Technion ranks number 1 in Europe for artificial intelligence

The Technion – Israel Institute of Technology, Israel’s best university for science and technology, has been ranked number one in Europe and number 15 in the world, in the field of artificial intelligence by RSEClassifications.

The rankings took into account data from 2016 to 2021, including metrics like computer vision and natural web processing. Unlike many university poll-based rankings, CSRankings measures each department according to the number of publications per faculty appearing at the most prestigious IT conferences. This approach encourages faculty to publish in the best places and requires integrated research judgment.

The Technion has 46 researchers engaged in key areas of AI and more than 100 researchers in related fields, such as healthcare and medicine, autonomous vehicles, cybersecurity and fintech. According to rankings, 42 of these faculty members have been published at qualifying conferences, from one to more than 30 times.

“For years, the Technion has maintained its position as the leading research institute in Israel and Europe in key areas of AI. The Technion has a unique ecosystem that includes dozens of researchers from various faculties, research centers and a number of undergraduate and graduate programs in the field, ”Professor Shie Mannor said in an academic statement.

Mannor co-directs the Machine Learning and Intelligent Systems (MLIS) Research Center at the Technion with Professor Assaf Schuster. MLIS is a big part of Technion’s success in the AI ​​field, bringing together the many AI-related programs at the university. The main objectives of the center are to connect researchers with the necessary resources, technology companies and other leading institutions, and to further improve the Technion’s position in the world of AI.

Schuster described the progress the Technion has already made in expanding and improving its AI programs. “All areas of science, technology, and engineering at Technion have been enhanced in recent years, applying Technion’s knowledge to areas of AI,” said Schuster. “Most of them include components based on information processing and machine learning. In addition, the Technion considers the dissemination of its acquired knowledge as a mission of national importance for [the] commercial sector.”

Earlier this year, the university entered into a long-term collaboration with U.S. software giant PTC, in which the company will move its Haifa research campus to the Technion, to advance joint research on the AI and manufacturing technology. PTC joins several other organizations that collaborate with the Technion in these areas, including the technological universities of Lausanne (Switzerland), Eindhoven (the Netherlands) and Paris Polytechnique (France) in Europe, as well as Cornell Tech, home of the Jacobs Technion- Corrnell Institute, Waterloo University, and Carnegie Mellon University, which operates the largest center for AI and robotics in the United States.

The Technion is located in Haifa and currently accommodates over 13,000 students.

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