Same day MLB reports 14 cases of Covid-19, Canadian NHL bubble reports none


In a contrast of strategies, the NHL on On Monday reported no cases of Covid-19 as the players arrived in their hub cities, Toronto and Edmonton, while the MLB, which allows travel between stadiums, was forced to cancel two games after 14 Miami Marlins players and coaches tested positive for the virus.


MLB began its regular season on July 23, but its schedule has already been impacted by Covid-19 as the Marlins learn Sunday night of three players who tested positive but decided to play the game anyway after texting their opponents, the Philadelphia Phillies.

Although fans do not participate in games and players often wear face masks on the field, teams continue to travel between stadiums despite being located in many hot spots, such as Florida.

The NHL, meanwhile, have not announced any cases as the league is set to begin its 24-team two-bubble playoff format set up in Toronto and Edmonton after a two-week comeback. at the official training camp when only two people tested positive, between July 13 and 17.

The league takes a similar approach to the NBA, which has isolated its players and staff inside Walt Disney World in Orlando and constantly tests and monitors their health, with the NBA not reporting any positive cases a A week ago.

The NHL also has the advantage of being held outside the United States – still the epicenter of the pandemic as cases continue to rise nationally – and instead in Toronto and Edmonton, the first n ‘having reported only five new cases on Monday.

The exhibition hockey games begin July 28 and qualifying for the playoffs begins August 1.

Crucial quote

“We are in a bubble; Major League Baseball is not, ”said Boston Bruins coach Bruce Cassidy. On Monday, according to Sportsnet writer Luke Fox.


One of the most prominent athletes to contract Covid-19 was Auston Matthews of the Toronto Maple Leafs. The All-Star forward tested positive at his home in Arizona, which quickly became one of the hardest-hit regions in the world with 163,827 confirmed cases. “It wasn’t a hot spot for, like, two months; it was, like, the safest place to be, and then obviously things changed up there pretty quickly,” Matthews said. . Sportsnet.

Key context

Also indicative of the different approaches not only of the NHL and NBA, but also of the United States and Canada, the Toronto Blue Jays are prohibited from playing their home games in the city and will be forced to play. most of their home games in Buffalo, New York. The United States leads the world in coronavirus cases with 4,271,095. Canada, by comparison, has 116,029 total cases.

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