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Williamsport, PA – The Pennsylvania College of Technology is the only institution in Pennsylvania to offer “innovation courses” through a partnership with Eureka! Institute of Ranch Engineering and Innovation.

The college said it made it easier for students to acquire an innovation leadership competency degree and the industry-recognized certifications that go with it.

The Innovation Leadership credential offers three courses that teach theory, concepts, and practical activities that teach systematic approaches to stimulate and implement effective new ideas. Graduates are ready to lead change within their industries, their careers, their communities and their personal lives.

“Regardless of the goal, the ability to innovate is what gives a business a competitive advantage,” said Brian D. Walton, vice dean of business and hospitality.

“The knowledge and skills taught in the Penn College Innovation Leadership credential are vital to any 21st century business. Our courses not only define innovation, they also teach students how to integrate it into daily practice in any organizational context.

Course flexibility allows students to work online and at their own pace to complete the innovation streak and gain industry-applicable credentials, ”continued Mr. Walton.

The heart of the Innovation Leadership courses is a set of Continuous Improvement Principles by W. Edwards Deming, who is credited with helping rebuild the Japanese economy after WWII.

Deming taught that in order for companies to remain competitive, they must develop a practice of endless innovation according to changing needs and tastes.

Deming’s concepts were refined into a system by enterprise innovator Doug Hall, Founder and CEO of Eureka! Ranch.

Offered at Penn College since 2015, the degree once required five courses that had to be taken in sequence, which represented a 2.5-year delay.

From fall 2021, the major has been streamlined, working closely with Eureka! Ranch, to encompass all concepts in three courses, shortening the path to 1.5 years. All courses will take place online.

The updated format helps working professionals fit the credentials into their busy schedules, and pre-enrolled Penn College students add the credentials to their degrees.

Upon completion of all modules in the first course in the sequence – which offers students the opportunity to develop multiple product, service, or system ideas – students can earn the Innovation Engineering Blue Belt certification from Eureka Ranch. Completion of all modules of all three courses earns students the Black Belt in Innovation Engineering.

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