Nti Asare, black candidate with leukemia, announces his candidacy for the IN-9 Congress

The seat is currently occupied by the Republican holder of three terms, Trey hollingsworth. Following the 2020 census, the redesigned district now includes Bartholomew, Brown, Clark, Cherborn, Decatur, Floyd, Franklin, Harrison, Jackson, Jefferson, Jennings, Laurent, Monroe, Ohio, Ripley, Scott, Switzerland, and Washington counties.

“It is from a great sense of hope that when we work together as a community, we can progress towards the highest ideals of our country,” said Nti Asare. “For this reason, I am delighted to declare my candidacy to represent this community in the United States House of Representatives.”

“People keep asking why I am running for office,” says Nti Asare. “Here’s a reason: I’m running because when I was diagnosed with leukemia, while the doctor told me I was dying, a social worker walked into the room to ask me how I was going to pay for it. that. I don’t. think any American should have to bear this burden. ” Nti Asare went on to say that “health care is a human right and the aspirations of our Declaration of Independence call on us to pass laws that will protect it as such”.

In addition to providing access to quality health care at lower overall costs, Nti Asare policies also advocate a human-centered approach to our economy and the need for a digital bill of rights.

A few days after the campaign was announced, Nti Asare ran a popular campaign with over 50 volunteers and is growing throughout the district.


Nti Asare Lives in Bloomington, Indiana with his wife Mariah and their son Théodore. Nti Asare is a director of the Cybersecurity and Global Policy program at Indiana University. His previous work has focused on policies relating to emerging technologies. Nti Asare advised national and local governments and organizations on strategic, cultural and leadership opportunities surrounding digital transformation and emerging technologies.

To learn more, visit ISAKFORCONGRESS.com.

CONTACT: Caleb waugh, Campaign manager
(812) 320-0181 /[email protected]

SOURCE Isak for the Congress

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