RaiderWerx Innovation Space opens at Ellsworth Air Force Base

BOX ELDER, SD – Ellsworth Air Force Base has opened the doors of its new RaiderWerx innovation cell, designed to provide new opportunities for collaboration and innovation.

Air Force bases have started setting up innovation cells to give Airmen a place to invent solutions to relevant problems, and even collaborate with the community.

This particular space has been supported by AFWERX, an Air Force innovation program, and Midco, and it is easily accessible to everyone on the base.

Lori Vega, deputy director of the mission support group, discussed the benefits of the new location, saying: “It’s located in our military training center, so all of our Airmen who come here to train will actually see this airframe and have access to it, and that will help build that culture of innovation. “

Innovation has always been a priority for the Department of Defense, but it has been particularly crucial for the development of the 28th Bomb Wing.

“Before we were a branch, we were doing innovative things,” says Sgt Timothy Kenney, Director of Innovation. “It was thanks to our innovation that they realized that we needed a new branch. “

The RaiderWerx space is equipped with tools like virtual reality, whiteboards, 3D printers, and even a podcast studio.

The hope is that the Airmen will be able to apply their experience on the ground to resolve issues facing the Defense Department with help from the surrounding community.

“If we can’t manufacture it on the facility, then we reach out to our community partners and see if there is a company that can help us or a startup that maybe has something that could be changed,” Vega adds. .

Leaders believe that collaboration between military personnel and civilian experts can help them reach new heights in a rapidly growing technological world.

“If we’re all going to achieve the intention to accelerate change and that strategic vision, we really have to open up to new ideas, new people and new partnerships, ”says Sgt-T Kenney.

With additional resources and a fun, bright space, Airmen now have the opportunity to bond and share ideas that will help shape their future.

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