London is fast becoming a hotspot for crypto jobs

Tuesday, April 19, 2022 5:16 p.m.

London has been confirmed as the world leader in cryptocurrency after a jobs platform revealed the number of global employers currently looking for crypto staff.

The US, as expected, leads in the number of vacancies in crypto – currently at 3,893 – but the UK is rapidly catching up with the second highest number of advertised positions.

There are currently 954 crypto jobs waiting to be filled in the UK. And, while it may be almost three thousand fewer than the United States, it is far ahead of the 386 positions currently vacant in Canada in third place.

Most of the UK’s 954 digital asset jobs are based in London – with the borough of Greenford in Ealing proving to be a crypto jobs mogul – but other areas outside the capital offer jobs. job opportunities in cryptocurrency.

Jobs site Glass door discovered that Leeds, Bristol, Cambridge, Glasgow, Belfast, Birmingham, Liverpool and Manchester were also thriving blockchain hubs.

In the United States, the lion’s share of jobs in crypto were centered in New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles, with Chicago and Boston also seeing a high rate of DeFi jobs.

Australia has also moved up the ranks – ranking fourth behind Canada – with a current total of 236 vacancies. Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane dominate centers of competence, with places like Perth, Adelaide and Canberra showing growing potential.

The top five job functions where crypto skills are most in demand in the UK are engineering, project management, information technology, marketing, finance and accounting.

London’s rise as a cryptocurrency hub has been on the cards for years, according to some of the industry’s top employers.

“London has always been a global technology and finance capital for commerce, exchanges, finance, fundraising and now crypto and digital assets,” said Jeff Hancock, co-founder and CEO of the city. coin pass – an FCA registered exchange with 44 employees. At the same time last year, it had 18 employees.

“Cryptography is penetrating all sectors in all markets in a positive way and large companies will only become more hungry for talent to continue to create innovative blockchain and crypto products.

“At Coinpass, we have global reach and access to a huge pool of international talent, but top-quality candidates are pouring in from traditional banks, hedge funds, family offices and also universities applying for positions in security companies. cryptography before any other place.

“After fundraising in 2021, our first hire was a senior HR administrator to deal with the influx of talent wanting to join us, I was overwhelmed to say the least.”

Dagmara Aldridge, Chief People & Culture Officer, at Zumo – an Edinburgh-based stock exchange – said the news of vacancies around the world was a very promising sign for the industry.

“Against the backdrop of the UK government’s recently unveiled plans to make the UK a global tech hub for crypto assets – and rather less friendly crypto proposals from our EU neighbors – this is another promising sign of the UK’s ability to position itself as a place of innovation and enterprise that can bring together some of the best talent in the world,” she said.

“Amid a series of high-profile departures from tradfi roles into the crypto space, what we are seeing is a brain drain from the world of old finance to the new – and a transfer of talent that we believe will will create important bridges in the next phase of crypto adoption.

“With the crypto sector hungry for recruits and looking to onboard new people in large numbers, crypto employers will need to step out and embrace the flexible options and new ways of working suited to a new mode of funding.

“In this regard, the UK already has certain strengths: a position as a global leader in fintech, strong regulation and access to capital and the global banking system, to name a few.

“Ultimately, however, crypto recognizes no boundaries and it will be interesting to examine how the large number of remote roles and remote work arrangements characteristic of crypto – and an area in which the Kingdom Kingdom has been able to show significant flexibility – play in the changing crypto employment landscape.

Ian Wright, founder of Small Business Awards – the company behind the search – said demand for roles is likely to increase.

“Last week the government announced its intention to make the UK a “Global crypto-asset technology hub”with the aim of making stablecoins a more recognized form of payment across the UK,” he said.

“This increase in interest and popularity of cryptocurrency has led to an increase in jobs in a range of sectors such as engineering and journalism.

“With demand for roles likely to continue to grow following the government announcement, we wanted to explore the most advanced countries for cryptocurrency jobs. Using Glassdoor’s job listings, we We also studied which cities and industries in these countries were best for cryptocurrency jobs.

“Our data reveals that the United States clearly leads the way when it comes to opportunities for those considering a career in cryptocurrency. We also found that countries like the UK and Canada are not far behind the US.

“As expected, our data also shows that the top industry for cryptocurrency jobs is technology.

“We hope our findings will help those looking to break into the cryptocurrency industry, especially when it comes to deciding which job sectors have the most cryptocurrency job opportunities. available.”

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