Full-Time Career in Visual Blogging: Skills Needed, Prospects for Growth and How to Maintain Yourself

Lately, there has been a wide range of emerging careers that are unconventional as more and more young people deviate from mainstream career options such as medicine, law, and engineering. Careers such as photography, design, and event management are developing rapidly as people break free from rigid mindsets about new age career options.

Visual blogging, or vlogging as it is now popularly known, is also one of those career options that has gained immense popularity in recent years.

Especially with the advent of social media and high quality smartphone cameras, vlogging has become an option that is not only easily accessible, but has become extremely popular, and for good reason. Social media has become vlogger centric as more people seek out engaging, small-scale content in regional languages.

However, despite an increasingly easy access to vlogging, making it a full-time career requires strategy, skills and above all perseverance because several aspects are linked to it such as the choice of a specific line of interest. , working with the right partners. , monetization with brands, etc.

That said, here’s how one can build a full-time career in vlogging and sustain it for the long haul, according to Pulkit Agrawal, co-founder of Trell. Trell is one of the largest lifestyle social commerce platforms in India where passionate users share their stories and experiences in the form of 3 minute vertical videos, in their native language, with a community of views. similar, across categories while also being able to recommend / buy their favorite products seamlessly.

Skills needed for visual blogging

One of the most important things a full-time vlogging career requires is inherent motivation. Vloggers need to be open to iterating and trying out various forms of content, especially if they want to establish themselves and stay in the segment.

Vlogging is an ongoing exercise where content creators can often start with a certain topic, but end up with something completely different.

Vloggers, especially early in their careers, need to tap into their creative minds and ideologies and constantly refine their skills and content based on the comments / responses received from the audience.

Plus, to pursue vlogging with dedication, you need to be ready to experiment, step out of your comfort zone, and change your mindset. Once vloggers have established themselves at least to some extent, they can work with brands or celebrities and can continue to develop their careers based on those collaborations.

Today’s tech-driven world offers cutting-edge infrastructure for aspiring vloggers to kick start their careers and make a name for themselves.

Growth prospects for visual blogs

Vlogging is an area that offers a myriad of opportunities as there are no limits or restrictions on what a person can vlog. It all depends on the passion of the vlogger and his topic of interest.

As a vlogger begins to garner a substantial number of subscribers with good audience engagement and establishes himself, the prospects for growth are limitless as brands and audiences begin to recognize and trust their work and that more and more opportunities present themselves thus paving the way for earning more from their vlogging career.

Recently, a report published by an online company said that today, Category A social media influencers or the biggest names online earn around 2L-15L INR.

Category B influencers earn between 15,000 and 2 L INR, while category C earns between 5,000 and 20,000 INR per month, and these numbers are only expected to increase.

Support as a full time vlogger

Digitization, the increased proliferation of the internet, and the growing use of smartphones have prompted significant numbers of people to turn to vlogging, especially amid the pandemic where people are looking to stay engaged and stay connected. interior.

However, a considerable percentage of them might just explore vlogging as an amateur or just pursue it as a hobby. To maintain yourself as a full-time vlogger, there are some things you need to follow.

For example, it is essential to formulate a new concept and offer new content that engages your audience. Otherwise, your vlogging career may become redundant.

Regular innovation, thinking out of the box, and creating new concepts are some of the key things you need to do to maintain yourself as a full-time vlogger.

Vloggers: The New Essential Part of the Content Landscape

Vloggers in today’s world are content creators who bridge the gap by engaging people with a wide range of content because each individual’s preferences differ.

Especially with smartphones and easily accessible online content, consumers are spoiled for choice, and vloggers, realizing this, spare no effort to keep their audiences engaged while building a dedicated career outside of vlogging.

Additionally, at present where social media content is king, vlogging is deserved as a full-time career and content creation has become an integral aspect for several companies that are turning to marketing strategies. new-age.

Vlogging platforms also facilitate vlogging as a full-time career and put in place a robust infrastructure for vloggers to monetize their content.

The future of vlogging

According to Statista, 46.44% of our population accessed social media in 2019. By 2020, the number rose to over 50%, with the pandemic placing restrictions on the entertainment possibilities available in India.

It is further estimated that by 2025 this penetration would be 67%. Vlogging is a niche business because the majority of people, until recently, were not well equipped to pursue vlogging as a full-time career.

Today, however, vlogging is no longer a tedious task as more and more people start to express themselves through visual content.

Additionally, vlogging is no longer limited to the English-speaking crowd as new-age platforms like Trell offer regional content and allow aspiring vloggers to take a solid footing, monetize their content and advance their careers. .

Therefore, the future of vlogging is nothing short of bright, and the vlogging ecosystem is only expected to thrive in the coming years as a vital part of the content landscape.

– Article by Pulkit Agrawal, co-founder, Trell

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