Medical VC Partner advocates for innovation as a team sport

In his distinctively relatable and kinetic style, readers accompany Ferrera as he travels the world in search of talent, testing new products and targeting investors for new businesses, ideas and opportunities. What did Dave learn from his legendary adventures in innovation? A truth often difficult to synthesize for American readers: innovation, it is not a genius who has a brilliant idea and who shouts Eureka! Innovation happens over time and only through concerted effort. It requires a championship team of diverse talent that includes engineers and business leaders.

Arguing that as a nation of innovators from the start, individual exceptionalism is part of the American experience. Yet Ferrera argues that in almost all cases, it is actually teamwork that has been at the heart of the most important inventions in history, including our republic.

“There is nothing sudden or solo about innovation. It takes years of thoughtful development, testing and teamwork to really bring a new idea to the world,” Ferrera said. “Without a team there is no progress, and this is true for everything from the plane to the telephone to the personal computer. Progress takes a village.”

In Innovation in translation, Ferrera explores the strategies he learned as a varsity athlete and the coaches who taught him foundational lessons on how to approach successful innovation today. Dave ferrera shares her “team rules” to create a culture that fosters creativity, confidence, courage, team spirit and championship winning plus practical tips that all entrepreneurs could use.

Whether it’s understanding the dynamics of money, building a useful board, or overcoming communication breakdowns between executives and engineers, Ferrera’s ingrained approach to top innovation. level has transformative potential for any organization.

About Dave ferrera
Dave ferrera is a general partner of Treadstone Holdings LLC, a venture capital studio based in Orange County, CaliforniaDave started his career with the team that pioneered the early treatment of ischemic stroke and has since innovated new products and started and sold businesses. Dave’s background in varsity athletics has allowed him to develop a unique approach to innovation that produces successful teams and wins markets. Dave lives Orange County, California, with her three children, her life partner Kim and two very unruly Kings Charles Spaniel puppies.

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