Strategies for building your own corporate university

Here are 3 recommendations that will help you develop a culture of learning.

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July 7, 2021

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One of the main characteristics of fast growing organizations is that they have a learning culture which functions as an engine of growth, innovation and profitability. These companies are distinguished by the creation of their own corporate universities, in which they integrate training programs that move away from the traditional educational model.

Some of the results that we can achieve by building strong training programs for our employees are: increased productivity, reduced turnover, understanding of the market, increased motivation and strengthening of organizational culture. However, until 2019, only 11% of companies were investing resources in training their teams, according to an OCC Mundial survey.

Therefore, as entrepreneurs, it is important that we prioritize the development of our teams if we want to accelerate the growth of our businesses. Here is a list of three recommendations that will help you build your own corporate university and develop a culture of learning:

Identify the village of experts your business needs

An important challenge that entrepreneurs face when looking for training for our teams is exposure to an interesting offer with programs that are not always adapted to our growth needs. The most effective way to counter this overwhelming feeling is to be clear about the aspects critical to your business success, or even the areas where your business is stagnating and you want to improve.

Look for top authors and experts whose backgrounds and proven methodologies give you the certainty you need to implement them in your business. In my case, some authors who have played a key role in the development of my business are: Verne Harnish, Salim Ismail, Victoria Medvec, John Mullins, Liz Wiseman, Patrick Lencioni, among others. Each of them helped me improve strategy in different aspects of my business such as sales, negotiations, finance, hiring, etc.


Lean towards a hybrid education model

Don’t make the mistake of assuming that your team learns the same way you do, if you fall for this idea you will end up sending your team to the wrong places and you will only give them books that will become a giant and dusty pile on top. their waiting desk. In a conversation with Arnie Malham, author of the book Worth Doing Wrong, we discussed that creating a learning culture requires the integration of resources and content that responds to the different ways people learn.

Therefore, an effective training program must go beyond conventional methods. In this case, I recommend the Hybrid Education Model, a holistic learning method that incorporates four elements: quality content, practical tools, expert advice, and community support. This model guarantees the acquisition of new knowledge and a clear process for implementing it.

Building a Supportive Community

I remember being 26 years old and after founding my first business I felt deeply alone and overwhelmed by the experience of becoming a CEO as no one shared the same responsibilities or concerns as I did. Soon after, I decided to enroll in the prestigious Birthing Of Giants program, where in addition to gaining extensive business knowledge, I also met CEOs and leaders from various countries and all types. industries. Meeting them made me realize that I was not alone and that I could learn from their successes but also from their mistakes and failures.

It was from this moment that I recognized the importance of communities and the great differentiator that this gives to any educational program. When building a community at your corporate university, don’t limit yourself to allowing your employees to interact with each other, if you’re not looking for a way for them to have access to more people in roles. similar people from whom they can learn and with whom they can expand their networks and business opportunities both for themselves and for your company.

Fostering a culture of learning is crucial for the success of your business, as it ensures the innovation you need to differentiate yourself from your competition, position yourself within your industry, and develop your team’s talent.

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