McMillon Innova studio’s expanding design teams; Recruitment open for fall 21

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The McMillon innovation studio in the Harmon Avenue parking lot.

The McMillon Innovation Studio, the physical hub of innovation at the U of A’s Office of Entrepreneurship and Innovation, will expand in the fall of 2021, opening its space to 14 design teams focusing on three axes of impact: social, organizational and entrepreneurial.

Design teams are made up of students and a mentor looking to move from the problem to the prototype.

Team issues have been focused on a variety of areas that include startups, small businesses, retail, food, health, social challenges, and logistics.

Each semester, the design teams unveil their prototypes and their learnings to the community during the demonstration day.

Interested students can apply for the Fall 2021 Cohort online through the McMillon Innovation Grant Form.

“A big change this semester is that students are invited to bring their own entrepreneurial ideas or innovations and present them at the start of the semester to other potential team members,” said Justin Urso, director of the McMillon Innovation Studio. .

“The studio will be bringing together project ideas throughout the summer, and these will also be available to students focused on organizational and social innovation. We are excited to foster a culture of collaboration and innovation at the studio. . ”

Through their studio work, students will have the opportunity to innovate and equip themselves with the skills they need to become future leaders. The studio teams are interdisciplinary and represent several colleges on campus.

Nearly 50 students representing 24 majors participated in a Spring 2021 design team. They were assisted by 14 industry mentors.

Their projects ranged from strengthening awareness campaigns on COVID-19 and reinventing innovation in restaurants to supporting minority-owned businesses.

They also focused on emerging issues in the university, such as how students can cultivate intentional relationships to have a sense of belonging on campus and enhance the digital learning environment to foster personal connection.

About McMillion Innovation Studio: The McMillon Innovation Studio serves as an innovation center for students at the University of Arkansas campus. The studio’s mission is to develop future leaders, entrepreneurs and innovators by cultivating their creative minds and connecting them to opportunities to have real impact. Students at the studio have access to valuable mentorship and resources, providing them with additional support to cultivate their creative skills and empower them to deliver impactful innovation through organizational, social and entrepreneurial change.

About the U of A Office of Entrepreneurship and Innovation:The Office of Entrepreneurship and Innovation creates and organizes innovation and entrepreneurship experiences for students of all disciplines. Through the Brewer Family Entrepreneurship Hub, McMillon Innovation Studio and Startup Village, OEI offers free workshops and programs – including social and corporate innovation design teams, corporate internships, competitions and start-up coaching. OEI also offers on-demand support to students who will be innovators within existing organizations and to entrepreneurs who are starting something new.

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