The 5G open innovation lab wins more partner companies

the 5G open innovation lab (5GOILab), a global applied innovation ecosystem for businesses, universities and government institutions that includes businesses and governments from Eastside, today announced that several other large companies have joined the lab. This expands the lab’s technical and development capabilities in support of its growing ecosystem of startups.

Accenture and Avanade joined the lab as founding partners, and Ericsson and Spirent Communications joined the lab as business partners. The lab, with its roots in the Eastside and global reach through its partners, continues to be led by its original founding and corporate partners including Amdocs, Dell Technologies, F5, Intel, Microsoft, T-Mobile and VMware.

“As we grow our current ecosystem of 47 startups and expand our capabilities over the next few years, it is critical that we provide development platforms and opportunities for products to be tested, deployed and integrated into business solutions. ‘business,’ Jim Brisimitzis, Kirkland- general partner of the 5G Open Innovation Lab, said in a press release. “Building on the experience and expertise of our already remarkable partners, our new founding partners Accenture and Avanade and business partners Ericsson and Spirent will enable us to accelerate these solutions serving various industries such as manufacturing and logistics, agriculture and connected cars. “

The lab combines the resources and expertise of its founding companies and partners with the vision, products and services of developers and startups to help create, test, and harness the full potential of 5G applications and uses to benefit industries and consumers. Brisimitzis called 5G the “next big software revolution,” a development platform that is about much more than faster mobile phone speeds and social media feeds for consumers. Thanks to the lab and its partners, Eastside could become an epicenter of 5G innovation.

Accenture will focus on accelerating monetization opportunities for use cases and 5G solutions globally in targeted industries. It will also provide business and technology assets, as well as other resources to help companies in the lab ecosystem develop capabilities that work with existing platforms and are future-ready for new solutions, says. the press release.

“Businesses across all industries have a transformational opportunity in the 5G revolution,” Tejas Rao, chief executive of Accenture, said in the statement. “With a powerful multiplier effect, the impact of 5G innovation on an industry creates positive and broader benefits throughout the economy. We are excited to join the 5G Open Innovation Lab and bring the combination of our 5G business and technology capabilities and deep industry expertise to help companies accelerate their vision for advanced 5G services. “

In Snohomish County, in February, the lab launched its first field test lab for developing applications for the agricultural industry, installing 5G test equipment at Andrew’s Hay in the Stillaguamish Valley near ‘Arlington, and Swans Trail Farms in Snohomish, south of Everett. Farms are the first test bed for industrial applications of emerging 5G technology platforms that could transform the way food is grown, distributed and tracked, benefiting not only Snohomish County agriculture, but farms. of the whole world.

The lab plans additional field platforms to test technologies that support other industries that can benefit from 5G’s state-of-the-art ultra-high-speed, low-latency, and industry-leading computing platform for real-time calculations. Other industries the lab focuses on include autonomous vehicles, satellites, factories, utilities, entertainment, and more.

Avanade will strive to help advance cutting-edge computing solutions with Microsoft and lab ecosystem partners by connecting startups with next-generation service opportunities. This includes the operational supervision and direction of 5G field labs to uncover potential network and edge compute scenarios to drive and support. Avanade will provide technical architecture and support for standards development and field deployment, the statement said.

“The combination of connectivity and compute at the edge is real and we are only just beginning to realize the scenarios that deliver business value,” said Aaron Reich, global head of emerging technologies and enterprises at Avanade, in the release. . “Field labs are a great place to bring our ecosystem and our customers together to create the future. “

Ericsson and the 5GOILab will collaborate through the Ericsson Global Innovation Labs and Ericsson Innovation Programs, which include Ericsson’s D-15 Laboratories in Santa Clara, California. The companies will work together to develop proof of concept projects, community events, mentoring programs and other activities to support application innovation in the network and the enterprise. Ericsson and the lab will collaborate on 5G-enabled services aimed at innovations that streamline and improve manufacturing operations, power generation, and utility security and performance by bringing artificial intelligence and IoT into processes industrial.

“Ericsson’s leading portfolio is at the forefront of 5G, IoT, edge computing and cloud network infrastructure, which will open up new opportunities and a myriad of new use cases. exciting for Lab partners and startups, ”Paul Keane, Head of Business and Emerging Business for Ericsson North America, said in the statement. “Together, we will meet future challenges through collaboration and solutions such as agile, high-performance 5G dedicated networks and innovative cutting-edge applications. “

Spirent will provide strategic advice and solutions for automated assurance and testing of 5G and edge solutions for accelerated deployment. Spirent’s 5G digital twin is an agile approach to testing and assurance that provides an emulated software replica of the 5G physical network enabling continuous prototyping and self-optimization, according to the release.

“We are already working in the burgeoning 5G ecosystem and recognize the enormous energy that the 5G Open Innovation Lab can bring to facilitate the exchange of new ideas, experimentation and collaboration,” said Dave Larson, director of Spirent’s technology, in the press release. “We are excited to join the project and look forward to playing our part in helping to spur exciting innovation in 5G. “

The laboratory selects 15 to 20 member companies twice a year to join the ecosystem and participate in its 12-week program. Applicants are screened and considered on a rolling admissions basis. Companies can apply here for the fall cohort starting in September.

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