First black woman to raise $1 million to disrupt the education system using data, AI and hip-hop culture

If a student exhibits an auditory intelligence type and struggles with fractions, they will receive prescribed audio content in the form of a hip-hop/pop medley to help them grasp difficult concepts. This is truly innovation at its finest.

“We are building the future of education and our investors understand that. This is an important step in my career as many investors say they want to support black female founders, however, when it comes to giving us what we ask for , we often hear a lot of peddling back.”- Tamar HugginFounder and CEO, Tech Spark

the $1 million TD Bank investment Huggin the first woman to successfully lead the development of an edtech platform using data science, AI, hip-hop culture and equity in all North America. Tech Spark is poised to reach over 40,000 students in school districts across Canada and the United States by 2024.

About Tech Spark Canada: Tech Spark is from Canada first school of education technology and curriculum design committed to empowering racialized students, women, and teachers through innovative and culturally relevant education. We specialize in creating and implementing research-based, student-centered K-12 curricula through the lens of technology, entrepreneurship, and equity.

Media Contact:
Tamar Huggin
Founder & CEO
[email protected]
Media room
Social media: @techsparkcanada

SOURCETech Spark Canada Inc.

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