Tara Reade’s complaint against Joe Biden did not explicitly charge him with harassment, sexual assault

WASHINGTON (AP) – Tara Reade, the former member of the Senate who alleges Joe Biden sexually assaulted her 27 years ago, says she filed a limited report with a Congressional personnel office that did not explicitly charge him with sexual assault or harassment.

“I remember he wanted me to serve drinks because he loved my legs and thought I was pretty and that made me uncomfortable,” Reade said in an Associated Press interview Friday. . “I know I was too scared to write about sexual assault.”

Reade said she described her issues with Biden, but “the main word I used – and I know I didn’t use sexual harassment – I used“ uncomfortable. ”And I remember “retaliation”.

Reade described the report after the AP uncovered additional transcripts and notes from her interviews with Reade last year, in which she said she “pushed herself” after going to the staff office of the Senate. The AP interviewed Reade in 2019 after accusing Biden of uncomfortable and inappropriate touching. She did not raise allegations of sexual assault against Biden until this year, around the time he became the alleged Democratic presidential candidate.

The existence of the Senate report has become a key part of the accusations against Biden, which he has categorically denied. Reade says she does not have a copy of the report, and Biden said Friday he was not aware of a complaint against him. He asked the Senate and the National Archives to search their files in an attempt to locate a complaint from Reade.

But Reade suggests that even if the report does surface, it would not corroborate her assault claims as she chose not to detail them at the time.

According to a transcript of his interview with the AP in 2019, Reade said: “They have this advice office or something, and I think I walked in once, but then I chickened out.” She made a similar statement in a second interview with AP on the same day, according to written interview notes.

On Friday, Reade said she was referring to “hunting” by failing to file full allegations of harassment or assault against Biden. In several talks with the PA on Friday, Reade insisted that she had filed an “admission form” with the Senate personnel office, which included her contact details, the office she worked for and some details. generals on his problems with Biden.

Reade was one of eight women who showed up last year with allegations that Biden made them uncomfortable with inappropriate displays of affection. Biden acknowledged the complaints and promised be “more concerned with respecting personal space in the future”.

In one of the April 2019 interviews with the AP, she said Biden rubbed his shoulders and neck and played with his hair. She said an assistant in Biden’s Senate office asked her to dress more conservatively and told her “don’t be so sexy.”

She said of Biden, “I wasn’t afraid of him, that he was going to take me to a room or whatever. It wasn’t that kind of atmosphere.

The AP reviewed the notes of her 2019 interviews with Reade after she disclosed allegations of sexual assault against Biden in March. But reporters on Friday discovered an additional transcript and notes from those interviews.

A recording of one of the interviews was deleted before Reade emerged in 2020 with new allegations against Biden, in keeping with the journalist’s standard practice of disposing of old interviews. Part of that interview was also videotaped, but not the part in which she spoke of “pushing”.

The AP declined to release details of the 2019 interviews at the time, as reporters were unable to corroborate his claims and aspects of his story contradicted other reporting.

In recent weeks, Reade has told the AP and other news outlets that Biden sexually assaulted her, pushing her against a wall in the basement of a Capitol Hill office building in 1993, tampering with her and penetrating her with his fingers. She says she was fired from Biden’s office after filing a Senate harassment complaint.

The accusation has shaken Biden’s presidential campaign, sparking anxiety among Democrats. Republicans accused Biden supporters of hypocrisy, saying they quickly believed the women who accused President Donald Trump and other conservatives of aggression. Trump has faced multiple assault and harassment charges, all of which he denies.

Reade says she was reluctant to share details of the assault during her first conversations with reporters over a year ago because she was afraid of negative reactions and always accepted what was in her. come.

Two of Reade’s associates said publicly last week that Reade had conversations with them which they said corroborated aspects of his claim. One, a former neighbor, said Reade told him about the alleged assault a few years after Reade said it had happened. The other, a former colleague, said Reade told her she was sexually harassed by her boss during her previous job in Washington.

The AP also spoke to two other people, who spoke on condition of anonymity to protect the privacy of their families, who said Reade spoke to them about aspects of his allegations against Biden years ago.

A friend, who knew Reade in 1993, said Reade told them about the alleged assault when it occurred. The second friend met Reade more than a decade after the alleged incident and confirmed that Reade had a conversation with the friend in 2007 or 2008 about Biden’s sexual harassment while working in his Senate office .

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