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Modern culture

It is difficult to say exactly what the development of information technology has influenced, as culture is formed on the basis of many factors, but we can say with certainty that they have influenced people, and these, in turn, have influenced the culture.

New musical genres appeared, associated with the introduction of power tools and computer processing: electronic music and all its subgenres (disco, jungle, big beat), with them the corresponding subcultures appeared.

Minimalism is popular in art and design these days. And although it was born earlier and for completely different purposes, the development of computing can be considered to have influenced its spread.

The point is that the first computers and internet browsers were very primitive and were not designed for complex visual design, so geometric shapes and simple colors were mainly used in them.

Those days are long gone, but the style of web pages has stuck, even though it has undergone changes, and is still in many ways even better than something colorful and oversaturated in all kinds of shapes.

In addition, innovative platforms such as betting sites are being developed. They are widely developed in Europe and Asia. In this regard, it is worth highlighting the gradual movement of the Indian market.

Research has shown that cricket is the most popular sport there, which is why Indians love to bet on this sport, especially the national competition of the Indian Premier League (IPL). IPL India betting sites are not left out, offering user data protection at the highest level through technologies such as SSL encryption and intranet for example.

The most technologically advanced is Indian IPL Live Betting at 4rabet, where on the website and mobile app players instantly place bets during live broadcasts on outcomes where the odds change frequently.


The emergence and development of information technology has greatly influenced our lives, both for the good and the bad.

Education has become easier and more accessible; new trades and jobs have appeared; automation and robotization are introduced to replace physical labor, freeing up time for spiritual development.

New genres have emerged in music, art, architecture, new subcultures and scientific trends. Mobile apps and the betting industry are also actively developing.

On the other hand, the levels of culture and public morality have arguably declined. There have also been phobias and diseases associated with the use of computers, new types of crime – cybercrime, and the introduction of prohibitions and attacks on human freedoms in some countries.

Either way, IT has changed our lives a lot, and it won’t stop. It only remains to move forward, develop new technologies and improve the existing ones so that they bring more benefits and less damage.

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