Robert deplores the poor state of infrastructure in Africa

Zeetin Engineering Founder, Azibaola Robert, identified slow progress in locally driven science and technology innovations as responsible for the squalid state of infrastructural development in African countries, and urged governments and engineers to show resilience. more seriousness in solving the challenge.

He said this while receiving the International Institute of Certified Educational Practitioners (IICEP) award for “Outstanding Performance in Innovation, Creativity and Economic Empowerment”, in Abuja on Tuesday.

“While the world is in the fifth and sixth stage of the industrial revolution, Africa is still in the first and second stage; and even at this level that we are, we have not demonstrated a high level of seriousness.

Above all, not yet being able to do some basic things that we should be doing now at this level of revolution that we are,” said Robert, a member of the Nigerian Society of Engineers (FNSE).

Africa, he said, “should not be a land of exporting raw materials only but also of producing things that will add value to humanity. I believe it is better for us to try and do things and fail than not to try at all.

Robert said that the black race “has not yet achieved the respect and recognition that it deserves from the rest of the world because we have not yet passed a certain standard of living that it deserves in the world”.

He denounced beliefs and practices among Africans that do not engender or promote scientific and technological developments, as “we still practice certain beliefs that were practiced about 400 to 500 years ago, where people are judged for heresy because they have a contrary opinion on certain things”. things that are different from the views of religious leaders; where the countries where the world’s most populous religions originated – for example Israel and Saudi Arabia – accepted science as a way to meet most of their needs rather than praying for God to do things they can do for themselves as is the case in Africa, so that tells us that we are still in the age of religion.

As a social thinker, Robert thinks about the survival of the human race and the black race in particular and “how we can enter the global community as key players before the world comes to an end, because the religion and science believe that the world will end”. one day. However, my main concern is what the black man’s contribution will be before the time that we are here expires.

He said that Nigerians, being the most populous black nation in the world, “it is our responsibility to lead by example in doing certain things with the use of technology because it will make Africans proud anywhere, they go as part of those who help in the advancement of the world Therefore we need people with their thinking hats people who have gloves not politicians we need people who will wear their helmet and who are able to do things.

The award “is to recognize and honor you for your outstanding performance in innovation, creativity and economic empowerment, because you deserve it,” said IICEP Registrar and Board Secretary Dr. Professor Emeka Ikenga-Dennis, who led the delegation, while presenting Robert with the award. “We are here to recognize your efforts, even as you develop electric cars. Thanks to this recognition and honor, you are now a member of the Institute.

Robert, Patron of the Association of Professional Women Engineers of Nigeria (APWEN) assured IICEP of her willingness to help in the development of engineers. “And with what I see in your institute, it is evident that it is linked to the education of Nigerians and I believe it is youth oriented. I aim to mentor those who want to become assets in the engineering sector.

“Part of the things you should do as an educational institute in Nigeria is to preach the gospel to the young people to come that all about life is not politics or dancing or singing about the social media,” says Robert, who is also the founder of Zeetin Innovators. Academy (a versatile training centre).

He advised young Nigerians to properly channel their energies and use the opportunities presented by social media technology to have significant impacts and gains on society and the future by “sharing their crafts or showing how young people Africans are turning their garages into where they do things that are beneficial to humanity as is done in the rest of the world.

Accepting the award, Robert thanked IICEP and said he was humbled and appreciated “that the little efforts we make are recognized”.

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