Lenovo’s philanthropic arm launches grant to increase skills support

Lenovo Foundation, the philanthropic arm of Lenovo, has launched a US $ 1 million TransformME grant cycle to partner with organizations focused on training adult populations from disadvantaged or under-represented backgrounds with Essential Skills and the most sought after.

The latest round of funding is in line with Lenovo’s philanthropy goal of transforming 1 million lives by 2025 through skills. This represents a shift in a corporate sponsorship strategy that has traditionally focused on improving access to STEM education for elementary and secondary school students, the Lenovo Foundation said on Tuesday.

Organizations qualified in the fields of computer programming, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, IT support, Internet of Things, analytics, automation and other emerging technologies can apply for the TransformME grant before the deadline indicated, i.e. January 24, 2022.

Partnerships that equip individuals with the skills they need to transform their careers, lives and communities through credible, thoughtful and effective training programs that have led to career opportunities in emerging technologies will be prioritized.

While we have focused on improving access to technology for the future workforce, we recognize that there is an urgent need to train today’s workforce and that adults in our communities want to learn new skills now. We have been fortunate to partner with organizations such as Laboratoria, Technoserve, Migracode and Waffle to gain experience in this strategic focus area, and take this opportunity to increase our skills support.

Calvin Crosslin, President of the Lenovo Foundation

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