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Isotropic systems received a major development contract with the European Space Agency (ESA), supported by the British space agency (UKSA).

Isotropic Systems has received a commitment of over 18.5 million euros from the British Space Agency to co-finance the activity implemented through the Advanced research in telecommunications systems (ARTES) C&G program of the European Space Agency, which enables industry to translate innovative concepts into cutting-edge SATCOM products and services. The development contract provides ESA expert oversight and technical integrity of Isotropic’s journey to product launch in early 2022.

This milestone also ensures job growth in the UK tech sector, adding more than 150 highly skilled engineering jobs to the UK over the next two years. With the opening of a new 20,000 square foot technology and test center in Reading, England, the company will also develop custom ASIC designs as well as several other advanced technologies at the heart of Isotropic Systems’ technology. .

Isotropic Systems already works closely with a wide range of UK public and private sector organizations, including QinetiQ, Catapult of satellite applications and Innovate in the UK, as well as the United Kingdom Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS).

The new contracts follow the recent funding round of Isotropic Systems, which successfully raised more than $ 40 million from HIS, specialized space investors Orbital companies, UK Government Future Fund and existing investors Boeing HorizonX Global Ventures, Space angels and Firmament Ventures. Together, fundraising and subsequent contracts secure Isotropic Systems’ role in providing vital infrastructure to the global space industry, the company’s unique technology enabling next-generation satellite connectivity across the globe.

Comment on the contract, John finney, Said the CEO of Isotropic Systems, “This important milestone contract with ESA demonstrates the potential of our revolutionary terminals and will ensure our role in the short-term growth of the UK and global space market. The level of support, expertise and technical oversight we receive from ESA, along with our recent fundraising, will allow us to scale our business to plan for and help solve global connectivity issues in a range of applications and industries.. “

Domenico Mignolo, Head of Ground User Segment Technologies and Products at the European Space Agency, added, ” The contract signed with Isotropic Systems shows that ARTES Competitiveness & Growth really supports the ambitious projects of SMEs aimed at transforming disruptive technologies into products for the SATCOM market.. “

This ARTES program contract with Isotropic Systems is an exciting catalyst for growth and innovation, not only for a new generation of disruptive and transformational connectivity terminals, but also for high-value technology jobs supporting the growing UK space sector. ,” mentionned Michael rudd, Head of Telecommunications Strategy at the British Space Agency. “The UK’s ambitions to grow our space business will come to fruition in large part thanks to incredibly innovative UK-based companies like Isotropic Systems.. “

British Minister for Science, Amanda Solloway MP, said: “The UK space industry is booming and connectivity has never been more important, it is essential that we support pioneering companies like Isotropic Systems that harness the benefits that space technology can bring to all of us on Earth. Supported by the UK government, these new multibeam antennas will improve connectivity for all of us at home and for emerging technologies such as driverless cars, while helping to create 150 highly skilled jobs in the UK as we rebuild better.. “

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