Indian public school and Clever Harvey create culture of innovation with Shark Tank-style pitch contest

IIT E-Cell Secretary Roorkee Ritik Singh Panwar and Suprbeing & Tactyq Founder Partha Chakbrorthy found the locations innovative

The Indian Public School (TIPS) organized a pitch competition in partnership with Clever Harvey, where innovative teenagers competed in Shark Tank style. Students pitched their unique ideas to win internships, mentorship opportunities and a grand cash prize. They have shown their skills in creating real solutions to universal problems.

TIPS provided teens with the opportunity to be innovators and they did so for good reason. Trained as part of the JuniorMBA by Clever Harvey, these teenagers gave free rein to their imagination and turned their ideas into reality. They have used their unique perspective and entrepreneurial savvy to bring the impossible to life with virtual reality, augmented reality and other emerging technologies.

Of the 260 students who undertook the JuniorMBA program, 10 finalist teams pitched their ideas at the Online Innovation Summit to a panel of industry insiders including IIT E-Cell Secretary Roorkee Ritik Singh Panwar and founder of Suprbeing and Tactyq, Partha Chakroborthy.

Speaking about the locations, IIT E-Cell Secretary Roorkee Ritik Singh Panwar, said, “Young minds are far more creative and innovative than adults. They have a different view and understanding of the world and this brings surprising results. This is what we witnessed during the pitching competition. Each idea was unique and innovative in its truest sense.

Seconding Panwar, Founder of Suprbeing and Tactyq, Mr. Partha Chakbrorthy said, “We were amazed. It was difficult to choose the winners because they all have brilliant ideas. It brings a sense of pride to see the potential future that these visionaries and industry disruptors will undoubtedly bring.

The winning student, Shree Akshithaa, created the Gas Assistant, an idea inspired by the experience of herself and the people around her. It aimed to optimize the use of energy and simplify the cooking process. She then recounted her experience at the Online Innovation Summit and said, “It was a great journey and I learned a lot. The step-by-step guidance was very helpful, especially the mock presentations. The process helped me realize that I needed to dig much deeper to know my potential! »

By giving their students a chance for self-improvement, the Indian public school prepares them to create their own paths to success in whatever fields they decide to pursue.

“There is a misconception that entrepreneurial skills are not necessary for students who focus on science in their classrooms, but it is important that we break this, and this initiative has encouraged our students scientific, business, liberal and creative to believe in entrepreneurship as the need of the hour,” said Tamilarasi Damodaran, Academic Director of TIPS.

TIPS encourages its science students in particular to try a future in business, and this bet has paid off in the birth of new ideas that lie at the intersection of business and science. To cement the academy’s dedication to developing its students into proactive individuals and successful entrepreneurs in the global sphere.

The Indian Public School’s Online Innovation Summit 2022 in partnership with Clever Harvey was won by Shree Akshithaa (Grade 9), who presented a Gas Assistant (A device that displays daily consumption, remaining balance in the bottle and has a leak detector). Laharitha Palaniswamy (Grade 10) and Mahaa Arasi Samanithan (Grade 12) represented ‘Hablet’ (a portable, easy-to-carry soap capsule) and became the first runners-up, while Shakthi Viviyn and Bharat Balakrishna represented ‘VR Open’ – features RV shopping. experience) and were declared second. All winners were from Salem and Erode.

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