IIT-M institutes “Surendra and Dorothie Shah Chair”

The prestigious Indian Institute of Technology-Madras (IIT-M) creates the “Surendra and Dorothie Shah Chair” with the aim of continuing cutting-edge research in the field of civil engineering materials. The professorial chair is established with the support of Professor Surendra P. Shah, an expert in engineering materials, whose work has set global standards in the field.

The institute said that the establishment of the chair is of tremendous importance due to the immense amount of construction work undertaken in India every year, with volumes and expenses constantly increasing.

Professor Shah, an expert in engineering materials, especially concrete and other cement-based constructions, has chosen the IIT-M to set up the Chair of the Institute. He has led the development of advanced new materials, which have become global standards in these fields, and his work has revolutionized the way modern concretes are used around the world.

Professor Shah is currently Distinguished Presidential Professor at the University of Texas and Walter P. Murphy Emeritus Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering at North-western University. Ms. Dorothie Shah is the founding president of the Indo American Museum, now called the National Indo American Museum, in Chicago.

“The decision to choose IIT-M was very simple. As is known, IIT-M is one of the best institutions in India. The building materials group is not only one of the best in India but very internationally recognized in the field. My association with IIT Madras has been quite long and fruitful, ”said Professor Shah.

The professor appreciated the IIT-M for its national notoriety is 3D printing with concrete, which is the result of a collaboration between the professors of materials, automation and construction management.

“I look forward to continuing my collaboration with the IIT Madras research group. He is rightly ready to meet the challenges of not only India and the United States, but also global issues. The Group has already started working on reducing the carbon footprint, which affects the whole world, ”he added.

Prof. Surendra P. Shah is responsible for the development of high-performance concrete, fiber-reinforced concrete, self-consolidating concrete, shrinkage-reducing admixtures, cement-based composites reinforced with carbon nanotubes and concrete extrusion processing. , said IIT-M, adding that these have revolutionized the way modern concretes are used around the world.

The main areas of research that would be undertaken under the “Surendra and Dorothie Shah Chair” include materials, structural design and / or construction and / or infrastructure technologies.

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