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Technology offers the world a unique opportunity to develop health systems that are robust in terms of delivery, results and cost reduction. Additionally, the health tech industry is transforming with tools and technologies that can seamlessly leverage data, personalize engagement, and improve collaboration for better outcomes. In the Indian context, aspirants in the country undertake many technical jobs for major global companies through the establishment of GCC. According to EY’s 2021 GCC Pulse Survey, 3 out of 4 India-based GCCs act as global hubs for digital skills and delivery. Most CCGs see themselves as an incubation engine with structured ideation process where 68% of CCGs operationalize their parent organization’s digital strategies by providing scale. With the abundance of skilled digital talent in India, healthcare GCCs can drive their digital transformation agenda.

Cardinal Health International India (CHII) positions itself as a global hub for computing, augmented intelligence, product software engineering and business process management, increase internal capacities to support Cardinal Health’s growth through enabling technology. The objective of the hub is to create a service and technology network that will enable scaling across the enterprise. CHII will focus on the 3 A’s of artificial intelligence, automation and analytics – which together are called augmented intelligence. Mr. Nagaraj Bhat, Vice President and Managing Director, Cardinal Health International India in a chat with CXOtoday shared more thoughts on the same topic.

  1. Can you please detail the global digital health solutions offered by Cardinal Health?

Based in Dublin, Ohio, Cardinal Health, Inc. is a pharmaceutical distributor, global manufacturer and marketer of medical and laboratory products, and provider of performance and data solutions for healthcare facilities. With a team of approximately 44,000 mission-driven partners who strive every day to advance healthcare and improve lives, Cardinal Health provides performance and data solutions for the entire healthcare industry. health.

Cardinal Health provides a critical link between the clinical and operational aspects of healthcare, providing end-to-end solutions and data-driven insights that advance healthcare and improve everyday life. With deep partnerships, diverse perspectives, and innovative digital solutions, Cardinal Health is building connections across the continuum of care. From a scale perspective, we serve 90% of US hospitals, more than 60,000 US pharmacies, and more than 10,000 specialty physician offices and clinics. We provide more than 3.4 million patients with over 46,000 home healthcare products. Cardinal Health’s digital ecosystem to support medication adherence currently reaches over 23 million patients and over 60 payers.

  1. How important is CHII to driving innovation for a healthcare/healthtech company? What is the role of the CHII in building overall effectiveness?

The launch of Cardinal Health International India (CHII) as a new capability center is a step towards delivering more innovative healthcare products and solutions and enabling digital transformation. CHII is positioning itself as a global hub for computing, augmented intelligence, product software engineering and business process management, increasing internal capabilities to support Cardinal Health’s growth through technology enablement . CHII marks one of Cardinal Health’s most significant investments to create a network of services and technologies that will enable enterprise-wide scalability.

CHII will play a significant and key role in driving digital transformation across our internal operations, customer experience and health technology solutions. CHII has technology talent focusing on several key areas including e-commerce platforms, omnichannel sales and service enablement, patient engagement, data management and governance, digital intelligent automation , etc.

  1. How important is technological innovation and learning in today’s health technology landscape?

The adoption of technology in healthcare has peaked in recent years, especially due to the pandemic. Of all the sectors benefiting from the adoption of technology, health care is perhaps the most important. Therefore, it has improved the standard of living over time and saved many lives.

As one of Cardinal Health’s five values, innovation is at the heart and a key factor in our success. By challenging the status quo and changing the way Cardinal Health does business, the company will help customers adapt and lead the healthcare industry through change.

Becoming a more innovative provider of healthcare products and solutions will require significant investments in digital. Teams across the company are using digital tools to transform logistics, procurement, sales, marketing and more.

At Cardinal Health, we are reimagining patient journeys with cutting-edge technologies to cure rare and ultra-rare diseases. A lot of work is underway to make our supply chain and logistics capability smart by leveraging modern data and technology. We can solve complex problems in the healthcare industry and some of these products for pharmacies, biopharmaceutical companies, healthcare professionals, as well as direct patients, are being built in Cardinal’s delivery sector. Health in India.

Cardinal Health has identified more than a dozen areas of opportunity using digital to improve our core business, customer experience, and create a new benchmark for digital healthcare.

  1. How can health technology vendors use data to derive robust insights and engage effectively with customers?

As the industry moves toward value-based care, healthcare providers need actionable insights to make informed clinical decisions, manage patient populations, and maximize clinical outcomes. Data analytics and decision support can provide more meaningful insights and predictive indicators that will increase the speed and accuracy of those clinical decisions that positively impact the overall health and well-being of their patients. .

With advances in data science, we see opportunities across the continuum of care to make digital health products and services more intelligent and prescriptive. Artificial intelligence and machine learning are being incorporated into products and services to get patients on life-saving medicines as quickly as possible and ensure that hospital systems optimize their drug spend.

There are many software solutions on the market to help healthcare systems monitor and optimize spend, but its essential healthcare technology providers understand the end-to-end healthcare context and offer interconnected solutions that can be acquired based on value and need. This understanding and empathy of the provider experience ensures that they will not only receive solid data and information, but also valuable recommendations on key actions they can take every day to bring about meaningful change to their clients and patients.

Data-driven insights are the primary enablers of value-based healthcare. For instance decision path developed by Cardinal Health is a first-of-its-kind solution to integrate with the electronic health record (EHR) workflow, allowing oncologists to easily compare cancer treatment options, both by clinical indication and cost, at point of service. Prior to Decision Path, many systems provided cost data outside of the EHR, requiring more time and effort for the physician and healthcare team to locate the necessary information.

Another area where data can be used to derive meaningful insights is in patient engagement across the ecosystem of pharmacies, payers, and pharmaceutical companies. Rooted in the pharmacist-patient relationship, Cardinal Health Results™ is a unified ecosystem that brings together patient engagement, clinical intervention, and pharmacy workflow solutions to improve patient outcomes.

  1. How is CHII using digital tools to transform logistics, purchasing, sales and marketing?

CHII is an integral part of many major global initiatives aimed at process modernization and business model innovation with digitization as a key differentiator. The CHII team leverages cloud-based ERP systems, cloud data engineering, e-commerce platform modernization, and applies data science capabilities to help position Cardinal Health as the partner the most reliable health care. Our 450+ member team at CHII is focused on delivering what matters most to our customers.

  1. How can companies help drive growth in evolving areas of healthcare with customer insights, data and analytics?

Value-based healthcare is emerging as new business models and patient outcomes are central to the future healthcare delivery model. Leveraging customer insights, data, and analytics can help foster customer intimacy and a personalized experience that can translate to new revenue models through data monetization.

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