How to Submit a Winning Entry for the 2022 Innovation by Design Awards

Are you thinking of participating in Innovation by Design, the most prestigious competition rewarding design in business? Now is the perfect time to do it. Here are six tips for submitting a winning application.

Clearly explain the problem your project is trying to solve

Good design is about meeting needs. What unmet need does your design address? It can be big or small or somewhere in between. All that matters is that this is a real problem that demands a real solution. See last year’s winners, for examples.

Explain why your solution is the best

How does your design solve the problem? And why is this the most logical solution? Our reviewers do not seek novelty for novelty’s sake. We want original work that builds on specific user input, whether it’s a groundbreaking new product or a significant update to a proven design. This is a good place to briefly explain your design process, how you arrived at the solution, and what challenges you encountered along the way.

Tell us why your design is important at present

The competition is a reflection of design innovation in 2022. Your project doesn’t need to have been designed this year, but it does need a timely anchor. The competition is open to projects that have come to market or been made public within the past year.

Show us the impact

What is the impact of your design on users, business, culture, the planet? Show, don’t tell. Provide hard facts and numbers. If your design is a prototype, concept or student project, tell us about the potential impact, being as specific as possible. It’s also a good opportunity to show us that you’ve thought about any unintended consequences.

Submit your best visuals

Great pictures sell great ideas. Visuals aren’t necessary to win an Innovation by Design award, but they go a long way to show how you communicate your idea and what helps it gain traction in the market.

Use clear language

Avoid jargon and alphabet soup. Our examiners and jurors come from a variety of backgrounds and areas of expertise. So the clearer and simpler the language of your application, the better they will be able to fully grasp your ideas. Write as if you were explaining your project to a stranger you met on the street.

The work of Innovation by Design winners is seen by millions of people each year. Our hope is that by showcasing the most inspiring design ideas, we can elevate the profession and deepen its impact even further. The deadline for early participation is March 18. Participate today!

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