture. And since fast businessThe slogan of is “The Future of Business”, we wanted to reflect and recognize the brands that have the most impact in this regard. So last year, we launched Brands That Matter, an awards program rewarding businesses and nonprofits that impact business and culture in new and innovative ways.

Now, the deadline for the second annual Brands That Matter program has arrived – May 6 at 11:59 p.m. PT – so now is the perfect time to apply. The idea is to go beyond corporate vision statements or management talking points; the brands we seek have gained relevance through their cultural impact and social engagement, and their branding authentically communicates their mission and ideals.

Think your brand fits the bill? Tell us about it!

Different brands exist within the culture and influence it in different ways, and it’s not just the biggest names in consumer goods that do this. It is partly for this reason that we have expanded the program, adding 13 new categories this year. By drawing a more specific line for areas such as sports, fashion, health and wellness, finance and education, the aim is to reduce apples and oranges comparisons when examines so many different brands, and evaluates them in the context of how they count in the category in which they compete for people’s attention and loyalty.

To give your application the best shot, here’s a bit more about how to create a top-notch application and what we look for in applications.


Tell us what your customers get from you that they don’t get from anyone else in the market. What are you most proud to be known for? We want to hear about the connection you’ve made with your audience, how that relationship has evolved over the past year, and how your audience expresses support for your brand’s mission.


We want to hear about the positive impact your brand has had on your industry and on the culture in general. Tell us about the work you have done that has influenced, impacted or informed culture. This can range from pop culture, entertainment and technology to how your company’s brand mission connects to larger societal issues.


We want to give credit to the projects that exist at each stage of completion. Although we ask that entries be limited to brand actions within the last 12 months, these projects, strategies or ideas can range from conceptual to just launched to fully operational, as long as they are bold, new and innovative. . Remember that while the context of your brand’s story is important, it’s not an award for all of its accomplishments. Keep it to last year or so.


This is where style meets substance. We want to see the numbers, data, and performance metrics that demonstrate how your unique approach has affected your business, industry, and product category. The key is to share not only what your brand is doing to sell more products or connect with the culture, but also metrics that prove how you’re growing revenue, winning hearts and minds, or other data that helps. to illuminate the success of your brand.

The Brands That Matter ranking will reach millions of readers, and we hope we can support the growth of positive brand innovation by celebrating the best examples. The winners will be presented in the November 2022 issue of fast business, as well as on Apply now!

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