KU IoT Zakura Engineering Students Request 7th Semester Exams

The 2017 student group from the Zakura Institute of Technology (IoT) of the University of Kashmir (KU) on Monday opposed the authorities’ decision to combine the exams of the 7th and 8th semesters of their course in ‘engineering.

Notably, Dean’s engineering department framed the timing of their 8e semester while students have not yet appeared in their 7e major semester exams.

The schedule was shared with the students on Monday morning, leaving them dry.

“Our minor exams have already been completed and we were supposed to participate in the major exam of our 7e semester. But our dean has established an online course schedule for our 8e semester without holding our exams on hold, ”said a group of aggrieved students.

The students said their 7th semester exam was scheduled from March 1 according to the date sheet framed by their affected department heads.

“But Dean’s engineering department pulled out all the date sheets and decided to continue with our 8-hour online courses.e (last) semester, ”said the student.

“We approached the university administration to ask them to organize our exams, but we received a cold response from them. The university administration was not clear on the holding of exams due to which countless speculations have been made on the matter, ”he said.

The student said the university plans to promote students from the 7th semester to the 8th semester and later hold combined exams from both semesters in June or July.

“This will have negative consequences for the student. The University should hold our 7e semester review via the online mode taking into account the uncertainty of improving the current situation of the COVID-19 pandemic, ”the student said.

The student said it would be very impractical to wait months to appear in handset 7e and 8e semester exams which will add unnecessary burden to students.

“Given the unpredictability of the ongoing pandemic, most universities and colleges outside of J&K have already scheduled online exams for students in order to complete the degree on time. But our institute wants to extend our diploma for unknown reasons, ”said the student.

The student said most of them are planning to apply for their masters or need to start looking for a job after graduating in engineering.

“The last semester of the degree requires a main focus on the project and the students working in the field. If the institute does not keep our 7 on holde the major semester exams, it will remain like a hangover for the students which will distract us from our project work, ”said the student.

Students, it will be unfair to sit for two semester exams simultaneously and work side by side on projects.

“The University should hold our 7th semester exams from the first week of May via the online mode keeping in mind the ongoing pandemic,” the student said.

Given the surge in COVID-19 cases, it does not appear possible to open educational institutions in the near future, as the chances of taking exams in offline mode also appear to be low, the student said. .

KU Dean of Academic Affairs Prof. Shabir Ahmad Bhat said the matter would be considered.

“I will take the matter up with the dean’s engineering department and a decision favorable to the students will be made in this regard,” he said.

Review of the KU controller, Professor Irshad Ahmad Nawchoo, contacted, said a meeting was scheduled for Tuesday at 2 p.m. with all the deans, including the dean of the engineering department of the Zakura campus.

“All issues will be discussed at the meeting and a unanimous decision will be taken in this regard,” he said.

Meanwhile, a senior official said the majority of PG departments have completed first semester courses, but the university has not set a timeline for their next semester so far.

“The University doesn’t want to overburden students by keeping their first semester exams on hold. Most of the department heads suggested that they conduct the students’ first semester exams and start classes later for their next semester, ”the KU official said.

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