LU researchers will examine how robots and technology can reshape Northern Ontario

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A group of researchers from Laurentian University will lead a project that aims to reshape the way the North is done.

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A transdisciplinary team from the McEwen School of Architecture, Bharti School of Engineering, and the Behavioral Neuroscience Department successfully applied for a grant to make their work a reality.

Principal investigator Professor Steven Beites, along with co-applicants Marc Arsenault, Blake Dotta and Reza Foruzanmehr, received $ 250,000 from the New Frontiers in Research Fund, an initiative of the Canadian Research Coordinating Committee.

The team’s proposal, titled Human-Robot Interaction and Collaboration as a Catalyst for the Creative Economy, Community Outreach and Emerging Design-Build Solutions in Northern Ontario, aims to harness cutting-edge technologies. as a means of strengthening northern economies and communities.

“This is an exciting project that focuses on Northern Ontario and seeks to present emerging technologies to non-professional users as a means of revitalizing northern communities through manufacturing, ideation and invention,” said Beites said in a statement.

The main objective of the project is to remove barriers to digital tools and technologies in the North through the development of a Cable Driven Handheld Parallel Robot (CDPR) for large-scale manufacturing and assembly. This would have many important uses, especially in northern communities where construction costs are prohibitive. As part of the project, a user-friendly and personalized interface for the CPDR will also be designed.

The project has the potential to deploy new materials through emerging technologies; improve rural and northern health by directly addressing the housing crisis in remote communities; address technological challenges in Northern Ontario; and engage in community-based research that benefits all northern communities, including Indigenous and Francophones.

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