NTT Communications launches “Open Hub” workspace to develop new business areas

05 March 2022 14:21 STI

Tokyo [Japan]March 5 (ANI): NTT communications, which specializes in providing information and communications technology (ICT) solutions, launched the “Open Hub” workspace to develop new business ideas from emerging technologies .
The workspace is intended to be a place where technologies from various fields come together to create new concepts and businesses aimed at social implementation.
“We would like to create a new business by combining the experience of intellectual property of technological assets with the asset that our customers possess. Although there are different areas of social problems, we solve them well, and it is difficult for a company to solve them, so we will solve them through competition. To support it, we launched ‘Open Hub’,” said Akiko Hirakawa, a manager associated with the project.

The workspace is equipped with the latest technology and is open to visitors who can enter the premises after reading the code on the sign at the entrance with a mobile device. The panel is equipped with “Open Hub Monolith” authentication technology.
The workspace has been designed to be sustainable from a United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) perspective, while being technologically well-equipped with windows equipped with 5G antennas.
The workspace also hosts an intelligent robot called “Open Hub Robot Visitor”. The robot, through its camera power supply and its mobility, offers visitors a virtual tour of the premises. The robot can be connected via the Internet and controlled by visitors from distant places.
Speaking about the potential of the new workspace, Hirakawa said, “We have various technologies such as communication and voice analysis. Internet of Things (IoT) technology can solve a variety of challenges. Additionally, clients have experience, knowledge, and skills in many areas, but they also have challenges. We would like to find a solution by consulting our assets. (ANI)

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