RFID Company Tageos Joins Auburn University RFID Lab Advisory Board

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Tageos, a global market leader in the design and manufacture of RFID inlays and tags, will join the advisory board of Auburn University’s RFID Lab on July 1.

“Tageos has been a strong partner with our lab and will now provide even more industry insight and strategic direction for our research efforts,” said Justin Patton, RFID Lab Manager. “The company’s long-standing commitment to the advancement of RFID technology will be a valuable asset to our lab.”

The Auburn RFID Lab is a research institute focused on the business case and technical implementation of RFID and other emerging technologies in the retail, aviation, chain supply and manufacturing. The advisory board, which has 19 members and meets three times a year, is informed of the progress of the laboratory’s research and the latest results. The meetings also facilitate the discussion of cross-sectoral best practices.

RFID, short for radio frequency identification, refers to technologies that use radio waves to identify products and objects. As part of an RFID system, RFID inlays and tags can be easily scanned via nearby RFID readers as well as from an extended distance of several meters. Data from large amounts of inventory, for example, can be summarized at once, recording literally hundreds of items in just seconds.

“We are very honored to have had the opportunity to join the Auburn RFID Lab Advisory Board,” said Tageos CEO Matthieu Picon. “Within the RFID industry, the Auburn RFID Lab is a research institute with the highest profile and reputation. As a leading supplier of RFID inlays and tags, Tageos stands for innovation, quality and durability, confirmed by today’s largest portfolio of ARC-approved paper-based products. Through our membership in the Advisory Council, we will continue to uphold its values ​​for the benefit of all users of RFID technology. We look forward to a strong collaboration with all board members.

Tageos is a long-time supporter of Auburn’s ARC program and one of the very few inlay manufacturers to have achieved ARC Quality Certification for the design and manufacture of its RFID inlays and tags. The ARC program ensures that RFID tags can meet or exceed the levels of performance and quality necessary to deliver end-user benefits consistently and cost-effectively.

Tageos is headquartered in Montpellier, France, with offices, sales, research and development, and operations in Germany, the United States, Hong Kong, and China.

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