Scienjoy Hosts Innovative Annual Virtual Gala to Celebrate Openness and Innovation and Embrace the Future of Shared Victory

On January 21, 2022, Scienjoy, a leading live entertainment mobile streaming platform in China,hosted an annual virtual gala themed “Openness and Innovation for a Future of Shared Victories,” which was joined by teams managing the company’s main platforms, Showself, Lehai, Haixiu, BeeHive and overseas live streaming portal Hongren, as well asother business sectors. Celebrating a renewed corporate culture, the galaleveragedinnovative forms, such as digital human greetings, VR shows and AR games, to organize an eye-opening yet entertaining festivity that relies on cutting-edge technologies.

Combine online broadcast live with offline activities, the virtual annual gala allowed for highly efficient interaction between different venues on a single large screen – online broadcasts were recorded in advance, while offline “temple fairs” were carefully designed to effectively avoid large crowds. Highlights included not only enriching and fun sessions like a virtual stage, virtual “temple fair”, song and dance performances and interactive games, but also series of raffles, red envelopes and generous gifts such as the iPhone13. Scienjoy also used the event to commend outstanding and enterprising teams and employees, and handed out heartwarming gift boxes to those who volunteered to stay in Beijing for the Spring Festival holiday due to anti-corruption requirements. -COVID.

What’s most special about the virtual annual gala was the design of innovative sessions, including digital human greetings, VR shows and AR games – revolutionizing the traditional way the annual gala is celebrated, they brought technologies to offline locations, highlighting the Scienjoy brand characteristics, company strengths and core values. Previously, Scienjoy announced a strategic upgrade to create a live streaming metaverse – based on technological explorations such as AI, AR, VR, MR, big data, blockchain and digital human. , the company will transform each of its live-streaming platforms into an independent virtual world, and users, each holding a digital identity, will move freely between these virtual worlds to experience a grander yet diverse view of the world.

It is even more remarkable that during the event, Scienjoy released its new corporate culture framework, proposing a vision “to use science, innovation and wholehearted service to make everyone happier” and a value of “Scienjoy power – Integrity and sincerity,Opening& Innovation,Pursue excellence,Pragmatic & courageous,Mutual development,Customer always first“. He also announced a revamped corporate slogan of “more connection, Afterjoyful“, as the company seeks toconnecting people and people, people and things, and virtual and reality through technology, and enabling all users to embrace greater happiness. The company also released Coloran annual film that reviews Scienjoy’s development over the past decade, showcases its solid progress, diverse team profiles and ever-expanding business matrix, and relays a positive growth signal while sharing moving moments .

Besides efforts to provide business values, Scienjoy also fulfills its corporate social responsibility, successively launching a series of thematic activities under the “Livestreaming+” model, such as “Livestreaming+Culture”, “Livestreaming+ Charity”, “Livestreaming + Tourism” and “Livestreaming + Rural Revitalization” to spread positive energy. In 2021, the company launched a series of highly acclaimed livestreaming campaigns with themes such as “Beautiful countryside and affluent society “, “Arxan Rural Wall Painting Art Competition”, “Celebrating the Party’s 100andBirthday”, “Listen to the Sounds of the World”, “Care for Deaf Children” and “Support Students with Love”, providing users with higher quality cultural and entertainment content.

During the virtual annual gala, Victor He, Chairman and CEO of Scienjoy, summarized: “2022 marks the beginning of the new decade of development for Scienjoy, and a year of innovation and performance for all Scienjoyers. other than positively adopting them.Only through technological reserve, sustained innovation, and continuous expansion into new growth curves can we achieve the dual growth of corporate and individual values.”

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