Rose-Hulman Alumni Duo Brings Strategic Vision and Technology Expertise to the Board

The board added the knowledge, talent and experience of two successful alumni in technology career fields who also have an understanding and appreciation for developing higher education strategies. Kelly (Sullivan) Noel and Koushik Subramanian will begin their terms at the institute this spring.

Noel is vice president of the business construction and real estate division of Pittsburgh-based UPMC, while Subramanian has expertise in areas of cybersecurity and is an accomplished public speaker and advisor on security issues. information security and risk management.

President Robert A. Coons said, “Kelly and Koushik will be important fiduciary contributors, providing leadership as we establish the short- and long-term strategies to ensure the institute builds on the successes of our campaign. mission-driven for Rose-Hulman while meeting the challenges that are developing within higher education in the competitive landscape of undergraduate science, technology, engineering, and math.

Noel, a 2002 electrical engineering alumnus, has used her career experiences to develop strategic expertise along with business acumen and practical leadership qualities to produce quantifiable success. She oversees more than $750 million in capital projects annually for UPMC’s 40 hospitals, more than 700 healthcare sites and 23 senior care centers for patients, families and communities in Pennsylvania, New York and Maryland. His work also includes a $2 billion investment to establish three new specialty hospitals focused on vision, heart, cancer and rehabilitation services.

She previously served as Vice President of Facilities System with Advocate Aurora Health in Milwaukee (2018-2020); senior vice president and director of construction management at Aurora Health Care (2015-2018), also in Milwaukee; Director of Mission Critical Projects/Design Phase Manager/Welfare Director at Mortenson Construction (2012-2015) in Milwaukee/Madison, Wisconsin; and project manager at Affiliated Engineers Inc. (2002-2012) in Madison, Wisconsin and Chicago. Noel was named one of the Diversity MBA’s 100 Rising Stars Under 50 (2020) and one of the Milwaukee Business Journal’s 40 Under 40s (2019), as well as being named the Business Council’s Strategic Partner of the Year (2018) and winning the Pinnacle Award from Mortenson Construction (2013).

Serving Rose-Hulman, Noel has served on the Alumni Advisory Council as President (2019-2021) and Vice President (2018-2019), Executive Council Member (since 2016), and Chair of the Awards Committee ( 2014-2018).

“Rose-Hulman is a very successful school with a tremendous trajectory. There is an incredible opportunity ahead of us and the planning for the inevitable evolution of education, especially in the areas of diversity, equity and inclusion,” Noel said. “My Rose-Hulman education was the foundation of my career. I learned how to use the resources around me, how to meld the diverse talents of the team, and use the skills that made me unique as strengths, not seeing them as weaknesses.Today, being a leader of diverse teams continues to be about facing challenges with no simple answers, working outside your comfort zone, and elevating your team to reach their potential.

Subramanian, a computer engineering graduate in 2006, began his career in cybersecurity performing bank penetration tests to identify vulnerabilities and provide remediation advice. His career has included a variety of positions in multiple industries including crypto, finance, risk, compliance, healthcare, energy, data science, and government. He is currently spending time in the digital asset and blockchain space with projects that help bring awareness to powerful tools like cryptocurrency, non-fungible tokens (commonly known as NFTs), and smart contracts.

In 2022, Subramanian founded to combine his interests in art, fashion, and crypto. Two years earlier, he had founded Kopper Labs to deploy capital to accelerate the adoption of automation, blockchain and cybersecurity technologies. And in 2018, he joined Kraken as Chief Information Security Officer, navigating the complex world of cybersecurity and digital assets on a global scale.

Also in 2018, Subramanian was Chief Information Security Officer at UI Labs (now known as MxD) and Director of Manufacturing Cybersecurity for the Digital Manufacturing Design Innovation Institute. Previously, he was Director of Risk and Compliance at Uptake Technologies and Qualified Security Assessor (QSA) at Trustwave after starting his career in network security and risk assessment at Crowe Chizek (now known as Crowe).

“I believe in making the world more productive, reliable, and secure by accelerating the adoption of automation, blockchain, and cybersecurity tools. I believe these are the tools to help drive the changes needed to make fairer world for everyone,” said Subramanian, who lives in Chicago. want to help educate and make the world aware that automation gives us time, blockchain gives us confidence, and cybersecurity protects us.

Being a director is Subramanian’s next opportunity “to give back to the place (Rose-Hulman) that has invigorated my sense of lifelong learning, unlocked my curiosity about future technologies, and provided the skills to s adapt quickly to an ever-changing technological world.… I want to help ensure that Rose-Hulman and her graduates are always at the forefront of the learning curve.

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